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Economical car rentel in Bratislava

Car rental in Bratislava

Slovakia is a haunt of fashion for many tourists, and it is not a surprising fact! In summer time, Slovakia attracts visitors with its pure reservoirs, mountain rivers, water falls, horse rides, flights by air balloons, twin-hull boats, whitewater rafting, fishing, alpinism and many other entertainments. In winter, Slovakia is a paradise for fans of alpine skiing. Ski trails and excellent weather conditions are at their disposal.

The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava. Bratislava is an important cultural and industrial European city. A large number of scientists, businessmen and ordinary tourists regularly come to the city. The national airport is the so called gate of Bratislava. If you appreciate your time and enjoy comfort, you will not do without a car.

However, what should you do if you have come to Bratislava by plane? The answer to this question is obvious. It is necessary to book a car straight at the airport. It is not difficult to do it, especially if you take care of it beforehand. You are recommended to use an extremely reliable service

What do you need to know when hiring a car in Bratislava?

If you have taken a decision to use car rental services in Bratislava, you must definitely get acquainted with a few nuances which simplify driver’s life.

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Fines for violations of road traffic regulations in Bratislava

Fines in Slovakia are extremely large. This is why if you do not wish to pay a powerful lot of money, try not to violate the traffic regulations. What is more, in Slovakia, you can be fined for such actions which no one pays attention to in Russia.

Driving through a red light 150 Euro
Hard shoulder running 150 Euro
Throwing rubbish from the car 70 Euro
Obstructing other road users 150 Euro
Assault of other road users 120 Euro

Speed limitation

Standard speed limitations are in force on the territory of Bratislava:

  • The maximum allowed speed on the territories of population centers is 50 km/h.
  • The speed cannot be more than 90 km/h outside population centers and on highways
  • It is allowed to accelerate to not more than 130 km/h on express roads.

Do not forget to follow the road signs. The abovementioned speed frameworks can change in some cases.

Parking in Bratislava

You can park a car in the center of Bratislava in specially allotted places only. These places are marked with road signs and color traffic striping. In order to park a car, you will need a parking voucher. You can purchase the voucher either at news stalls or at cigar-stores. When leaving the car, you are obliged to put the voucher in a prominent place. There are quite many free parking lots on the city outskirts.

If you need to leave a car for more than a couple of hours, use a garage or underground car park. There a large number of underground parking lots and garages in Bratislava, and you will have no problems finding them. The average cost of parking is 10 Euro per day.

Blood alcohol limit

There is no such a definition as blood alcohol level in Slovakia. 0 permille is regarded as a normal range. In simple words, it does not mean how much you have drunk. You can just smell a bottle cap, and you will not be allowed to drive a car. You can try drunken driving only in case you are an adventure seeker who wishes to be deprived of the driving license, pay extremely large fines and have serious problems with the law.

Road traffic regulations in Slovakia

Bratislava is an example of well-doing and strict abidance of laws. This is why the violation of road traffic regulations is considered to be something out of the common. Therefore, renting a car in Bratislava, try not to violate the traffic regulations which you perfectly know. The same regulations as the ones in force in other European countries are applied in Slovakia. There are only a few insignificant nuances.

  • Dim light

In Slovakia, the dim light must burn irrespective of the time of day, season and weather.

  • Safety belts

You are not recommended to take off until all passengers without any exceptions fasten their belts. It is not important whether the passengers sit on front or rear seats. Otherwise, you risk getting a fine of 60 Euro for every unbuckled passenger.

Cost of fuel in Bratislava

In Slovakia, it is possible to purchase only lead free fuel 95 and 98 as well as diesel fuel. The price is average for Europe:

  • Fuel 95 costs 1.46 Euro
  • Fuel 98 costs 1.64 Euro
  • Diesel fuel costs 1.37 Euro.
  • Besides, there are a large number of auto gas stations on the territory of Bratislava.

    Toll roads in Slovakia

    There are a lot of toll roads in Slovakia. In order to use them, it is necessary to purchase the so called vignette. If you have come to Slovakia for a short period of time and simply rented a car, you should pay attention to two types of vignettes:

    • 10-day vignette

    This vignette allows the owner driving on all paid express roads in Slovakia within 10 consecutive calendar days.

    • 30-day vignette

    The monthly vignette provides freedom of passage on all paid roads within 30 days starting from the date pointed out in this vignette.

    When purchasing a vignette, do not forget to fasten it in the upper right corner of the windscreen so that it will be seen. The vignette is useless if it lies in the glove box.

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