Before you book:

Please carefully read the booking terms

Properly study what is included in the rental price. Pay attention to the following:

  • fuel policy
  • possible mileage restrictions,
  • terms for booking cancellation and changes insurance included in the price
  • insurance terms
Driving licence requirements

Most of the car rental companies require you to have an international driving licence. However, in many member countries of the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, it will be sufficient to provide a national driving licence. If you are not sure whether your driving licence will be accepted or not, please ask our customer support for help.

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+49 (800) 7237193
+33 (1) 84884585

Optional equipment

If you need additional equipment, such as a ski rack, GPS, child safety seat, etc., we strongly recommend that you book it in advance, else such equipment may not be available at the time of your arrival. When completing your booking, mark the options you want. Please note that the additional equipment is paid for directly when receiving the car.

Age restrictions

The driver’s minimum permissible age is specified in the rental terms for each specific vehicle. Different car models and different car rental companies have their own age restrictions. If you are under 25 years old, you may be required to pay for the “young driver” service. Therefore, be sure to read the age requirements before booking.

How can I know the car model and colour?

The most likely model offered by a particular rental office is displayed in the search result and in your voucher. However, according to international car rental rules, the car class is booked at all car hire companies. You can choose the car colour and model from the cars available at the time of your arrival at the office. Explanation of car classes is shown below. In the vehicle fleet section, you can view the list of models available in a particular country.

M Mini
E Economy
C Compact
I Intermediate
S Standard
F Full-Size
P Premium
L Luxury
X Special
B 2-Door
D 4-Door
C 2/4-Door Car
C 2/4-Door Car
W Wagon/Estate
V Van (passenger)
L Limousine
S Sport
T Convertible
F 4-Wheel Drive
P Pick Up
J All Terrain
K Van (Cargo)
X Special
R Recreational

A Automatic
M Manual
R Yes
N No
Which cards are accepted for payment?

You can use your credit and debit cards – VISA, MasterCard, Delta, and American Express – to pay for your booking in advance.

Be sure to pay attention to the “payment method” section in the rental terms. In some cases, a credit card owned by the driver may be required at the time of receiving the car. Please be informed that the majority of debit cards are actually credit cards with zero credit limit. Such a card would be sufficient provided that it has a positive balance enough to lock the security deposit. To find out whether your card is a credit or debit card, you can send us the last 6 digits of its number, or directly contact your bank.

Can I pay in cash or through Paypal?

No, you can pay for your booking only by credit card. When receiving the car, it is also required that you have a credit or debit card.

Can I pay for my booking using another person’s credit card?

Yes, but in this case, that person must be specified as an additional driver and be present in the office at the time of receiving the car. Besides, he must have theappropriate driving license.

How does currency conversion work?

Conversion is made at the exchange rate of your payment system. Bookingcar.eu does not charge additional commission for conversion. You can ask your bank for more information about exchange rates.

Security deposit at the time of renting

The security deposit does not usually exceed the franchise deductible. Even if you have comprehensive insurance, security deposit, in most cases, is still locked. To know the exact security deposit amount, please contact the car rental company.

Receiving a car at the airport

Most of the offices of rental companies are located directly at the airport terminal. However, companies, whose offices are located in the immediate vicinity of the airport, often offer the cheapest deals. These companies serve a free taxi or shuttle bus from the airport terminal to their office and back. Upon arrival, you may need to call the local office and request for a transfer or to be picked up. If you are not very good in English, we recommend choosing a car marked “airport terminal”.

In which languages does employees at rental offices communicate?

They speak the local language and English.

Is it possible to travel in a rented car outside the country?

Yes, border crossing is allowed in most cases. However, you should check whether the rental terms allow for such before booking.

Can I return the car in another city or country?

Yes, it is possible. When searching, check the option “return to another place” in the search form. The search results will display suitable offers. Charges for returning to another city will already be included in the rental cost.

Voucher / Booking cancellation / Booking change

What if I paid for booking but didn’t receive any voucher?

After your booking has been confirmed, the voucher is sent within 1 hour. Below are possible reasons why you may not receive a voucher within the 1 hour:

  • You may have entered your e-mail address incorrectly. Please contact our customer support, stating your surname (last name), date of booking, in which city and for which period you ordered for the car. We will send you a voucher to your e-mail address.
  • You may have chosen a car with the status “under inquiry”. In such cases, your order will not be processed automatically. We contact the rental office to confirm whether the car you are booking is available on the dates you specified. It can take up to 48 hours to confirm such orders.
  • It could be that the car you requested was not confirmed. In this case, your order is cancelled and the cost returned to your card.
  • In some countries and car rental companies, the voucher is issued only after receiving 100% advance payment. After receiving a small advance payment, we reserve the car for you. However, 7 days before the rental period starts, you will need to pay the remaining cost, after which the voucher will be issued to you. If you wish to receive the voucher faster, you can pay the whole amount at once.
Can I change my booking details?

Yes, you can make changes through the appropriate form. If you are changing the rental dates or vehicle class, then you are usually required to cancel your current booking and make a new one. In this case, the advance payment you made earlier is returned and then written off again for the updated booking. You need to go through your personal account to make a request for change of details.

Can I cancel my order? What is your cancellation policy?

Yes, cancellation is free in most offers. However, there are small fines in some cases. Before booking, please read the cancellation policy contained in the rental terms and in your voucher, or contact our customer support. You can cancel your order through your personal account.

My trip was cancelled and for some reason I could not cancel my booking on time. Will my payment be refunded?

You will not be refunded if you did not fill out the cancellation form before the rental period began.

Receiving the vehicle

What documents are required when receiving a vehicle?
  • driving licence
  • credit card
  • voucher (картинка ваучера)
How can I find the office of a car rental company?

Your voucher will contain information about the location of the office and the contact phone numbers of the rental company. If the car is to be delivered at the airport, follow the signs “Car rental offices”.

Can I delay when receiving a vehicle?

Yes, a small delay is allowed. We strongly recommend that you specify your flight number if you plan to rent at the airport. This is to enable employees at the car rental company be aware of any possible delay of your flight and prepare the car to be ready at your arrival.

Can I receive a vehicle outside working hours?

Yes, you can. However, keep in mind that the car hire company may charge additional fees during off hours.

Can I opt out of additional options?

Yes, you can decide not to use additional options when receiving the vehicle.

Before leaving the office:
  • Check whether the optional equipment corresponds with the one you ordered when booking. If not, please inform an employee of the car rental company attending to you.
  • Check your route. If necessary, ask an employee of the car rental company for a map or advice.
  • Check whether the car is damaged. Inform the office staff about any damage. Make sure that the damage is noted in the rental agreement.

When using the vehicle.

Can I extend the lease or return the vehicle ahead of schedule?

Yes, you can. You need to contact the local office through the contact phone numbers listed on the rental agreement. When returning the car ahead of schedule, you will not be refunded for the unused days.

Can I travel outside the borders of the country where I rented the vehicle?

It is usually stated in the rental agreement and in the voucher whether you can travel outside the country. For further questions, you can contact the local office of the rental company.

Violations and fines.

Be sure to check the local traffic regulations and fines. Fines for exceeding the speed limit and for prohibited driving to downtown are issued late. In such cases, the rental company may deduct the required amount from your security deposit or require you to pay a fine.

What should I do if I am involved in a road accident or if the vehicle breaks down?

If you have any technical difficulties, you need to contact the local office of your rental company as soon as possible. In the event of an accident, you are required to notify the police about the accident, record the damage in a police report, take the contact information and necessary documents from the other party in the incident. When returning the car, you will need to fill out an incident report. Be sure to keep copies of all documents.


If there is a need to refuel the vehicle, be sure to double check the fuel type suitable for your vehicle. The fuel type is usually indicated under the fuel filler flap and in the rental agreement.
Unfortunately, there are cases when, out of habit, customers refuel a diesel car with petrol and vice versa. Please note that the insurance company does not cover damages caused to the engine as a result of fuelling the vehicle with the wrong oil.

After end of the rent period

Returning the car during off hours.

If you are returning the car at the airport, please park it at the parking lot belonging to your car rental company and put the keys in a special box labelled “FOR KEYS”.

How soon will my security deposit be unlocked?

Unlocking or refunding the security deposit depends on the terms of the rental company and is usually done within 30 working days. To ensure that your security deposit is unlocked as early as possible, you can contact your bank and the bank may now decide when. You can also contact the office of the company where you hired the car.

What if I can’t make it in time to return the car back?

You need to phone the local office and notify them of the delay. Generally, there are no fines if you return the car with a delay of not more than one hour. For longer delays, you may have to pay fines equal to one day’s rent.


If the rental agreement stipulates that you must return your car with a full tank, you have to refuel the car before returning it to the office, else you may be charged an amount equal to the cost of a full tank.


Types of insurance

COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW) – this insurance limits the lessee’s financial liability in the event of damage to the vehicle;
THEFT PROTECTION (TP) – this insurance limits the lessee’s liability if the vehicle is stolen;
THIRD PARTY LIABILITY INSURANCE (TPL) – this is a public liability insurance (compensation for damage caused to third parties).


In most cases, insurance implies existence of an insurance deductible – the amount to be reimbursed in the event of a damage.
For example, if the voucher states the amount deductible to be 400 euros, this means that in the event of an accident, you will pay for repairs not exceeding 400 euros. The insurance company will reimburse any other amount above 400 euros.

Franchise reimbursement (comprehensive insurance)

At your request, a franchise reimbursement insurance can be issued. This service is optional and is provided at your request. Under this plan, if the vehicle damages, you will not bear any financial risk for damages. You can apply for a comprehensive insurance:

  • On our website at the time of booking (optional, not for all car rental companies)
  • At the time of receiving the car (the cost of such insurance is indicated on your voucher)
  • At third-party insurance companies
  • In some cases, comprehensive insurance is included in the rental price. The rental terms will then state “Insurance Deductible: 0 eur”


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