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Economical car hire in Czech Republic

Car rental in Czech Republic

A large number of tourists, who wish to dive into the inimitable atmosphere of Czech Republic, visit this country every day. Czech Republic can offer a large number of sights which are really worth seeing. In particular, the country is known for its wonderful nature, medieval architecture and a large number of different monuments. The capital of Czech Republic Prague is considered to be the centre of mystic phenomena and attracts the fans of everything unusual.

In order for your trip to Czech Republic to be maximum comfortable, it is advised to hire a car. Car rental is a very simple procedure. You are advised to take care of booking a car in advance by using a reliable service Just fill in the application form on the website, and you will get the car right upon arrival in Czech Republic straight at the airport.

What must you know when hiring a car in Czech Republic?

There is a full order on Czech roads and the general atmosphere is extremely benevolent. It is hardly possible even to imagine such traffic conditions. That is why you can book a car in Czech Republic without any doubt. Driving will bring you only positive emotions. The only thing you must do is learn some information which will definitely appear useful.

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Fines for the violations of road traffic regulations in Czech Republic

In Czech Republic, not only drivers but also policemen are polite and friendly. You will not see the shade of annoyance on their faces even if they stop you for committing a serious offence. However, their friendliness will not prevent them from giving you quite a large fine. That is why try not to violate the rules at all.

Illegal parking From 50 to 100 Euro
Offside overtaking From 100 Euro
Driving through a red light From 100 Euro
Unbuckled seat belt 50 Euro
Carriage of children without a booster chair 100 Euro

Foreign citizens shall pay fines at bank departments. At that the fine must be paid within maximum a week.

Speed rate in Czech Republic

The authorities very seriously follow the speed rate observation. There are a large number of policemen on roads. Automatic speed guns and cameras are installed everywhere. The speed rate in Czech Republic is standard:

  • It is not allowed to accelerate to more than 50 km/h when driving at population centers
  • The maximum speed allowed outside population centers is 90 km/h
  • The speed shall not be more than 130 km/h on express roads.

There is one more obligatory rule. When the weather is bad and road visibility does not exceed 50 meters, the driving speed must not be more than 50 km/h.

Parking in Czech Republic

Fines for illegal parking are stipulated by Czech legislation. That is why always watch where you have left your car. There are a large number of parking lots suited to every fancy in the country.

  • Green car park

It is possible to park a car at a green parking lot for quite a long period of time. The parking time can be up to 6 hours together. The cost of one parking hour is 1 Euro.

  • Orange car park

The parking places located near business centers and entertainment complexes are orange. They are earmarked for short-term use. It is possible to leave your car at an orange parking space within maximum 2 hours. The cost of one parking hour is 1.5 Euro.

Road traffic regulations in Czech Republic

Renting a car in Czech Republic, remember that there are a few important things necessary to remember:

  • Dim light

According to the road traffic regulations, irrespective of the time of day and weather, the dim light shall always burn during the car movement. Otherwise, you will get a fine.

  • Fog lamps

In no way is it allowed to turn fog lamps on for the sake of nothing. You can turn them on only if there is a need in it.

  • Booster chair

If you travel with children, first of all, measure their height. If their height is less than 150 cm, your car must definitely be equipped with booster cushions.

Toll roads

In the Czech Republic a lot of toll roads. Lay your route in advance and, if necessary, obtain a vignette - it is using it, and I pay. When buying, be careful - there are two types of vignettes, it is advisable that tourists buy, rent a car in the Czech Republic:

  • Vignette for 10 days.
  • Vignette for a month.

Vignette is necessary not just to buy, but also to consolidate in the top right corner of the windshield.

Toll roads

There are a great number of toll roads in Czech Republic. Plot your route beforehand and, if necessary, buy a vignette. The payment is made just by means of purchasing it. When buying a vignette, be careful. There are two types of vignettes suitable for tourists. They are the following:

  • The 10-day vignette
  • The monthly vignette.

It is necessary to not only buy a vignette, but also fasten it in the upper right corner of the windscreen.

Approximate prices for car rental in Czech Republic

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