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Car rental in Eilat

Car rental in Eilat

If you wish to enjoy genial sunshine, warm waves and sand and nothing reminds of summer outside the window, go straightway to Elait. Elait is located in the very south of Israel on the shore of the Red Sea. The high popularity of Elait among tourists from all over the world can easily be explained. The main reasons for the resort popularity are the following:


The air temperature is comfortable for having a rest at any time of the year. Even in summer time, when the figures on temperature meters are close to the maximum, the heat is extremely easily tolerated due to relatively low air humidity. That is why it is not important whether you go on a summer holiday or travel with the purpose of celebrating the New Year at the sea. In any case, Elait will be your ideal holiday destination.


The nature of Elait, which can amaze anyone with its beauty, is due in no small part. The pure Red Sea with rich submarine world as well as deserts and mountains are located in Elait. This all is within a striking distance. Especially, if you book a car in Elait, for example, on the website, you will have no problems with going to the sight you would like to see. You will get large freedom and not have to depend on interpreters.

And indeed, in the context of utility, the car is irreplaceable. Who wants to push strollers in public transport when being on holiday? It is much more pleasant to rent a car at the Elait airport and enjoy your rest to a high standard!

What is necessary to know when hiring a car in Elait?

The rest is important, but it is by no means allowed to forget about the road traffic regulations. Otherwise, you will not manage to avoid fines. At the worst, the rental car can be confiscated.

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Fines for violations of traffic regulations in Elait

Speed infringement from 50 to 150 Euro
Driving under influence of drink 600 Euro
Unbuckled seat belt 50 Euro
Driving through a red light 200 Euro
Carriage of children without the child restraining device 50 Euro
Use of phone without a hands free set 100 Euro
Use of fog lamps when the weather is fair 50 Euro

Speed limitation

There is a uniform speed limitation for cars going within the limits of the city. It is allowed to drive a car in Elait with the speed of not more than 50 kilometers per hour. There is a limit of 80 kilometers per hour on national two-way traffic roads. You can drive an auto with the speed of 110 km/h on highways. For the avoidance of doubt, follow the road signs.

Parking lot

If you have booked a car, you will need a parking place soon or later. In Elait, like in all Israel, it is practically impossible to find a free parking lot. If you leave your car where possible, you will undoubtedly be fined within the short period of time. That is why the most suitable variant is using paid car parks. There are quite many paid parking lots in the city, so you will not have any problems with finding them. The only thing you should pay your attention to is the cost. All car parks are divided into two types:

  • The cark parks where you have to pay 3 Euro per hour
  • The parking lots where you shall pay 8 Euro per day.

If you have decided to park your car by the side of the road, pay your attention to the side color. The color is extremely important.

  • Blue-white side

In this case, it is obligatory to purchase a parking voucher. You can buy this voucher in a kiosk or special machine located in close vicinity to the side. Do not forget to leave the voucher under the wind screen!

  • Red-white and red-yellow side

It is strictly forbidden to park by the side painted with these colors. If you are extremely lucky, you will be quit for a fine. If not, you will have to look for your car at an impound yard. It means you will suffer additional expenses. This is because you will not only have to pay the fine but also vehicle carrier services.

Maximum blood alcohol limit

If you have decided to drive a car after drinking alcohol beverages, do not forget about the consequences. Like in any other country, in Israel, the liability for drunk driving is stipulated by the legislation in force. If your driving experience is more than 2 years, the alcohol blood level cannot exceed 0.05 ‰. Providing you are an untrained driver, alcohol in your blood is not allowed at all!

Cost of fuel

Hiring a car in Elait, do not forget to add the cost of fuel to your expenses. Fuel is significantly expensive in Israel. On the average, one liter of fuel costs nearly two dollars. Most of all, Israel fuel stations work in the self-service regime. You are required to fill your car with petrol on your own, and the payment is made by credit card.

Pay your attention to one interesting aspect. In most cases, the sum of money, exceeding the size of the fuel bill, is blocked on your credit card. Don’t be frightened of it. Depending on your bank, the difference will arrive back in your account within 2-3 days. That is why in case you have strictly distributed your money, you had better look for a fuel station where it is possible to pay in cash. Not many fuel stations provide customers with such an opportunity, but some stations do it.

Toll roads

There are no toll roads in Elait. The only two paid roads in Israel are the tunnel in Haifa, located under Mount Carmel, and high-road № 6. When driving through the tunnel, you are obliged to make a payment on site. Concerning high-road № 6, it is entirely automated. The surveillance cameras will fix the car identification number. Taking the fact that your car is rental into consideration, the bill will be sent to the company where you hired it. Afterwards, you will have to pay this bill.

Estimated cost of car hire in Eilat

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