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Car hire in Helsinki

Car rental in Helsinki

The capital of Finland Helsinki can be quite literally called the heart of the country. This is because cultural, economic and political lives are concentrated in this city. Tourism is also one of the main purposes the city guests set. Interesting architecture, wonderful nature and a large number of sights and entertainments attract thousands of travelers.

In order to see everything you wish, you will need quite a lot of time, especially if you decide to walk or use public transport. In addition, your trips are unlikely to be comfortable in such a case. You will have to depend on bus tables and other circumstances.

This is just why car rental in Helsinki is extremely popular. Hiring a car is simple, convenient and affordable. You can book a car straight at the Helsinki airport. You have an opportunity to hire a car in advance. If you decide to do it, you are advised to use the service You will manage to choose the make of car you wish within a few minutes.

Useful information for car renters in Helsinki

So you have hired a car in Helsinki. What shall you know not to be in a false position? What is the difference of the Finnish automobile world from the world we are used to live in? In general, there are no radical differences from other European countries. However, there are some peculiarities necessary to be taken into account.

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    All details are indicated in the rental terms. There are no fees for credit card processing.

  • Free cancellation & modification

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  • Reliable

    We collaborate only with reputable car rental companies and always guarantee high level of service.

  • Convenient and fast

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Fines for the violations of road traffic regulations in Helsinki

If you do not want car rental in Helsinki to cause you a large number of problems, everything you need to do is observe traffic regulations. Otherwise, be ready to pay fines whose sums are unlikely to make you happy.

Speeding From 120 Euro
Offside overtaking From 85 Euro
Causing obstructions From 50 Euro
Driving through a red light 100 Euro
Ignoring road signs From 50 Euro
Unbuckled safety belt 70 Euro

Like in any other European city, a foreign driver in Helsinki is obliged to pay fines in cash and on site.

Speed limitation in Helsinki

Please, carefully follow the speed rate. In Finland, the following speed limits are in force:

  • The maximum speed of 50 km/h is allowed within the limits of population centers
  • It is allowed to accelerate to not more than 80 km/h outside population centers
  • The maximum speed on express roads can be 120 km/h.

In winter, it can be obligatory to slow down up to 20 km/h more on particular road sections. That is why carefully follow the road signs. Remember that there are a large number of speed guns in Finland!

Parking lots in Helsinki

There exist quite a lot of parking spaces in Helsinki. These spaces are rather expensive and their average cost is 3 Euro. When leaving a car at the car park, please, pay attention to the parking hours. The hours are always pointed out on the road signs. You can purchase a booking voucher for these hours at fuel stations, auto parts stores and service stations. When leaving the car park, do not forget to put the voucher under the windscreen of your car.

Allowed blood alcohol level

In Helsinki, the traffic regulations are quite loyal towards drunken drivers. The maximum blood alcohol level can be 0.05 permille. However, it does not mean you can plunge into adventures.

First of all, it is not so much, and you will not be able to pass the sobriety test after a hilarious celebration. Concerning the punishment for drunk driving, it is extremely serious. And secondly, sobriety is the main guarantee of your safety when you drive a car. And is safety not the main thing in human life?

Cost of fuel in Finland

If you hire a car in Helsinki, you will need to know useful information about fuel. You will have no problems finding lead free fuel in Finland. Fuel stations sell fuel 95 and 98 as well as diesel fuel. There are also gas stations, but most of them are located in the southern part of the country. The average cost of fuel is:

  • Fuel 95 – 1.57 Euro
  • Fuel 98 – 1.62 Euro
  • Diesel fuel – 1.47 Euro.

In Finland, drivers are allowed to carry fuel in cans. However, the amount cannot be more than 10 liters.

Toll roads in Finland

Foreign drivers are in for a pleasant surprise. They do not need to pay for driving on toll roads. This is fair in relation to the guests of the country. These are car rental companies which shall pay for driving on toll roads. Customers are dispensed from this duty. As a result, you can easily do your business and enjoy the beauty of the Finnish sights!

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