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Car rental in Ireland

Car rental in Ireland

Oh, those restless Irish people! As the book «Gone with the wind» says, they all are the red-haired, cocky, and quick-witted guys, able to gulp down whisky and meanwhile not get drunk at all! Whether this statement corresponds to the truth and whether the Irish people have changed a lot thereafter, you can find out while travelling along this country.

For you to feel comfortable in the unknown Ireland, we will tell several facts about it, especially it will concern car trips. So, having arrived to this country and hired a car in the airport of Ireland, go ahead towards the adventures! While exactly this tiny part of the British islands is famous for its natural beauty and pleasant for independent travelling without being distracted by extraneous details.

Ireland is the only country in the world, which population has not increased, but decreased over time. We’d rather not think that there is any connection between the allegedly contentious temper of the Irish and this fact, however, the figures speak for themselves. Statistically the current population of Ireland numbers no more than 4,2 million people, with one third of them living in Dublin, the capital of the country.

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Penalties for the violations of traffic rules while driving the cars booked in Ireland

With regard to the penalty system, it is quite rightful in Ireland. There is a fixed amount of penalty for any separate violation. Besides, the demerit points will be marked in a driver’s license. As you are a foreigner, your points will be recorded into an independent base, and if sometime you would wish to receive local driver’s license, these points will be put inside the newly obtained document! Just do not take it amiss. While concerning the figures, they are the following:

Violation of traffic rules Demerit points Penalty sum
Speed limit exceeding 2 €80
Wrongly performed overtaking 2 €80
Driving without taking into account the traffic lights 2 €80
Crossing of the «solid white line» 2 €80
Driving to the contraflow lane 2 €80
Moving not along the left side of the road 1 €60
Contraflow driving to the street with one side traffic direction 1 €60

As you see, the penalties are made quite «affordably», however, they should be paid off during the period of 28 days, or otherwise they will later increase 50%.

Speed limits

Speed limits foreseen inside the cities and on the motorways of Ireland are respectively standard as for the rest countries of the world. The following speed modes are in force on the territory of this country:

  • Inside the city the speed limit should constitute 50 km/h;
  • Outside any built-up area the speed limit can be increased up to 80 km/h;
  • A motorway will please you with the ability to take a run of 100 km/h;
  • At an autobahn you should make the speed of 120 km/h.

Parking of a car leased in Ireland

In order to put your car to a parking zone for some period of time, especially in the center of Dublin, you will need to pay a fee. The Irish people concern the parking rules observance rather fervently, as well as the fines prescribed for the infringement of these rules. In one word the parking end time, shown at your parking voucher, which should be put from the inner side of the windscreen, should be followed very strictly.

Besides, there is a variant of parking discs purchasing at any fuel filling station, as well as parking in the multistoried garages. The parking fees are approximately the same. Depending on the place and type of parking you will pay from €1 to €1,90 per hour.

Admissible blood alcohol content level

No so long time ago it was permitted to drive with the blood alcohol level of 0,8‰, while now it has been decreased to 0,5‰, and this is the maximum, which a driver could personally allow. Depending on the state in which the driver is caught out, the fines for the driving under the influence of alcohol can reach €5000, and most likely, if the state is completely unintelligible, it will result in a driver’s license deprivation and even a prison confinement.

Traffic regulations

The traffic regulations which you will need to follow while driving a rented in Ireland, are typically standard. There do not exist any special «frills».

  • The dimmed headlights should be used only under the conditions of poor visibility;
  • The children should be transported in special restrain systems corresponding to the weight of a child. Besides, you are to remember that in Ireland such systems intended for the children under the age of 3 years are a bit different from those intended for the children over the age of 3 years. That means, a booster should obligatory correspond not only to the weight of a child, but also to his or her age. There is a penalty implemented for the violation of this rule, which is €60, and if the case reaches the court and your guilt is proved, you will be obliged to pay €800. Do you really need it?
  • The safety belts should be fastened for both front sitting and back sitting passengers;
  • In Ireland even the wireless communication devices, used while driving, are not quite favored. They are not forbidden, like a talk on a cell phone, however, if you have become responsible for an accident, while using a hands-free set, the fine will be sufficiently high, especially if the case will pass through a judicial proceeding.

Fuel cost

The lead-free petrol of the 95 standard and the diesel fuel are available in Ireland, so a hired car will require exactly these types of fuel. Besides, it is allowed to transport fuel in canisters. The price range is approximately the following:

  • The 95 standard petrol will cost somewhat about €1,52
  • The diesel fuel will approximately cost €1,48

The leaded petrol of the 98 standard and gas for car filling could be found rather seldom, so pay your attention to what exactly type of fuel is required for your leased car.

Toll roads

There is a huge number of toll roads in Ireland, as well as bridges and tunnels. At the same time, refusal from fee paying is considered to be a crime, and the penalties prescribed are sufficiently high. You should better mind from the very beginning that you will need to pay for your driving along some of the road sections, so much so, that the methods of payment are generally comfortable. You can pay by cash, through the automated devices or operators, as well as by credit cards. The average passenger car payment is €1,90.

Indicative rates for car hire in Ireland

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