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Car rental in Marseille

Car hire in Marseille

Marseille – a port city in France, one of the largest and most ancient cities, important industrial center. It combines a lot of different cultures, in addition, it is home to many immigrants from other countries. Marseille has a national tourist center, where travelers can get all the information you need to find a guide to learn about all the upcoming cultural events, shows, concerts, etc.

Marseille can not do without a visit to the beaches – Deux Catalunya and the Prado. The symbol of the city is the famous cathedral – Notre-Dame de la Garde. The longest and sightseeing tours of the monastery carried out in early summer. Also, tourists will certainly be interested in the abbey of St. Victor, the Old Port, Chateau d'If. Cours Julien, Jean Jaures area – popular attractions in Marseille. Restaurants, clubs, various shops – all this can be found in the central part of the city.

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Traffic Laws

In Marseille, as well as in the whole of France, vehicles moving on the right side of the road. Drivers must be included passing light in the daytime, when visibility is impaired.

Children can be transported in a special restraint chair (to 10 years) or until the time when it will be possible to use the safety belt. Passengers sitting front and rear, are required to wear seat belts.

Prohibited not only talk, but the use of mobile devices while driving the vehicle. It is also not allowed to wear the device in the ear that transmit sounds (such as headphones from the player, etc.).

The machine must be fitted with a warning triangle, snow chains, breathalyzer, reflective vest. Drivers will not install detectors that detect police radar and navigation systems, which inform about the location of speed cameras.

Fines for traffic violations

Instead of the fine received for speeding, you can pay 45 euros, provided that payments are made within the first 15 days after charging. At the same time, without paying a penalty of more than 45 days, the driver will be forced to make a more significant sum - 180 euros.


Fine (euros)

Over speed


Changing the direction of motion without notice


Driving emergency lane


Driving a car with a broken light


Travel by forbidding light


Excessive distance between vehicles


Ignoring barrier


Driving on the left lane (the right to freely)


Lack of rooms / dirty or damaged rooms


Driving in the opposite direction


Parking cars without lighting (poor visibility)


Using multimedia displays video (except GPS)


Drinking and driving

Accident caused by the driver with serious consequences

135-4500, as well as confiscation of the driving license, imprisonment for 2 years;

10000 and imprisonment for 2 years

The lack of seat belt


Speed ​​Limit

For each type of road in Marseille set a certain speed limitation:

  • In the city - 50 km / h;
  • Outside the city - 90 km / h;
  • On the line is allowed to move no faster than 130 km / h;
  • The limit for the road - 110 km / h.

Other restrictions apply during adverse weather conditions:

  • Outside the city - 80 km / h;
  • On the road - 100 km / h;
  • On line - 110 km / h.

Also accepted minimum speed on the highway - 80 km / h.

Allowable alcohol

On the territory of the French drivers are allowed to drive after drinking alcoholic substances, but the rate of alcohol permitted is 0.5 ppm. This is average for a large number of states. If the test is found in the body of the driver more than 0.5 ppm, it is expected the punishment, the severity of which depends on the seriousness of the violation.


Drivers are forbidden to leave the car in the parking place for more than a day. Common parking machines are considered. Payment many car parks in Marseille carried out by means of special cards sold in licensed tobacco shops (they can be recognized by the red sign).

If additional information about the parking is not indicated, it means that it works on the standard mode:

  • From 19.00 to 9.00 parking is free to use;
  • Do not be charged at any time of the day off and holidays as well as during August;
  • On weekdays from 9.00 to 19.00 - parking fee.

Toll roads: the subtleties of car rental in Marseille

The amount of payment for the use of certain roads depends on the type t / s and distance traveled. A car with a height of less than 2 meters belongs to category 1. Directly in the city are no toll roads, but, if necessary, to go beyond it you have to use one of the toll motorways.

In the city there is a tunnel that requires making a payment, - Prado-Carenage. It connects the port part of Marseille, with the central part of the city. The tunnel is 2.5 km away. Another tunnel surcharge - Prado-Sud, one of the connecting highways with areas located far from the city. Drive through the tunnels only to passenger cars, van and minibus low. The fare - 1.70 euros (Prado-Sud) and 2.80 euros (Prado-Carenage).

The cost of fuel

For refueling in Marseille unleaded gasoline can be purchased several brands, diesel and gas. Leaded gasoline is not used. Going on a long journey, you have the right to carry a petrol spilled on the canister.

The average cost of fuel:

  • Gasoline 95 E10 - 1,441 euros;
  • Petrol 95 - 1,445 euros;
  • Petrol 98 - 1,499 euros;
  • Diesel - 1.216 euro;
  • Gas (LPG) - 0.791 euros.

Estimated cost car rental in Marseille

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