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Economical car rentel in Oslo

Car rental in Oslo

Oslo can quite literally be called the very heart of the artic northland Norway. Currently it is Oslo which is the largest cultural and industrial center of the country. Business trips and excursion tours to Norway take place all the time. Every day thousands of people from different countries come to Norway.

Transport link with Norway is perfect. You can come to Oslo using different types of transport such as:

Railway transport. Through trains go from numerous countries inclusive of Russia
Sea transport. Sea transport link between Oslo and Europe is perfectly developed
Air transport. The Oslo airport accepts hundreds of flights every day

It is of course possible to go to Norway by your own car. However, people most often prefer to save their time and go to Oslo by plane. What is more, there is an excellent opportunity to book a car at the Oslo airport. You can hire a car in advance. In such a case, you are advised to use an extremely reliable online service

Renting a car in Oslo, do not forget about the main things!

The Europeans are extremely scrupulous and law-abiding. That is why they are very responsible when it comes to observing the road traffic regulations. If you do not want to be in a false position, be careful on roads. Learn the whole information which can be necessary for travelling by rental car without any problems.

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Fines for violations of traffic regulations in Oslo

Be ready to the fact that traffic enforcers practically never drive cars with identification signs. They use ordinary civil vehicles. It is very difficult to notice such a car. As a result, the best way to avoid fines is not to break the road traffic regulations. Furthermore, the sums of fines are quite large:

Speeding violation 500 Euro
Use of mobile phone when driving a car 120 Euro
Driving through a red light 300 Euro
Offside overtaking 310 Euro
Illegal parking 70 Euro

Speed limitation

Pay your attention to the fact that it is completely unimportant whether you have exceeded the speed by 1 or 100 km/h. The fine will be the same. Speed limitations are standard on the whole territory of the country. The maximum speed allowed within the limits of population centers is 50 km/h. The speed outside population centers cannot be more than 80 km/h. The speed cannot be more than 100 km/h on express roads. In case you go in an articulated lorry, its speed on express roads shall be not more than 80 km/h.

Parking in Oslo

There are no problems with parking lots in Oslo. There are a large number of both paid and free parking spaces. On work days, in order to leave your rental car at the car park in Oslo, you will have to pay a significant sum of money. On the average, the cost of parking is 4 Euro. After parking your car, purchase the parking voucher in the special machine.

By the way, remember that the machine accepts 1, 5, 10 and 20 crown coins as well as credit cards. When leaving the car, do not forget to put the voucher on the panel under the windscreen!

Blood alcohol limit in Norway

It is extremely not recommended to drive a rental car in Oslo when you are drunk. If you do it, you will have a large number of problems with the law! Norwegian legislation is extremely severe in relation to drunk drivers. It is not important whether you have 1 or 20 years’ driving experience. Under no circumstances shall the alcohol level in your blood be more than 0.02 permille.

Road traffic regulations in Oslo

The international road traffic regulations are in force in Oslo. You can hire a car without any problems. Although there exist some differences necessary to be paid attention to.

  • Residential quarters

When driving a car in residential quarters, never exceed the maximum allowed speed of 30 km/h.

  • ‘Road bumps’

Like in any other European city, in Oslo, there are a large number of the so called ‘road bumps’ on roads. However, most of them are not marked with road signs. Therefore, be careful.

  • Dim light

Irrespective of the time and weather conditions, the dim light shall be turned on 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 4 seasons per year.

  • Safety belts

The Norwegian road traffic regulations prohibit car passage when at least one passenger has not buckled the safety belt. At that the belts must be fastened both on front and on rear seats. The fine is quite large – 100 Euro.

Cost of fuel in Oslo

When hiring a car in Oslo, it will not be odd to learn useful information about fuel stations. In Norway you can purchase fuel 95, fuel 98, diesel fuel and gas. ‘Dutch bayonet’ adapters are used practically at all fuel stations. ‘Dish’ adapters can be met a little bit more rarely. If the car you have hired uses fuel, remember that it is allowed to transport fuel in cans. However, the amount shall not exceed 40 liters.

The cost of fuel is average in comparison with other European countries:

  • Fuel 95 costs 1.57 Euro
  • Fuel 90 costs 1.87 Euro
  • Diesel fuel costs 1.75 Euro

At the fuel stations, it is allowed to pay both in cash and by credit card.

Toll roads in Norway

If you book a car in Oslo in order to see the sights of Norway, get ready for a trip beforehand. There are more than 45 toll roads in the country. A part of them is equipped with electronic toll gates and the payment for driving through some of them is taken only in cash. Besides, a few roads are closed in winter. Please, learn all necessary information before going somewhere.

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