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Car rental in Puerto Rico

Car Rental in Puerto Rico

At the point of connection circuits Greater and Lesser Antilles, in the heart of the Caribbean island nation located in Puerto Rico. It annually attracts thousands of tourists, which implies a mild tropical climate of the country, where sunny days interspersed with brief periods of rain. In the season of Puerto Rico is full, often considered more prestigious vacation at resorts such as the Boguerin, Luguillo Punta Guillare. The main area of ​​the country covered by mountainous terrain in the south and the north coast is dominated by luxury. Supreme administration of the territory under the jurisdiction of the US Congress, however, self-government, the Constitution is local.

The country attracts tourists architectural monuments, museums, the beauty of the ancient cathedrals, castles. If you want to relax on the island nation to provide all of this. Here you can sunbathe on beautiful beaches, surfing, diving, a tour of the Protected Areas. Independently, you can explore the area on a rented in Puerto Rico car. You can rent it at the airport, the central offices of large cities, the suburbs of the country. One of the best cars Book in advance, one of the best services in this direction is considered to be the site

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Rules of the Road For Rent in Puerto Rico machines

The main part of the entrance to the bridge, trails in Puerto Rico are considered to be paid, but the amount is the quality that allows the pavement. When the driver stopped by a police patrol, out of the car is not necessary. Police will take it as an attempt to escape. The best option - to wait for the representative of the law driving without showing vanity, anxiety. In this case, the car must be present a reflective vest, first aid kit, fire extinguisher. Everything else has to be a sign of an emergency stop, set to repair the damaged wheel or his replacement.

When moving on the roads permitted to use navigation equipment, indicating the point of placing fixed cameras monitoring speed. Set on car radar detectors is prohibited, it is punishable by a fine of 600 €. It is also not allowed to use radar detectors, the amount of the fine for which the installation is 200 €. Sitting behind the wheel, the driver has to know that he, all passengers must wear seat belts. In case of violation of the order have to shell out a fine of 200 €.

Allowable alcohol

The level of alcohol in the driver's blood allowed by the law of Puerto Rico is 0,5 ‰. It exceeded threatens motorist penalties, the amount of which is shown below:

The concentration of alcohol in

The fine, €

Over 0,5


1, 0 or repeated violation


The narcotic substance in the blood


Failure to pass the test


When a motorist driving experience less than 2 years, the allowable level of intoxication in this case should not exceed 0,3 ‰.

Fines for traffic violations in Puerto Rico

Road workers control of Puerto Rico have the right to apply a penalty charge at the place with the mandatory issuance of a receipt for payment. If the sum is paid immediately, the motorist receives a 50% discount, while a penalty appeal fail. When the claim comes the mail transfer, a receipt is paid through a bank, Internet banking for 20 days. If the fine is ignored for a month from the date of the notification may be forced withholding amount.

Speeding along the routes of the city, the suburbs punishable by significant amounts, the value of which can be seen below:

Indicators overspeed km / h

Suburban line, the amount of a fine of €

Urban motorway, a fine of €

Up to 20









Over 40-50



Over 50-70



More than 70



The cost of fuel

Traveling across the expanses of Puerto Rico, the driver could refuel the car with unleaded gasoline grades 95, 98, diesel fuel. Also on the territory of the country has a network of gas stations, while in cans with a can carry 10 liters of any fuel. The average price of fuel for filling almost the same, the cost is:

Type of fuel

Price per liter, €

Petrol 95


Petrol 98




Diesel fuel


Parking cars rented from Puerto Rico

The cost of parking in the country depends on the week of the month, day, time of day. Some parking permit is required to leave the car during working hours. Parking can be found in the city center, on the periphery, parking places at the same time can be placed on or under the ground. You can pay for the services before leaving the parking lot at the station charge. In some cities of Puerto Rico can operate parking, tickets for which are sold in retail outlets in tobacconists. Paid receipt entitles the driver to leave the car for half an hour, an hour, 90 minutes.

Some parking signs are equipped with a tow truck. They warn the driver that for parking his car towed to shtrafploschadku. If this happens, the motorist will find on the site of the confiscation of the sticker. It indicates where the car sent, there are number of feedback. If there is no sticker, should call the local office of the municipal police. For towing the car fee of 100 €. Two times the amount necessary to pay the driver for parking.

Approximate prices for rental cars in Puerto Rico

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