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Economical car hire in Serbia

Car rental in Serbia

Serbia is a rapidly developing country both in terms of business and in the context of tourism. That is why foreigners come to Serbia every day with the purposes of doing business and having a rest. Tourist Serbia is original and fascinating.

Health resorts

If you not only wish to have a rest but also improve your health without wasting a lot of money, pay your attention just to Serbia. A large number of health care services whose prices are quite attractive are at your disposal.

Ski resorts

The peculiarities of nature and climate in Serbia contribute to the inrush of amateur alpine skiers in every possible way. The tourists’ expectations are justified. Serbia can boast of excellent ski trails which are not less qualified as the ones in other European countries.

The only drawback of this wonderful country is a bad transport link both among cities and within their limits. That is why irrespective of the purpose of your visit to Serbia, you are strongly advised to think about renting a car. You will have a free hand. It means you will manage to see the sights you want without depending on the interpreter. It is possible to hire a car straight at the airport. You can take care of renting a car in advance. The best variant to do it is using the service

Be attentive when hiring a car in Serbia!

Renting a car in Serbia is undoubtedly very comfortable. However, there are a row of extremely specific peculiarities necessary to be taken into consideration:

  • Other road users

Serbian drivers are characterized by an extremely aggressive driving style. Politeness on roads leaves much to be desired. That is why be extremely careful when driving a rental car in Serbia. Moreover, the state of roads in Serbia is also very bad.

  • Policemen

The policemen strictly follow the observation of road traffic regulations, especially in the events when a rental car in Serbia is driven by a foreigner. That is why try not to create provocative situations. Any doubt will not be interpreted in your favor. You will unconditionally be fined.

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Fines for violations of road traffic regulations in Serbia

Speed infringement From 50 to 170 Euro
Refusal to provide a passage priority to the pedestrian at the passing place From 130 to 250 Euro
Driving through a red light From 130 to 270 Euro
Offside overtaking 200 Euro
Unbuckled seat belt 100 Euro
Drunk driving From 500 to 1000 Euro

As a rule smaller fines are applied towards local inhabitants. Foreigners will have to pay for violations of traffic regulations to a high standard.

Speed limitation in Serbia

Carefully follow the road signs regulating the speed when driving a rental car in Serbia. As a rule the speed is the same as in other European countries:

  • The speed within the limits of a population center cannot be more than 50 km/h
  • The maximum speed allowed outside populations centers is 80 km/h
  • The speed on the highway cannot exceed 100 km/h
  • It is not allowed to drive with the speed of more than 120 km/h on express roads.

Remember that large fines for speed infringement are stipulated by the Serbian legislation.

Parking in Serbia

There are several kinds of parking lots in Serbia:

  • Red zone

You can leave a car on such a parking lot from 7.00 till 21.00. The cost of one hour is 0.3 Euro.

  • Yellow zone

The parking hours at this parking space coincide with the ones in the red zone. However, the cost of one hour in the yellow zone is a little bit higher. It makes up 0.4 Euro.

  • Green zone

You can park your car in this zone from 7.00 till 14.00. The cost of one hour will not be more than 0.15 Euro.

If you leave your hired car at the car park, you are recommended not to leave any precious things in it. If it is impossible, look for a paid guarded parking space. The cost will of course be higher and make up approximately 1 Euro per hour. Nevertheless, you can be calm for the safekeeping of your property.

Blood alcohol limit

Alcohol is driver’s archenemy. That is why it is necessary to give it up. Furthermore, the maximum blood alcohol level allowed in Serbia is 0.03 permille. In no way shall your blood alcohol level exceed this limit. Otherwise, you will face up with a large number of difficulties:

    • In case the alcohol level in a driver’s blood is from 0.51 ‰ till 1.2 ‰, the fine is from 50 till 170 Euro. In addition, the driver is deprived of a driving license for up to 3 months.
    • Providing the alcohol level is from 1.21 ‰ till 2.0 ‰, the fine is from 200 till 400 Euro. In such a case, the driver can be deprived of a driving license for up to two full years.
    • Supposing the alcohol level is more than 2.0 ‰, the fine will be up to 1000 Euro, and the driver will be sentenced to imprisonment.

Foreigners who rent cars in Serbia will face up with a lot worse consequences than local inhabitants.

Road traffic regulations in Serbia

Traffic regulations in Serbia correspond to the international standards. This is why a foreign driver who has rented a car will not have any problems. The road signs are customary, and the information is written in English. Only two differential aspects of Serbian traffic regulations exist in practice:

  • Irrespective of the time of day, season and weather, the dim light must always burn.
  • In no way must a car occupy the traffic path, earmarked for the passage of public transport.

Cost of fuel in Serbia

In Serbia, you can purchase lead free fuel 92 and leaded fuel 95. At that diesel fuel is also available. The costs are the following:

  • Fuel 92 costs 1.29 Euro
  • Fuel 95 costs 1.33 Euro
  • Diesel fuel costs 1.32 Euro.

The quality of fuel is quite high. Nevertheless, there are not so many fuel stations outside population centers. That is why carefully follow the engine fuel level when you book a car.

To conclude, it is certainly necessary to claim that despite all national peculiarities of Serbian cars, the rental car is really irreplaceable for those who appreciate freedom of movement and time.

Sample prices for car rental in Serbia

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