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Car rental in Singapore

Car Rental in Singapore

On the islands of Southeast Asia, next to the Riau Islands, the Sultanate of Johor has a wonderful city-state of Singapore, which is certainly worth a look, following the path in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. Here anciently boiled trade port in the country hosted the court of Portugal, China and Arab states. Until 1965, Singapore was a British outpost, which is actively supported free trade. At independence, the city-state became the center of tourism with a strong network of hotels, recreation, entertainment.

In Singapore there, what to see first-class service. The country attracts colorful monuments, Buddhist temples that merge organically with the landscape, dotted with modern buildings, skyscrapers made of glass and metal. There are many restaurants and cafes where you can sample dishes from different nations. Travel across the country it's best to rent a car. Rent a car, you can visit the Changi International Airport, the center of Singapore. Traveler before the trip is to visit the site, online where you can choose any car, book it in advance.

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Traffic Laws

  • Moving roads of Singapore, it is worth remembering here that the movement of the left. If the driver itself must have the right international standard translated into English.
  • Renting a car can any car enthusiast, whose age reached in '21, but for a fee rate was reduced to 19 years.
  • The entrance to the central streets of the city, you can pay through the points that charge a certain amount in the range from 7:30 to 19:00. A similar system operates on highways where travel is considered to be paid from 7:30 to 9:30. Cash movements on the roads at the time helped to reduce the level of tension, allowed the city to get rid of traffic jams, especially during rush hours.
  • The driver must closely monitor the road markings. There are special sections of the path marked yellow stripe, which are intended for the passage of buses, but not private vehicles.
  • Moving through the streets, tracks the driver of car passengers must wear seat belts. This will help avoid accidents, fines from local traffic control.

Fines for traffic violations in Singapore

The fine, SGD

Type of violation


Fastened belt, refusal to submit to the requirements of the traffic controller, transport children to 12 years without restraint, parking, stop the machine on a prohibited area.


Speeding 20 km / h, a stop on the highway. It is also subject to a fine if the driver prevents movement of fire engines, ambulances, cars do not turn from his series.


Speeding at 30 km / h, driving in the opposite lane, obstructing pedestrians.

From 170 to 200

When moving on the road is not observed distance mode speed is exceeded by 31-40 km / h.


How to get to a red light, speeding at 40-50 km / h.

The fine set by the court

Speeding at 50-60 km / h, talking on a cell phone while driving.

As there the rules when traveling on roads from 19:00 to 7:00 should be included daytime running lights. In case of violation the driver will pay a fine - 30 SGD. If the owner of the car gets to the court, he could be arrested for a period of six months, thus fined up to 1000 SGD.

Parking a rental car in Singapore

Singapore strict parking regulations stipulate that only allowed to park in areas designated for that purpose. There is always a sign in English which contains the value of the rules of parking. Parking is possible on the purchase coupon, payment of parking meters.

  • Paid parking lots are located near shopping centers, parks, public places offices, financial institutions. Payment is made at the entrance, and you can pay by cash, credit card.
  • Parking tickets can be purchased at kiosks, their value is 0, 5, 1, or 2 SGD. The price depends on the area where you need to leave the car. For example, a half-hour parking in the city center will cost 1 driver in CGD, on the periphery of the same services cost about half the price.  

Bought a ticket, a check after the payment of parking meters should be placed under the windshield to ensure maximum visibility data.

Fuel costs for leased cars fueling Singapore

Filling stations on the territory of Singapore's many, you can fill the tank of a vehicle with diesel fuel, unleaded gasoline 95, 98 brand. The only caveat - the high price of fuel. For example, the average cost of 1 liter of gasoline is now around US $ 1.67.

Allowable rate of alcohol for drivers of leased cars in Singapore

Moving along the routes of Singapore, the driver has no right to smoke, the more remain in a state of intoxication. For violation of the penalty, the amount of which is impressive:

  • First came to the traffic police in a drunken state, the car driver is obliged to pay the sum of $ 5,000, the punishment also threatens the 12-month loss of rights, a 6-month prison sentence.
  • Secondary caught drunk driver pays the fine cars over $ 5000, while he faces a prison sentence of 3 years

If there was an accident caused by a drunken driver of the car, while there are victims, drunk motorist faces long or life imprisonment. In addition to the fine it added physical punishment: 6 strokes of rattan sticks

Approximate prices for rental cars in Singapore

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