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Car rental in Sweden

Car rental in Sweden

Would you like to get a mass of positive emotions? Do you enjoy beautiful architecture and prefer to do shopping abroad? Have you ever dreamt to see the roofs which Lillebror and Carlson used to walk on? If you have a positive answer to at least one of these questions, you should undoubtedly go to Sweden!

In order to see all the sights and visit all shops without having to look at the watch and remember the bus table all the time, it is worth renting a car in Sweden. In order to do it as simple as possible, it is recommended to take care of booking a car before going on a trip to Sweden. Use an extremely reliable online service Having arranged everything beforehand, you will be able to hire a car right upon arrival.

Reminder for car renters in Sweden

Passage on Swedish roads is hasteless, calm and predictable. The road traffic regulations are usual for European drivers. However, you should not relax too much. A foreign country can oftentimes bring different surprises. That is why it is definitely necessary to learn all pitfalls which can lie in wait for a traveler who has booked a car in Sweden.

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Fines for the violations of road traffic regulations

The policemen in Sweden are not so captious and can really turn a blind eye to minor offences. However, the driver will get the following punishments for serious violations:

Speed infringement From 100 to 1000 Euro
Driving through a red light 130 Euro
Offside overtaking 150 Euro
Creating obstructions of traffic 120 Euro
Illegal parking From 50 Euro

The policeman who has stopped you will determine the sum of the fine and write a fine receipt. It is necessary to pay the fine at a bank. If you forget to do it, you will face up with serious problems when leaving the country.

Speed rate in Sweden

The second serious offence after drunk driving is the violation of road traffic regulations by means of speed infringement. The policemen extremely seriously follow the speed rate. The roads are patrolled all the time, and a large number of speed cameras and guns are established on them.

  • The speed can be from 30 to 50 km/h within the limits of a city
  • It is possible to accelerate to not more than 90 km/h outside cities
  • The maximum speed allowed on express roads is 120 km/h.

Do not forget that these are only general figures and always follow the road signs.

Parking in Sweden

Perhaps, there are more parking lots than cars in Sweden. The prices for parking spaces are quite democratic. On average, the cost of one parking hour in the country is 50 cents. Park your car, purchase a parking voucher and put it under the windscreen of your car so that the voucher will be seen very well outside it. Remember that parking machines accept only the local currency in cash.

Do you not want to pay for parking? Do not do it! There are a large number of free parking lots marked by special road signs. If you need to leave your car for the whole night, you had better throw your handkerchief to guarded underground garages. The cost of them is nearly 10 Euro per day. Your car will then be reliably guarded.

Road traffic regulations in Sweden

When going to Sweden, it is necessary to remember that although the road traffic regulations in this country correspond to the international standards, there still exist some peculiarities:

  • Safety belts

In no way shall the driver take off until all car passengers fasten their safety belts. It does not mean whether the passengers sit on front or rear seats. Otherwise, the fine will be summed up for every unfastened passenger.

  • Transportation of children

In Sweden, children whose height is less than 135 cm can be transported only in case the car is equipped with a booster chair. The taller children can be fastened by usual safety belts.

  • Mobile phone

Unlike in the majority of countries, the traffic regulations in Sweden do not prohibit the drivers to use mobile phones during passage. Although it is of course not necessary to forget about carefulness.

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