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Car rental in Turkey

Rent a car in Turkey

Turkey – is a European country that is not only in Europe but also in Asia. It is unique by the fact that all four sides it is washed by the different sea: Marmara, Aegean, Black and Mediterranean. This fact leads to the fact that Turkey – one of the most popular destinations among tourists, travelers and vacationers. Many want to spend your vacation on the beach, enjoying the spectacular views, the warm sun, swimming. To do this, we provide all the conditions for a variety of resorts and hotels. Turkey also attracts long holiday season that begins with the arrival of the first heat in April and ends in November.

Besides being able to enjoy the fresh sea air and exotic country provides the attention of its guests countless historical and architectural monuments, among which there are two miracles of light from just 7 worldwide. Turkey is also included in the list of countries where there are valuable historical objects that fall under the protection of UNESCO. The culture of this state has developed for thousands of years, and today is a blend of customs, traditions and heritage of many people who lived at various times in the boundary area between the two continents.

Traveled to Turkey can be a car, which can be pre-hire online, or immediately upon arrival at one of the airports in the country. Moving the machine has several advantages: you can manage your time and excursions in its sole discretion, to get to places where no lead guides and see all the sights, and most importantly – with the comfort of sitting in the driver's seat, not in the crowded bus.

Before you go to the rented car on a trip to a foreign country, you need to become familiar with the local rules of the road, as well as a system of fines for violations.

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Toll roads and roads with a special payment


In Turkey a lot of toll motorways of different lengths. Prices for fares range from TL 2,25 and TL 27.

At the entrance to the Bosphorus Bridge and the bridge of the Sultan, who are drawn from the European continent to Asia, will be charged the amount of TL 4,25.

At the entrance to any additional charge of the road checkpoints are located to pay. It is no longer need to stand in line for coupons, which gives the right to travel. It is enough to purchase at the offices at the beginning / end line, at the post office or the bank a special label HGS, one of which is pasted on the windshield (center top), and the second - to maintain at all times to use the service.

It is necessary to reduce speed to 30 km / h at the entrance to the paid section of road that had a scanner to read the data from the sticker. Failure to do so will be fined.

Sticker costs from 35 TL.

Speed ​​Limit

In settlements

Outside of settlements

On the roads

On motorways

Minimum speed on motorways

50 km / h

90 km / h

110 km / h

120 km / h

40 km / h

The permissible amount of alcohol in the driver's blood rental car

The amount of alcohol in a driver's blood should not exceed 0.5 ppm.

If the readings will be more - will have to pay a fine of TL 537.

If a car with a trailer - blood alcohol should not be at all.


In Turkey there is no parking with time restrictions. Park the car, take out, can be permitted in the field, and inspectors will be charged directly on the street. In many cities, there are specially equipped garages and parking.

In the big cities may have difficulty parking due to the acute shortage of parking places.


In Turkey, there are gas stations following fuels:

Unleaded gasoline 95

Unleaded gasoline 97

Diesel fuel


TL 4,76

TL 4,78

TL 4,00

TL 2,14

The system of penalties

Amount in TL

Type of violation

50 or more

Improper parking


Ignoring the red light

100 or more

Movement with a speed exceeding the permissible 20 km / h


Wrong overtaking

150 or more

Movement with a speed exceeding the permissible 50 km / h

The fine can be paid the police on the spot after registration receipt.

Features of traffic rules

  • Everyone who is in the car while driving are required to be worn.
  • Children who do not have 12 years, or whose growth is less than 1.5 m, must be behind. On the front seat fare of children is prohibited.
  • Include dipped needed only when due to the weather reduced visibility and at night.
  • You can not talk on the phone if you need to do to keep his hand. Allowed to make calls using a wireless headset.
  • In stock must have a first aid kit and warning triangle 2. Fire extinguisher - on request.

If the rules have not been violated, and the traffic police officer stopped the car yet, it has several reasons:

  • elementary check the driver's license;
  • check blood levels of alcohol or drugs (usually on weekends and holidays in areas where there are many bars and restaurants);
  • conduct special operations and selective inspection of passing cars.

It is important to know that the Turks, mostly ignoring traffic rules, often lihachat. Can stop and maneuver without notice of intent to other road users. At night, some go with the headlights off, the car may stop in the middle of the roadway. Pedestrians, too, often breaking the rules, running out into the road suddenly and rapidly. In addition, the movement is sometimes difficult released on the roadbed animals, slow tractors and horse harness. During religious festivals the likelihood of accidents also increases.

Going on a trip to Turkey in the rented car, use caution and do not lose vigilance: if the journey takes only positive emotions.

Sample prices for rent a car in Turkey

Estimated cost car rental in other cities

Ankara from 18 euros per night
Antalya from 18 euros per night
Bodrum from 18 euros per night
Istanbul from 18 euros per night

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