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Economical car rentel in Australia

Car rental in Australia

Australia is an extremely beautiful country. If you wish to get extremely positive emotions, you definitely need to visit it. At that the best way to get acquainted with Australia is going along this country by car. You will manage to search the whole seaside, enjoy brilliant landscapes and visit unique places.

However, how is it possible to drive a car in Australia in case you can come to this country only by plane? To tell the truth, everything is simple. All you need is hiring a car. It is better to take care of car rental beforehand, using the service Just fill in the application form, and you will manage to get a car straight at the airport right upon arrival.

Are you going to rent a car in Australia? Then be careful!

The automobile world in Australia has long been the point at issue all over the world. There is no order on roads in any other country similar to the order in Australia! However, this order is maintained with the use of very strict measures. Only in Australia do the policemen have a right to shoot to kill at once without warning!

That is why, when leaving the car upon the demand of policemen, please, be calm and hold your hands so that they will be seen. In no way can you keep your hands in the pockets! It is of course not correct to think that policemen shoot every time they want. Nevertheless, it is not advised to provoke them.

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Fines for the violations of road traffic regulations in Australia

The order on roads is maintained not only with the use of force, but also by accepting financial measures. Fines for the violations of road traffic regulations in the country are simply fantastic:

Speed infringement From 300 to 3000 Euro
Driving through a red light 200 Euro
Offside overtaking 150 Euro
Driving on a bus lane 100 Euro
Unbuckled seat belt 100 Euro

You will not manage to pay the fine on site. You will have three days to pay it at a bank.

Speed limitation in Australia

Whatever happens, do not exceed the speed rate. This causes such effect on the policemen as a red flag on a bull. This violation practically never stays unnoticed, irrespective of the road. There are a large number of speed cameras and guns. Nowadays, the speed limitations in Australia are the following:

  • The maximum speed allowed at population centers is 60 km/h
  • The speed must not be more than 100 km/h outside population centers
  • It is allowed to accelerate to not more than 130 km/h on express roads.

Sometimes these figures can change. Therefore, carefully follow the road signs.

Road traffic regulations in Australia

The Australian road traffic regulations have a row of radical differences from the ones usual for European drivers. That is why if you are going to hire a car in Australia, remember all these peculiarities:

  • Left driving

Traffic in Australia is left-turning, that is why you will not feel easy on roads for the first time. However, you will entirely have got used to this peculiarity by the end of the first day already. You will further not feel any discomfort as if you were driving like that for your whole life.

  • Double solid line

In Europe, crossing the double solid line is regarded as a serious offence. In Australia, this is a normal phenomenon. You can turn and run up through this line. The main thing is not to get used to it because, after coming home, you can be deprived of a driving license.

  • Road intersections

The situation on road intersections in Australia is exactly opposite as well. It is strictly forbidden to run up on the majority of them, unless otherwise stipulated by the road sign.

Cost of fuel in Australia

All fuel stations located near highways work 24 hours per day in the automatic regime only. It means you will manage to pay for the fuel only by credit card. If you need a fuel station where cash is accepted, look for it during the day. The prices for fuel are the following:

  • Fuel 95 costs 1.26 Euro
  • Fuel 98 costs 1.29 Euro
  • Diesel fuel costs 1.24 Euro.

Unlike Europe, where fuel stations are located everywhere, there are much fewer stations in Australia. That is why do not forget to fill your car with fuel on time in order not to run out of fuel at the most inappropriate moment.

Sample prices for car hire in Australia

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