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Car hire in Austria

Car rental in Austria: Succeed in your Holiday!

A traveler, willing to combine cultural and aesthetic aspects of a foreign vacation with the inspiring and breathtaking experience, should certainly visit Austria. Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg – all these cities are real wellsprings of musical and artistic heritage. Austria is the center of opera and theatrical arts, which stands alone out of any other city of the world.

Almost half of the country is covered with dense majestic forests and mountains, with snow clouds and even rarely occurred glaciers on their tops. Austria is famous for its well-developed winter and summer tourist business. Each year thousands of people flock to the mountains willing to have a gulp of clean fresh air and get an eyeful of spectacular edelweiss and daffodils.

In order to embrace all those legendary and magnificent sites of Austria, one can easily take advantage of car hire in Austria. Rent stations are located in all major cities of the country. While a possibility of booking your favourite car model is available at the web-site right now. Car leasing in Austria can be arranged directly in the airport.

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Penalties for traffic violations while renting a car in Austria

Those motorists, who have violated the traffic regulations, should pay off a relevant penalty to a traffic police officer right at the place either by cash or by a credit card. In case of refusal to do so, the payout amount appointed in the court, will be increased by several times. As the judge will most likely deliver the verdict of an additional penalty for customs services.

If a motorist decides to receive a traffic ticket, then the penalty value should be paid off prior to the term expiration specified therein.

Speed limitations for all vehicles, including rental motor vehicles

Standard speed limitations within the territory of Austria:

    1. For motor vehicles up to 3,5 tons and motorcycles:
      • up to 50 km/h in any built-up area;
      • up to 100 km/h outside a built-up area;
      • up to 130 km/h is a top speed limit for trunk roads and express lines;
    2. For motor vehicles up to 3,5 tons with trailers:
      • up to 50 km/h in any built-up area;
      • up to 80 km/h outside a built-up area;
      • up to 100 km/h is a top speed limit for trunk roads and express lines.

On autobahns it is recommended to keep a 60 km/h speed limit. If the car is equipped with studded tires, then the speed limit is permitted within the frame of 100 km/h, on other trunk roads this value is permitted only up to 80 km/h.


In most of the Austrian cities the parking is fee-based and time-limited. From Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and on Saturday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM the capital of Austria offers the following rates:

  • parking for a 10 minutes period of time is free of charge;
  • parking fee for a 30 minutes period of time is 1 Euro;
  • 1 hour fee is 2 Euro;
  • one and a half hour fee is 3 Euro;
  • 2 hour fee is 4 Euro.

Parking lots are marked with blue lines. In the vicinity of such lots there are located special shops called «Traffic» where it is possible to purchase a voucher-timer.

If there is a necessity to leave your car for a long time, it is recommended to use the underground garage services (for about 25 Euro per day) or a parking lot for 3 Euros per day.

In case of illegal parking in a forbidden place, as well as exceeding paid hours limit at a parking lot, there will be assigned a penalty of 36 Euro.

Data concerning the admissible blood alcohol level is provided not only for the drivers hiring a car in Austria, but also for all motorists. The admissible limit varies within 0,49%.

If the alcohol level reaches the 0,79% limit, then there is imposed a penalty ranging 300 to 3,700 Euro. In case of a repeated violation, the driver is not only penalty charged, but is also sent to a psychologist whose services cost 200 Euro. Further violations entail subsequent imprisonment.

Traffic regulations

Austria has the same traffic rules and signs as any other country, but some of the rules are extremely stringent. In order to avoid penalties, please, become aware of the following traffic regulations:

  • It is forbidden to use a cell phone while driving a motor vehicle;
  • Using a seat belt is a binding condition;
  • In a motor vehicle there should be present a high-visibility vest, which is used during accidents;
  • Children under 12 years may only be transported in special chairs;
  • It is forbidden to overtake a bus with children if it performs a stop;
  • It is forbidden to perform an overtaking in the vicinity of a railroad crossing.

Traffic Laws

Austria has the same traffic rules and signs, as in other countries, but some laws are much stricter. To avoid penalties, check out some of the SDA:

  • while driving is forbidden to use a mobile phone;
  • seat belt use - a prerequisite;
  • the car must be reflective vest, which is used during emergencies;
  • Children under 12 years old may only be transported in a special chair;
  • It is forbidden to overtake a bus with children, if it comes to a stop;
  • not allowed to overtake in the immediate vicinity of the railway crossing.

Fuel cost

A liter of diesel fuel will cost a driver 1,43 Euro. Payment shall be made by cash or credit card. It is possible to reserve no more than 10 liters at one time.

Toll roads

Before using a motor vehicle in Austria, please, become aware of the following traffic regulations. This country is known for its high level of traffic organization and widely developed highway system of top quality. Still, it is worth mentioning that extremely slow motorists are out of favor here. Once a careless driver hesitates at the traffic lights or in front of a cross-over, at the same very time he will surely hear clangorous horns coming out of the other motor vehicles.

Driving through some of the traces, trunk roads or autobahns is fee-based. Its value, time and number of permitted roads are shown on a vignette. As a rule, such sticker is placed on a wind screen. It is available almost at all petrol filling stations and post offices.

So, it is recommended to get a vignette for the roads, you are planning to use while travelling, alongside with a car hired in Austria. Below there are defined travel costs for a single drive or an entire year usage of the trunk highways in Austria:

  • Felbertauern-Tunnel 95 Euro – one drive;
  • Tauern-Autobahn 10 and 100.50 Euro;
  • Arlberg-Tunnel-Strasse 9 and 95,50 Euro;
  • Brenner-Autobahn 8 and 95.50 Euro;
  • Karawanken-Tunnel 6,50 and 21,50 Euro.

While travelling during the winter season, it is important to consider a probability of some roads closure. Vehicular traffic can be forbidden for a purpose of avalanche danger avoidance. There is also

Indicative rates for car rental in Austria

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