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Economy car rental in Bucharest

Car Hire in Bucharest

Since 1862 the Romanian capital Bucharest is considered – the largest city in Europe with a population of about 2 million. Pers. It is sometimes called "Little Paris" for the abundance of boulevards, verdant, mystical beauty of ancient buildings and modern urban architecture. Geographically, the city spread out in the center of the Lower Danube plains, the climate is temperate continental due to the proximity of the Danube River, a major waterway, the abundance of lakes, rivers, natural sources of fresh water. Bucharest – the largest cultural center of Europe, where there is the Academy of Sciences, the university, a lot of universities and other educational institutions.

Each year, the capital of Romania, visited by thousands of tourists, who are attracted by cozy streets of the city, numerous architectural monuments and museums of world importance. Travelers are always a place for recreation. Gourmet is open cafes, restaurants, pubs, where you can enjoy gourmet cuisine. Local shops, small shops offer a wide range of souvenirs made of glass, clay, wood, made there the master craftsmen. Travel to the capital of the most comfortable in the car rented at the airport in Otopeni, Baneasa, Bucharest city center. Also, the car can be ordered in advance, visit

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Fuel cost rent a car in Bucharest

Romanian territory is dotted with a network of petrol stations, where you can buy unleaded gasoline 95, 98 brands of diesel fuel. There is also a gas filling, in addition, is allowed to carry fuel in canisters. The cost of fuel in the country is almost the same, the prices can be seen in the following table:

Mark fuel

The cost of 1 liter, Ron

Price per liter, €

Gasoline A-98



Gasoline A-95



Diesel fuel






Traffic Laws

  • On the roads of Romania machines move only when the low beam headlamps. For violation of the driver will have to pay a fine of 134 Ron. Fog lights include only during fog, in its absence, the motorist will be punished by 201 Ron.
  • Traveling by car to wear seat belts should be the driver, all the passengers. If the rules are violated, shall be fined 134 Ron.
  • The driver is in the process of movement on the road is forbidden to use cellular communication. Talking on a cell phone is only allowed when there is a headset that frees the hands of the speaker.
  • On the front seat of a car may be carried by a child aged 12 years and above, whose height ranges from 1.5 m and up. younger children traveling alone from behind on the seat equipped with a restraint system.

The speed limit for cars rented in Bucharest

While traveling on the highway, city streets the speed at which cars are allowed to move is indicated on road signs. If the pointer is not, you can focus on the following parameters:

Kind of transport

On the highway, km / h

On urban roads, km / h

Outside the city, km / h





Vehicle with trailer




Auto weighing more than 3.5 tonnes




Violation of the speed limits of the road is punishable by fines, the dimensions of which are listed below:

  • Exceed the speed of 10-20 km / h, will have to pay 134 Ron.
  • If the speed is exceeded in the range from 21 up to 40 km / h penalty of up to 268 ot201 Ron.
  • Speeding at 41-50 km / h will pass a car driver in the amount of 402 Ron.
  • If the owner of the car broke the speed limit by 50 km / h and above, will have to pay a fine ranging from 603 to 1340 Ron.

Allowable alcohol

Moving through the city streets, country roads of Romania driver must be absolutely sober. It is forbidden even the minimum concentration of alcohol, while police regularly arranges checks detain violators. Most often, the patrol can be found near the restaurants, entertainment venues, especially in resort cities, teeming with tourists. Drinker driver will be fined, the amount of which varies from 603 to 1340 Ron Ron.

After paying the fine Inspector picks the right, in special cases, - concludes in a prison establishment. First, a potential intruder test, if the level of intoxication is less than 0,8 ‰, he discharged a substantial fine, then can be deprived of the right to drive for a period of 3 months. When the alcohol concentration greater than 0,8 ‰, in addition to the vehicle owner may be on the court face imprisonment of 1-5 years.

Approximate prices for rental cars in Bucharest

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