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Economical car hire in Dubrovnik

Car rental in Dubrovnik

When listing the most beautiful cities in the world, it is impossible not to mention Dubrovnik, which is situated in Croatia. The architecture is so unique that the city is considered to be the world-class cultural monument being under the protection of UNESCO. The nature of city deserves at least the same attention. Quite picturesque bays, pure and warm water as well as rich flora and fauna are located in Dubrovnik.

Add comfortable beaches, perfect hotels and excellent climate to this list. You will then understand that everyone who has visited Dubrovnik at least once will come there over and over again! However, in order to have a really comfortable rest, it is necessary to take care about the way of movement.

A car is undoubtedly the most ideal variant. Nevertheless, what should you do if you have come to Croatia by plane? An extremely good idea is renting a car straight at the airport. The whole procedure will take just a few minutes, and you will get the car keys. The most correct decision is to take care about hiring a car in advance. In order to do it, you are strongly recommended to use the service

Information for drivers renting cars in Dubrovnik city

Dubrovnik is a typical representative of European cities. As a result, you are unlikely to face up with something out of the ordinary. Drivers are quite disciplined and mutually polite. Pedestrians are careful and do not jump under the wheels like timid hairs. This is why you will get a lot of positive emotions when driving a rental car in Dubrovnik.

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Fines for violations of road traffic regulations

Policemen in Croatia are quite loyal and connive at minor offences. However, it is not recommended to overuse their friendly relation since fines for serious violations of traffic regulations are quite large:

Speeding violation From 50 to 150 Euro
Driving through a red light 130 Euro
Offside overtaking 100 Euro
Unbuckled seat belt 60 Euro
Illegal parking From 50 Euro

Like in many other European countries, in Croatia, foreign drivers shall pay fines in cash.

Speed limitation

Speed rate limitations in Croatia are standard. However, it is not but necessary to pay attention to road signs:

  • The speed cannot exceed 50 kilometers per hour within the limits of population centers
  • The speed cannot be more than 90 km/h outside population centers
  • You can accelerate to the speed of 110 km/h on highways
  • The maximum speed allowed on express roads is 130 km/h

There is an unspoken rule in Croatia. When the weather is rainy and road carpet is slick, all drivers cut down.

Parking in the city of Dubrovnik

Dou you need to leave your rental car for some time in Croatia? All street parking lots in Dubrovnik are divided into three categories:

  • Red zone – a car can be parked here for not more than 1 hour
  • Yellow zone – it is possible to park a car here for not more than 2 hours
  • Green zone – a car can be left in this zone for three full hours

As a rule red zones are mostly located close to the center of Dubrovnik. There is a machine near every parking space. Use such a machine to purchase a parking voucher. Put this voucher in a prominent place in your car. Otherwise, you can find your car with locked wheels. The same thing can happen if you do not leave the parking place on time. Unlocking the wheels costs from 15 to 50 Euro.

Blood alcohol limit

As a rule people who book cars in Dubrovnik come here to have a rest. It is known that people rarely have a rest without drinking alcoholic beverages. However, it is not worth taking to the bottle too much. According to the legislation of Croatia, the maximum allowed blood alcohol level is 0.05 permille.

Otherwise, you will get into a mass of troubles, starting from a large fine and ending by arrest. In case a drunk driver commits a road traffic accident, he will be deported from the country.

Road traffic regulations in Croatia

Road traffic regulations in this wonderful country are not different from the ones in force in other European states. The signs are standard and all information plates are translated into English without any exception. This is why you can easily hire a car in Dubrovnik. You will feel absolutely comfortable.

Although it wouldn’t be superfluous to know a few cases when the police can suspend a person’s driving license for up to 8 days. The cases are the following:

  • Driving a car without glasses or lenses when lenses or glasses are pointed out in the medical certificate
  • Wellness, deterioration and heat
  • Alcoholism

Cost of fuel in Croatia

Only lead free fuel can be purchased in Croatia. It is possible to buy high quality fuel 95 and 98 as well as diesel fuel. Gas filling stations can oftentimes be met in Croatia as well. The average prices for fuel are:

  • Fuel 95 – 1.34 Euro
  • Fuel 98 – 1.38 Euro
  • Diesel fuel – 1.28 Euro

It is recommended to fill the car with petrol within the limits of the city because the prices at the fuel stations located near highways are a little bit higher.

Toll roads

There are quite a lot of toll roads in Croatia. Besides it is necessary to pay for driving through a row of tunnels and bridges. However, the cost of driving here is not so high, and that is why, you will not bear significant expenses.

The principle of paying for the passage is simple. When you enter the paid road, you get a ticket with a mark. Save this ticket till you leave the toll road. Just when you leave the road, the operator will take the payment from you. It is possible to pay in cash or by credit card.

Approximate prices for car rental in Dubrovnik

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