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Economical car rental in Hungary

Car rental in Hungary

Fans of all kinds of spas, natural attractions and high-quality service is worth a visit to Hungary. It is a country located in the central part of Europe. Tourists are expected to magnificent national parks, a lake with crystal clear water, masterpieces of architecture and comfortable hotels in the class "economy."

Hungary provides plenty of opportunities for a pleasant and useful rest. Although it is considered a country of resorts, there are other options on how to spend your time. The best way to see all the sights of Hungary and enjoy them – to rent a car in one of the city's airports in Hungary, whether Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs and others. Also rentals located in many cities of the country. And the main thing – to choose and place your car, please visit

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Rules of the road in Hungary

On the territory of the State made hand traffic. Traffic regulations are strictly enforced, and violations are punishable by severe penalties ,.

  1. Hour dipped vehicle should be included.
  2. In the process of driving the vehicle is not allowed to use a mobile device other than those that come with a wireless headset.
  3. Windshield should have at least 75% transmittance level, front side - at least 70%.
  4. The level of light transmission rear windows has no restrictions.
  5. The maximum width of the strip at the top of the windshield is 100 mm.
  6. Passengers in the front and rear seats undertake to use seat belts (penalized with a passenger not wearing a seat).
  7. Carriage of children up to 3 years in a special fastening system (not place a child seat in the front seat if the airbag deactivated).
  8. Children older than 3 years with an increase of less than 1.5 meters can not sit in the front seat.

Penalties: renting a car in Hungary, check with the local penalties

The penalty system in the country worked out in such a way that the amount of the fine imposed on the driver for payment depends on the extent of violations committed by them, so the table shows the minimum and maximum limits of monetary sanctions. Amounts expressed in local currency, which has the name of the Hungarian forint (HUF)


Fine (HUF)

Over speed

ranging from a warning up to 300 thousand

How to get to the red light

up to 300 thousand

Driving while intoxicated or with inappropriate amounts of alcohol

up to 300 thousand

Talking on the phone

from 10 to 20 thousand

Lack of Seat Belt Safety

15 to 40 thousand

Transportation of children for abuse

up to 45 thousand

The absence of beam

up to 10 thousand

Using only the fog lamps


Improper parking

up to 30 thousand

Excessive alcohol rules

from 150 to 300 thousand + it is possible divestment


Speed ​​Limits

If there are no signs of the Hungarian roads, reports the restriction means on this site are the standard rules for the state:

  • in the city cars can travel at a speed not exceeding 50 km / h;
  • outside the city - 90 km / h;
  • the maximum speed on the highway is 130 km / h;
  • limit for the road - 110 km / h.


We decided to use the services of car rental in Hungary? Discover the peculiarities of local parking.

The long search for the pestle free parking - normal for the central part of the Hungarian cities of occurrence. Leave the vehicle in a non-designated place - is prohibited.

Most of the parking spaces in the country is under the ground - mainly the driver has to make payment for parking. Next to each trade or entertainment center is located parking. Payment is made using special machines installed in parking lots.

Terms parking on ground Parking:

  • from 8.00 to 18.00 (on weekdays), parking fee;
  • outlying car parks can be used free of charge at the weekend;
  • the average cost - 120-400 HUF / hour.

Along the road might meet parking zone - pay attention to the signs: full or partial parking.

On the territory of the suburbs, there are parking lots «P + R», which indicates the possibility to leave the car here at any time.

Allowable alcohol

In Hungary, are serious about alcohol consumption and driving and driving vehicle while intoxicated. The maximum blood alcohol level of the driver, set by the government, is 0.00 ppm. With a minimum allowable deviation from the norm driver fined a certain amount of money depending on the degree of violation.

The cost of fuel

The maximum amount of fuel that can be transported is 10 liters (in cans). In Hungary drivers to use the following fuels:

  • unleaded petrol (95) at the price of 1,267 EUR / liter;
  • Diesel - 1.225 euro / liter;
  • gas (LPG) - 0.719 euro / liter.

Access to leaded fuel in the country is missing.

Toll roads

The length of roads in the state - 160 thous. Km, of which about half is equipped with a hard coating of high quality. Many trails in Hungary are paid. To travel on them is necessary to get a special vignette - in Hungary it is presented in electronic form. Vignettes are on sale in stores and vending machines, their price is determined by the type of transport. Validity for passenger cars:

  • 10 days;
  • 30 days;
  • 365 days.

To drive on the road without it is impossible. If you want to extend the term of the vignette, you can use the designated smoking point. Otherwise, the driver will be required to pay a fine.

To free the roads belong to highway:

  • M31;
  • M86;
  • M8;
  • M9;
  • distance M1-M5;
  • distance M4-M3;
  • bridge between traces 11-2.

The rest of the municipality require the presence of vignettes.

Indicative rates for car rental in Hungary

Estimated cost car rental in other cities

Budapest from 19 euros per night

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