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Economical car rentel in Israel

Car rental in Israel

Israel is one of the top countries by the number of tourists. The tourists include a large number of pilgrims, who come to the country in order to visit holy places, and a lot of fans of beach-related rest. Israel can also boast of a good climate irrespective of the year season.

Israel is the land of promise not only for believers but also for drivers. The country is quite small. It is possible to travel along Israel within just one day. Travelling by car, you will get much more positive emotions than in case of being a member of an excursion group.

The quality of road carpet is perfect, the road interchanges are excellent, the drivers are polite and there are practically no traffic jams. What else do you need for an ideal trip? You undoubtedly need a car! You are strongly advised to rent a car when going to Israel. It is possible to take care of car hire beforehand, using an extremely reliable service Just leave an application, and you be provided with a car at the airport right upon arrival.

Are you going to rent a car in Israel? This will be interesting and useful!

People, who have decided to rent a car, very often doubt whether there are mines on roads or not. These doubts are groundless. It is enough to properly get ready for the trip as well as learn the specifications of road traffic regulations, locations of parking lots and fuel stations.

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  • Fines Information about fines and ways to avoid them
  • Speed limitsMaximum and minimum permissible speed
  • Parking Parking rules and cost
  • Fuel costsAverage fuel cost in various countries
  • Toll roadsInformation on toll roads and rates

Fines for the violations of road traffic regulations in Israel

In Israel, the policemen punish road traffic offenders with fines without any doubt. That is why be careful and try not to violate the traffic regulations. What is more, never argue with policemen if you do not want to have problems with the law.

Speed infringement From 50 to 150 Euro
Unbuckled seat belt 50 Euro
Fog lamps in fair weather 50 Euro
Driving through a red light 200 Euro
Offside overtaking 150 Euro

You will not manage to pay the fine on site. The policeman can only write a receipt. You will have to pay this receipt at a bank.

Speed limitation in Israel

There are speed limitations on the whole territory of Israel.

  • The maximum speed allowed within the limits of population centers is 50 km/h.
  • The speed shall not be more than 80 km/h on highways
  • It is possible to accelerate to not more than 110 km/h on express roads.

Do not forget that these are just general limitations. The construction works can be done on some parts of the road, which means that the speed rate on these parts can change. Therefore, do not forget to follow the information on road signs.

Parking in Israel

There are quite many parking lots all over Israel except for small towns. There two types of paid lots.

  • Hourly parking lots

As a rule, these lots are mainly used for short-term automobile parking. The payment is hourly and depends on the city or town. For example, one parking hour in Elait costs nearly 2 Euro. At the same time, one hour in Tel-Aviv costs around 5 Euro.

  • Daily car parks

If you need to leave a car for more than one hour, you are recommended to look for a daily parking lot. On average, 1 parking day costs nearly 6 Euro.

It is possible to park a car near the road shoulders. However, before doing it, pay attention to the shoulder color in order to avoid being fined for illegal parking.

  • The white-blue shoulder allows parking a car only in case you buy the parking voucher.
  • The red-white shoulder informs the driver that it is prohibited to park a car in this place.

In the event of illegal parking, your car can be taken up to a pound. In such a case, you will have to pay another definite sum of money.

Cost of fuel in Israel

If you rent a car in Israel, remember that practically all fuel stations work in the self-service regime. You will have to pay for fuel not in cash but by credit card.

  • One liter of fuel 95 costs 1.32 Euro
  • The price for one liter of fuel 98 is 1.43 Euro
  • The cost of one liter of diesel fuel is 1.32 Euro.

Toll roads in Israel

In Israel, all roads are entirely free. There are only two exceptions.

  • High-road 6

The payment for the passage on this high-road is accomplished in the automatic regime. The speed cameras fix the number boards of all passing cars without any exception. After that, the receipts are sent to the drivers’ homes. In case you drive a rental car, the fine will come to the company, and you will have to pay it.

  • Tunnel in Haifa

The payment for driving through a tunnel is accepted in cash at the entrance.

Israel can boast of perfect roads, understandable junctions and practically entire absence of traffic jams! What else is necessary for ideal travel?

Sample prices for car hire in Israel

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