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Car rental in New Delhi

Car hire in New Delhi

The capital of India is considered one of the districts of Delhi, New Delhi, rebuilt in the last century in the project plan, which developed the English architect Edwin Lanches. The total area occupied by the cultural and business center of the country is 35 km 2. At the Old City of New Delhi can rightly be counted among the list of the most ancient cities in the world. Here are located the main administrative offices, centers of India, the broad modern avenues are organically combined with ancient architectural monuments.

Area New Delhi – one of the most densely populated places on the planet. There are large numbers of co-ethnic, multicultural. Because most populous movement in the district is very intense. You can move around in public transport, thanks to the subway, rail, taxi, take advantage of autorickshaw. However, the best option will move the rental car at the airport in New Delhi. Also, you can rent a car directly in the center of the district. The most convenient way to do this in advance, for example, used the site

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Rules of the road when renting a car in New Delhi

Rent a car in New Delhi only if the documents. Be sure to be a passport, driver's license of international standard, the insurance policy. Also available is to be a bank card, for which India is possible to remove the desired amount. Rules of the road on the territory of New Delhi, there are, but locals often allow yourself to move on the road without any rules.

  • If a motorist first enters the streets of New Delhi, it can be somewhat confusing lack of signs, markings, road signs. Local residents do not pay attention to it, however, the employees of the road patrol service there, as in any civilized country.
  • An alien who has rented a car for the first time and hits the streets bustling city, the first few minutes is not alone on chaotic movement of cars in New Delhi.
  • Drivers in the process of moving communicate with each other in sign language using a signal horn.
  • In New Delhi, the bulk of road transport account for compact cars, which quickly scurry along local roads. Many residents moved with motorcycles, mopeds. This is convenient, especially allows to go faster, skipping stops, traffic jams.
  • The priority in New Delhi is considered to be a large powerful transport. He does not give way, leaving little driver passenger transport right choice.

Movement in New Delhi on the left hand side, thus it is necessary to take into account the rule of "right of interference". At busy intersections regulators often work, but to establish order around endlessly darting little cars they manage.

Fines for traffic violations in New Delhi

The driver is required to pay a fine in New Delhi in the event, will be used in the process of mobile communications trip. Also have to pay a certain amount for smoking behind the wheel. In India since 2007 for it is punishable by law. Local traffic lights installed to control traffic. The driver is to monitor the traffic lights, which faces the direction of the route. Penalty on the road can be obtained in the case, if you start to move once on the side of the road came on "stop" signal.

On the roads of the area can be seen quite often "speed bump", marked with road signs. The city, especially the central areas, it is not necessary to accelerate, otherwise you may get a penalty for speeding in the wrong place. When driving on New Delhi should concentrate if there was near a cow. For the inhabitants of India, it is considered a sacred animal. If you have problems, the driver does not miss a cow, it would have to pay for the fine, while others hear unflattering opinion about his own person.

Toll roads

In India, there are toll roads, for movement within it will have to pay 10-30 rupees. However, these tracks feature top quality. Near the small towns, suburban dirt road, walk on it, the more so to find a compromise with the oncoming traffic there is very problematic.

Speed ​​Limit

Moving to rent a car on the roads of New Delhi to develop a rapid speed is difficult. Firstly, the reason for that - the road surface, which is often in a deplorable condition. On the other hand travel at high speed does not allow the flux density of cars, motorcycles.

Typical speeds are publicly and privately exist within the city - about 40-50 km / h. For a city with a quality track, things are even worse. In these segments move at high speeds is unlikely to succeed, the more it is simply dangerous to life.

Estimated cost car rental in New Delhi

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