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Rent a car in Nice

Car rental in Nice

The charm of Nice, pitched on the coasts of the romantic Bay of Angels, has been attracting travellers for hundreds of years. The bottomless blue sky, the endless blue sea, luxury hotels, villas and restaurants on the Promenade des Anglais, the casino lights and shine of show-windows are replaced by the mysterious labyrinths of the narrow streets of the Old Town with tiny shops and stalls. Like a capricious coquette, Nice captivates and charms, it makes you fall in love and turns your head. Russian grand dukes leisurely strolled here along the promenade. The French and English aristocracy relaxed here. Nice inspired new creations; Alexandre Dumas, Stendhal and George Sand all left part of their heart here.

With the first rays of the morning sun, the air of Nice is filled with stupefying aroma of fresh croissants and coffee, and in the evening, like a bright flower, its sweet violets, roses and jasmine start smelling. You can hire a car at the airport in Nice, which will offer you the opportunity to go feel the carefree and exciting life of the French Riviera and see its unique beauty. Our service will help you book the right car on the dates of your choice. We will choose the best deals from leading car rental companies stationed on the French Riviera, and offer the most favourable prices.

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Penalties for traffic offences in Nice

In Nice, police officers have the right to charge traffic offenders a fine on the spot. Cars parked in violation of parking rules are towed away to a car pound at the owner’s expense.

Traffic offences and penalties

Exceeding the speed limit outside the city by up to 20 km/h €68 or €45 if paid within 15 days
Exceeding the speed limit within the city by up to 50 km/h €135 or €90 if paid within 15 days
Exceeding the speed limit by over 50 km/h €1500
Driving with faulty lights €68
Changing the direction of movement without signal €35
Driving along an emergency lane €35
Crossing a solid line €135
Overtaking violations €135
Crossing a red traffic light €135
Failure to maintain minimum distance to the vehicle in front €135
Driving on the left lane if the right lane is free €135
Driving on the oncoming lane €135
No license plates or unreadable license plates €135
Railroad crossing violations 135 евро
Use of video display devices (except GPS) €1500
Parking or stopping in conditions of poor visibility or at night without alarm signals €135
Driving in conditions of poor visibility or at night without lights €135
Violation of child restraint requirements €135
Failure to fasten seatbelt (driver or passenger seat belt) €135
Using a mobile phone without a headset while driving €135
Parking violations €17

Speed limits

There are uniform standard speed limits for vehicles in France:

  • 50 km/h in built-up areas;
  • 90 km/h on country roads;
  • 200 km/h (or 100 km/h with a trailer) on high-speed suburban highways;
  • 130 km/h (or 100 km/h with a trailer) on expressways.

The minimum speed limit on expressways is 80 km/h. In wet weather, the speed limit is 80 km/h outside built-up areas and 110 km/h on highways and motorways. During poor visibility (below 50 m), the speed limit is 50 km/h for all types of road. Having rented a vehicle in Nice with studded tires, you need to stick to a speed limit of 90 km/h outside built-up areas.

There are many radars hidden along highways.


In Nice, it is prohibited to park on the same place for more than a day (unless it is a long-term parking). Parking machines (horodateurs) are prevalent. They accept special credit cards sold at Tabacs kiosks. As a rule, you can park a car free of charge on the streets of Nice from 7 pm to 9 am on weekdays, and on weekends and holidays. At paid parking lots, the tariffs are indicated on the machine.

Permissible blood alcohol levels

The maximum permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5 ‰. When renting a car in Nice, you should always have with you a disposable breathalyser.

Penalties for drunk driving in Nice:

Blood alcohol level from 0.5‰ to 0.8 ‰ €135
Blood alcohol level from 0.8‰ and above €4,500 and a driving ban of up to two years
Refusal to take a blood or breath test for alcohol or drugs €4,500 and a driving ban of up to two years
Drunk-driving accident causing serious injuries €10,000 and imprisonment for up to 2 years

Fuel cost

Unleaded gasoline (98 and 95) and diesel fuel (Gazole) are sold in Nice. Leaded fuel is not sold. It is allowed to carry gasoline on cans. There are also gas stations (LPG) in France.

Average fuel cost in Nice:

Gasoline 95 €1.58
Gasoline 98 €1.63
Diesel fuel €1.38

Toll roads

When hiring a car in Nice, you will need to pay tolls to use certain highways, tunnels and bridges in France. The rates depend on the type of vehicle and the distance travelled. The road toll is displayed on a notice board at the entrance to the toll road. You can pay by cash, credit card or through remote payment systems. There is an A8 motorway passing through Nice with a length of 270 km; the toll is €26.20.

The cost of car rental in Nice, the next date

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