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Car rental in Poland

Car rental in Poland

Poland is a unique country with centuries-long history, beautiful architecture, developed international connections and wonderful nature. Poland is similarly often visited by both tourists and business people. Many people go to Poland with the purpose of shopping, especially the CIS countries citizens.

After arriving in Poland, many people prefer to rent a car. This is because car is much more comfortable than public transport. When driving a car, you will decide when and where to go as well as how long to stay at a particular place without depending on anyone. There is an opportunity to rent a car at every Polish airport. It is recommended to take care of car rental beforehand, using an extremely reliable service Just fill in the application form, and you will be provided with a car right upon arrival.

Are you going to rent a car in Poland? Learn necessary information

It is absolutely not important how big your driving experience is. If you have not driven a car in Poland before, please, pay attention to all peculiarities of the country’s automobile world. If you do not want to face up with problems at fuel stations or illegally park your car, get ready for your trip beforehand.

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  • Fines Information about fines and ways to avoid them
  • Speed limitsMaximum and minimum permissible speed
  • Parking Parking rules and cost
  • Fuel costsAverage fuel cost in various countries
  • Toll roadsInformation on toll roads and rates

Fines for the violations of road traffic regulations in Poland

Like in any civilized country, there is a system of fines for these and those violations of road traffic regulations in Poland:

Speed infringement From 20 to 100 Euro
Driving through a red light 65 Euro
Offside overtaking 65 Euro
Illegal parking 25 Euro
Drunken driving 150 Euro

The policemen in Poland are entitled to accept the payments of fines from foreign drivers on site. However, it is self-understood that they are obliged to write a receipt.

Speed rate in Poland

The speed rate in Poland is very interesting. First of all, it depends on the time of day. Always follow the road signs and textual information in order not to tangle and be mistaken!

  • The maximum speed allowed in living quarters and surrounding areas is 20 km/h
  • The speed permitted within the limits of population centers from 8.00 to 23.00 is 50 km/h
  • It is forbidden to accelerate to more than 60 km/h from 23.00 to 8.00 at population centers
  • The speed must not be more than 120 km/h on express roads.

You should not forget that the policemen are keen on making ambushes with speed guns. At that they often do it in unusual places.

Parking in Poland

It is important whether you are going to park your car in the center of Warsaw or at a small town. You shall do it according to the regulations. Otherwise, you risk getting a fine for illegal parking. By the way, there are a large number of parking lots in Poland.

  • Usual parking spaces

Everything is simple and clear at these spaces. After calling on the car park, you pay the sum of parking to the parking attendant. After that he will show you where your car can be left.

  • Automated parking lots

Such parking lots are most of all met in large cities. The entire self-service is applied on them. After driving on the territory of the parking lot, choose the place which you like most of all. After that, purchase the parking voucher at a special machine and fasten it on the windscreen of your car.

Cost of fuel in Poland

There are a large number of fuel stations in Poland. Please, pay attention that it will be problematic to fill your car with fuel in cities since all stations are located close to the car parks. That is why always follow the amount of fuel in the fuel tank.

  • One liter of fuel 95 costs 1.30 Euro
  • One liter of fuel 98 costs 1.36 Euro
  • The price for one liter of diesel fuel is 1.31 Euro.

You can pay both in cash and by credit card at all fuel stations without any exceptions.

Toll roads in Poland

Unfortunately, the quality of free roads in Poland leaves a lot to be desired. However, there is an alternative, which lies in using toll roads with perfect road carpets. These roads are quite affordable. The average price for diving on a paid road in Poland is 10 Euro. However, the cost of roads can vary. It depends on the car, road length and season.

It is possible to pay the passage on site when you drive on the paid part of the road. The payment is most often accepted by any means. You can pay in cash and by credit card. However, only cash is accepted on some roads. That is why you are advised to have some cash in your pocket all the time in order not to face up with problems.

Indicative rates for car hire in Poland

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