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Car rental in Warsaw

Car rental in Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and a beautiful ancient city with centuries-long history, original culture and fascinating architecture. This all makes Warsaw so attractive for tourists from all over the world. Several million people visit Warsaw every year.

The purpose of visits is not always tourism. Warsaw is a cultural, scientific and industrial center, and that is why prominent entrepreneurs regularly visit this city as well. You can come to Warsaw by bus, by train and by plane. At that the air link of Warsaw with other cities is very good. You need just a couple of hours to reach your destination point.

Whatever the purpose of your arrival in Warsaw is, it is a good idea to rent a car. You can do it straight at the airport after you arrive. However, it is better to take care about the car rental in advance. To do it, you are strongly advised to use the service

Information for car renters in Warsaw

Warsaw is a typical representative of European cities. That is why you will not have to expect any surprises there. However, there exist some peculiarities. As the famous proverb says, forewarned is forearmed. Therefore, before booking a car, get acquainted with a few interesting facts about automobile Warsaw.

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Fines for the violations of road traffic regulations in Warsaw

In Europe, the authorities strictly follow the observation of road traffic regulations. Warsaw is not an exception. Violations of traffic regulations are inevitably punished with fines.

Speed infringement From 20 to 100 Euro
Driving through a red light 65 Euro
Offside overtaking 65 Euro
Offside overtaking 25 Euro
Drunk driving 150 Euro

Remember that foreign citizens who violate the road traffic regulations are obliged to pay fines in cash and on site right after a policeman writes a receipt.

Speed limitation

What Russian man does not like driving fast?! However, do not huff and puff. After hiring a car in Poland, do not forget about speed limitations. If you violate these limitations, it can lead to fine sanctions.

  • The maximum speed allowed in living quarters is 20 km/h
  • It is not allowed to accelerate to more than 50 km/h from 8.00 till 23.00 and 60 km/h from 23.00 till 8.00 in population centers
  • The speed cannot be more than 90 km/h outside population centers
  • The maximum speed allowed on bidirectional highways is 110 km/h
  • You do not have the right to accelerate to more than 130 km/h on express roads.

Polish policemen like making ambushes with speed guns in different unusual places very much. That is why be careful and do not risk for the sake of nothing.

Parking in Warsaw

Parking in a prohibited place inevitably results in a fine. The policemen strictly follow these rules. However, there are no problems with car parks in Warsaw. There are a large number of parking lots in the city.

There exist paid and free parking places. Please, learn whether the parking lot is paid or free before leaving your car. There are two types of paid parking spaces:

  • Automated parking lots

You should effect the payment on such car parks with the use of special machines earmarked for accepting money. One parking hour costs 1 Euro. The price for parking within 1 day is nearly 10 Euro.

  • Lots served by parking attendants

Parking attendants work at some parking spaces. These are they who accept payment and write receipts. The cost of such parking spaces is the same as the price for parking on automated lots.

Whatever type of parking lot you choose, you are obliged to put the parking voucher under the windscreen of your car before leaving it. Otherwise, you risk finding a fine receipt for illegal parking under the windscreen wiper.

Allowed blood alcohol level

Drunk driving in Poland as well as in any other European country is strictly punished. The maximum allowed blood alcohol level is 0.02 permille. Otherwise, a driver’s car inclusive of a rental vehicle in Warsaw will be confiscated. Concerning the fan of alcohol beverages, he will get an enormous fine.

Moreover, if the medical check-up shows that blood alcohol level exceeds 0.5 permille, you will not avoid criminal prosecution. The driver risks being sentenced to up to two years’ imprisonment.

Cost of fuel in Poland

The cost of fuel in Poland does not anyhow differ from the average European cost:

  • Fuel 95 costs 1.30 Euro per liter
  • Fuel 98 costs 1.36 Euro per liter
  • Diesel fuel costs 1.31 Euro per liter.

There is an interesting trend in Poland. Fuel in Warsaw costs 3-4% less than at fuel stations located near highways. You can pay both in cash and by credit card practically at all stations.

Toll roads in Poland

There are a large number of toll roads in Poland. The payment is from 10 to 50 Euro, depending on the distance of the road, type of car and some other factors. Always carefully follow the road signs in order to choose the best route. Then you will always manage to notice that you approach a toll road on time. The payment is most of all accepted in cash. That is why take care about retrieving your money in advance.

Estimated cost of car hire in Warsaw

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