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Economical car rentel in USA

Car rental in USA

Millions of people from all over the world come to the USA every year. It doesn’t matter what is your reason for visiting this country, you will remember this trip for a long time anyway. It is the country with absolutely everything: huge number of world-known sights and natural parks, lots of entertainments and possibilities for rest. You will certainly not deny yourself to feel nice coolness of the ocean or visit the well-known amusement parks, see Niagara Falls with your own eyes or New York City from the sightseeing platform. Another words, almost every person has a dream that can be achieved in the USA.

Travelling in the USA, you will probably don’t limit yourself by visiting only one state or city. You better visit as much as possible. To have enough time for visiting all the places planned, you can rent a car. One can rent a car in the USA directly in the airport. Visit the website to check the best car rental deals and book a good car at once.

Benefits of using bookingcar

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    All details are indicated in the rental terms. There are no fees for credit card processing.

  • Free cancellation & modification

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  • Reliable

    We collaborate only with reputable car rental companies and always guarantee high level of service.

  • Convenient and fast

    You can search through all companies at the same time. You save time since we have already compared the prices, and you only have to choose!

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Fines for violations of driving regulations

First and foremost is: if a police officer stops you, stay in a car, and hold your hands on the steering wheel until they come to you. A police officer checks the documents, tells you what is your violation, and gives you a ticket to pay a fine. You can pay it in any bank or via Internet. Fines are not paid on-site.

Blood alcohol content can reach up to 0,08 ‰. If a driver is accepted as drunk, he is penalized with a large fine, driver's license confiscation or even arrest.

As for the fines themselves, let's give a look at sums:

  • unfastened seat belts - $50
  • overspeeding – $60-500
  • parking in the areas marked for the disabled- $250
  • driving on the roadside - $450

Driving regulations

If you are going to travel a lot in the USA, remember that both fines' amount and the regulations themselves can vary from state to state. Nevertheless, there are standard norms for behavior on the road. First of all, pay attention to the traffic signs. Symbols on them can be duplicated by inscriptions or it can be just inscriptions without any symbols. Speed limitation is written on signs in miles. Such signs are followed by the inscription “Speed Limit”.

Children under 6 years old must not go in a vehicle without special child safety seat. In most states fastening of the seat belts is obligatory for all the passengers in a car. As for the low beam, it has to be turned on all the time irrespectively of the time of the day.

An interesting rule is a prohibition in most states to transport opened alcohol bottles in a car. As you can see, car rental in the USA requires prior acquaintance with the traffic rules of different states.

Traffic Laws

If you plan to travel a lot in the USA, you must remember that the amount of fines, and the rules themselves may vary depending on the state. However, there are standard norms of behavior on the road. First of all, pay attention to the road signs. Symbols of them can be duplicated inscriptions, and can be used only inscription, without any characters. Speed ​​limit on the signs indicated in miles. Such signs are accompanied by a sign Speed ​​Limit.

Child up to 6 years can not be transported without a special child seat. In most states, it is compulsory seatbelt wearing for all passengers. With regard to the beam, it must be kept switched on permanently, regardless of the time of day.

An interesting rule is prohibited in most states to transport inside the car open bottles of liquor. As you can see, car rental in the United States require you to familiarity in different states of the SDA.


Prices at filling stations are given per gallon that equates to 3,79 liters. Prices can vary depending on the state. Filling stations are automatic; one pays with a credit card. In some cases a Russian credit card is not suitable, so go to the cash desk and pay for fuel with cash. Average gasoline price is $ 3,30 per gallon.

Drive toll roads by a rented car

There are a lot of toll roads in the USA. To pay them, one should turn from the main route. There are EZ Pass devices that allow not stopping every time by entering the toll roads and not spending time for payment. The system just reads the data from the e-card, on the basis of which you are issued the invoice. It can be really convenient if you plan to travel a lot by car.

Approximate prices for car hire in USA

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