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Car hire in Atlanta

Car rental in Atlanta from 26 € per night

In the southeastern part of the United States is Atlanta, capital of Georgia, the largest metropolis with a tremendous historical and cultural heritage. Since 2000 until today the city has received a powerful impetus, becoming one of the business centers of the country, the capital of the business world, known far beyond the borders of America. Atlanta is also recognized as a world tourist destination. On its territory there are fascinating attractions: an exhibition of giant pandas in the zoo, a huge aquarium, a variety of restaurants, entertainment venues, which brighten up leisure time is not difficult any tourist.

To travel around the capital of Georgia was particularly fascinating. It is comfortable to rent a car, which can be rented at the airport in Atlanta, the heart of the metropolis. The best option – to book the vehicle before the trip in advance. It's enough to visit the site, liked to reserve a car from home, online. This eliminates a number of problems on arrival, make a vacation in Atlanta truly unforgettable.

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    All details are indicated in the rental terms. There are no fees for credit card processing.

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  • Reliable

    We collaborate only with reputable car rental companies and always guarantee high level of service.

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Parking rules

Parking is allowed on the territory of Atlanta only at specially designated parking areas. Payment is due upon departure, the amount of payment depends on the time of parking on the fact. Choosing a place for parking is to pay attention to this issue. Leave the car can not be in places with signs prohibiting parking.

In addition, the car has no place at intersections, sidewalks, inside tunnels, bridges, roadway, pedestrian crossings. It is forbidden to park in the space reserved for the disabled. Specific areas are always marked with the appropriate indicator, prohibition sign. Violation of the rules severely punished, troublemakers will have to pay a fine of about $ 250.

The speed limit for the hire car in Atlanta

Moving through the territory of Atlanta you need to look carefully at the signs appearing. They clearly indicate speed limits on different road sections. In addition, you can get acquainted with the limitations in the following table:

Fixed rate figures for various segments of the road


In km / h


The miles / hour




Two-way track



For cars with trailer



On Freeway






Living Area



Rules of the road for cars rented in Atlanta

  • Implementation of the rules of movement on the roads of Atlanta is guaranteed to give an unforgettable experience of a trip along the routes of the metropolis. Upon arrival in the US is required to take out insurance, which will deliver a number of contingencies.
  • For tourists traveling on the roads of Atlanta in a rented car should be in possession of the rights of international standard.
  • To transport children up to 12 years on the seat next to the driver is strictly prohibited. The child must be located behind, and in a specially equipped passenger seat with a child restraint.
  • On the territory of Atlanta has paid and free sections of the road. Which one is to be understood by the driver on road signs, of which there are plenty.
  • If the entrance to the intersection no cars that are allowed to go to the green light, you can make a right turn, even if that area is lit red warning light.
  • When the driver stops the police officer, the motorist is not at all out of the car. Such actions could be construed as an attempt to escape. You can leave the car only if you received permission from the police.
  • Giving bribe workers can not patrol. Such actions will be regarded as a flagrant violation, which would entail catastrophic consequences.

Fines for traffic violations in Atlanta

Penalties in Atlanta quite impressive, their failure to pay threatens sanctions, including imprisonment. Paying violation of the place is not worth it, otherwise, to prove that it was not a bribe the traffic control would be extremely difficult. Wise to prepay a receipt to the nearest bank, using a bank card, cash. For unreliable drivers on the territory of Atlanta we have the following fines:

  • If "lucky" to create disturbances on the road movement of other vehicles, it will cost the driver $ 490.
  • Speeding threatens the loss of about $ 70 and up, it all depends on the type, degree of violation.
  • When the driver, the passengers ignored the use of seat belts. We'll have to pay for carelessness about $ 50-70.
  • The sum of $ 450 to confine the foul drive down the road, if the driver allows himself to go by car to the roadside.
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