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Economical car rental in Houston

Rent a car in Houston

Four of the largest cities in the US state of Texas closes Houston, home to about 2 million. People. Its history is calculated from 1836, since the plot of several thousand acres developed into the largest metropolis, which annually attracts millions of tourists from around the world. The city has a rich historical heritage, is held annually in the country's largest rodeo, collecting a record number of visitors. As much as 3 Houston airport, as there are more than 4 dozen schools, the largest medical center, a variety of financial, commercial and entertainment centers.

To move on the roads of the metropolis most convenient rental car. It can be rented in the city center, the airport them. George W. Bush, airport P. Hobby, located in Houston. Before the trip more convenient to book a vehicle in advance. This eliminates the headaches, delays that occur in case of emergency. The best option to travel to visit the site Here you can chat from home online to find the right car.

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Terms parking rental car in Houston

On the territory of the big city to find parking difficult enough. The best option is considered to be an underground car park, where to find a parking place much easier. Leaving the car, it is worth to remember the slot number, making it easy to find a car on arrival.

Some of the most expensive sites are located near the center of the metropolis. Cost of parking here can vary from $ 5 to $ 15. Payment is taken upon departure from the parking lot, most of the money will have to make in the parking machine. If we talk about the periphery of the Houston and there parking the car owner will cost much cheaper. About an hour of parking in the suburban areas is about $ 1.

Speed ​​Limits

Crossing the territory of the major cities in America highway divided into 3 types:

  • Federal, crossing multiple states.
  • American highway.
  • Highways, be run in a particular state.

This division has no clear boundaries, in fact - formally, but it is worth noting that the quality of the pavement federal highway always on the order above all others.

If we talk about high-speed mode, you can advise to carefully look at the opposing signs. On the territory of Houston a lot of them, and does not necessarily have a perfect command of English to understand what the demand is shown on the sign. This applies to the speed limits, the penalties for which are high in the city.

Rules of the road for cars rented in Houston

  • A serious offense is considered to be driving a car while intoxicated. For violation of the movement on the roads provided heavy fines reaching several hundred to several thousand dollars.
  • Also, sitting behind the wheel of a car in Houston, do not take the transport with a bottle in the car with alcohol. For violation of the penalty, it is safer to transport things in the trunk of a rented car.
  • Local employees of traffic police rarely stop motorists for no reason. If you received a signal to stop, is to comply with the requirements to listen to the charges. Rather, it has been broken some rule, for which he will have to be punished.

Fines for traffic violations in Houston

Paying fines on the roads in Houston at the place is not recommended. With this method of calculation prove that the driver paid the fine but did not give an employee a bribe service will be virtually impossible. Paying fines better cash, credit or debit card directly to the bank. After paying the driver gets in the hands of a receipt, which is considered an official document.

All the prescribed traffic police fines is better to pay in a short time. If payment is not timely entered even one day delay can pay rights. What penalties are awarded? For violation of traffic rules. Fork in the driver will have to break the bank in the following cases:

  • The fine for parking in the space provided for the disabled, is $ 250.
  • If the driver left the car on the roadside on the highway, the police will call a tow truck for an extra charge, forcing the motorist to pay a large fine.
  • Also, penalties are subject to driver, passenger car, which traveled in a car without a seat belt.
  • If the motorist ignored the road sign "Stop", it will cost him a fine of $ 80.

Toll roads

Here there are toll roads, is to make payment to the special point of sale coupons, followed by a drive to the control gate. After the presentation you can move on. Payment can be made by cash or bank card, with a receipt is to keep moving on the path of all toll road.

Moving through the toll stations, is to observe traffic rules. It is usually necessary to run even when there are no nearby police patrols. Check the paid section of the road is clearly recorded by hidden cameras. If there is a violation, identify the culprit will not be difficult. It is enough to stop a motorist in another section of the road, to calculate the average speed of movement with which the vehicle was moving.

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