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Economical car hire in Basel

Car rental in Basel

Basel is one of the largest Swiss cities. Basel is located in the North of the country. This city borders with Germany and France. Thanks to this neighborhood, Basel is the first city on the way of numerous European tourists. Besides, fans of ski resorts tend to come to Basel in winter.

Besides, Basel is rightfully considered to be not only the Swiss cultural center, but also the capital of pharmaceutical and chemical industry. It is not difficult to guess that a large number of people visit the city every year. If you are going to Basel, take care of booking a car. If you go along the city by public transport, this will take you a great amount of time.

You are strongly recommended to take care of car rental beforehand and use a very reliable service Just fill in the application form, you will be provided with a car at the airport right upon arrival. A car will provide you with a lot of advantages such as the chance to save time and entire freedom of movement.

Are you going to rent a car in Basel? This is what you will need!

Even a driver who has many years’ experience can get lost, when getting behind the wheel abroad for the first time. It is necessary to get acquainted with the specific features of Basel automobile world beforehand. In general, the road traffic regulations are the same as in other European countries. However, there are a few minor peculiarities necessary to be taken into account.

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Fines for the violations of road traffic regulations in Basel

Like in all other European cities, drivers in Basel are extremely disciplined. This is an absolutely normal phenomenon. That is why extremely large fines are stipulated for the violations of road traffic regulations. Be careful on roads and do not violate the rules!

Driving through a red light 150 Euro
Offside overtaking 150 Euro
Driving a car on the road shoulder 100 Euro
Unbuckled seat belt 150 Euro
Parking with the working engine 70 Euro

A forei8gn driver is obliged to pay the fine at a bank right after a policeman writes the receipt. Otherwise, you will face up with extremely large difficulties when leaving the country.

Speed rate in Basel

Speed infringement in Basel is considered to be a very serious road traffic offence. Both the policemen and speed guns strictly follow the speed rate observation in the city.

  • It is possible to accelerate to not more than 50 km/h within the limits of Zurich
  • The maximum speed allowed on highways is 80 km/h
  • The speed shall not be more than 120 km/h on express roads.

Parking in Basel

It is not recommended to leave a car in all sorts of places in Basel. Illegal parking undoubtedly results in a large fine. That is why you had better spend some time and find a suitable parking lot.

  • White car park

White car parks are available for everyone without any exception and practically always free, except for the cases when there is special information at the entrance to the park. Parking time is also not limited in the white zone.

  • Yellow and blue car parks

In order to leave your car in a yellow or blue zone, you need to purchase a parking ticket. However, there is no point in buying parking tickets if you have rented a car for a not long period of time. It is better to use paid automated parking lots. One parking hour at such lots costs not more than 1 Euro.

Maximum blood alcohol level allowed in Basel

In Basel, the authorities extremely negatively relate to drunken drivers. However, for example, in comparison with Russia, this attitude can be regarded as quite loyal. The allowed blood alcohol level is 0.05 permille. However, this is not the reason for drinking alcohol beverages. In case you exceed the limit to at least a little bit, you will get an extremely large fine.

  • In case the blood alcohol level is from 0.05 to 0.08 permille, the driver will be given a fine of from 500 to 700 Euro.
  • In case there was a hot party, and the blood alcohol level is more than 0.08 permille, you will the fine whose size is 1000 Euro. You can also be deprived of a driving license for up to 90 days.

Do not forget that the fine is not the highest price for drunken driving. In some cases, the price can be human life.

Cost of fuel in Basel

Filling your hired car with fuel in Basel will not cause any difficulties. There are quite many fuel stations. The quality of fuel entirely corresponds to the international standards. It is possible to pay for fuel both in cash and by credit card.

  • The price for one liter of fuel 95 is 1.44 Euro
  • The cost of one liter of fuel 98 is 1.48 Euro
  • One liter of diesel fuel costs 1.53 Euro

There is excellent news for those drivers who forget about the necessity to fill the car with fuel. It is allowed to carry fuel in cans.

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