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Car rental in Geneva

Car rental in Geneva

Geneva, the capital of Switzerland, is not only one of the most ancient but also beautiful cities all over the world. Geneva is the diplomatic, financial, historical and cultural center. A large number of representative offices of numerous world famous companies and organizations are located in the city. This is one of the main reasons why Geneva is so actively visited by a large number of businessmen.

The city is also extremely attractive for tourists, mainly due to its variety. A large number of cultures have exerted influence on Geneva. Nobody will feel bored when coming to the city since there are a large number of museums, interesting architectural monuments and entertainment centers.

Whatever the purpose of your visit to Geneva is, you are strongly advised to rent a car. A car will give you entire freedom of movement. You will manage to do everything you have planned since you will not depend on the schedule of public transport. It is possible to hire a car straight at the airport. You can book a car beforehand, leaving an application on a very reliable service

Useful information for car renters in Geneva

Geneva is unlikely to surprise a European driver. The road traffic regulations in force in this city entirely correspond to the international standards, and the whole textual information is doubled in English. The level of driver’s politeness is very high. Nobody will move across or bother you with an audio alarm. That is why a foreign driver should also be as polite as possible. You do not wish to attract the attention of policemen, do you?

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Fines for the violations of road traffic regulation in Geneva

Geneva can be exclusively proud of the law abidance and well-doing of its drivers. This trend is achieved by the strict control of order on roads accomplished by the policemen. There are a lot of policemen in the city. That is why you are not recommended to risk and try to drive through a yellow or flashing green light. It is also not advised to be interested in whether somebody has seen that you have run up where prohibited or not.

It is more than likely that you will be noticed and punished with a significantly large fine.

Illegal parking 50 Euro
Ignorance of the ‘STOP’ sign 60 Euro
Driving a car on the road shoulder 100 Euro
Driving through a red light 150 Euro
Parking with the working engine 70 Euro

A policeman will write a receipt for the offender. It is necessary to pay this receipt at a bank.

Speed limitation in Geneva

Geneva is a city with intensive road traffic. That is why it is impossible to strongly accelerate in the day time. Nevertheless, it is necessary not to forget about the existing speed limitations, especially if you plan to go to the country.

  • The speed shall not be more than 50 km/h within the limits of the city
  • It is possible to accelerate to not more than 80 km/h outside the city
  • The maximum speed allowed on express roads is 120 km/h.

Both the policemen and speed guns strictly follow the speed rate observation on the city roads.

Parking lots in Geneva

The fines for illegal parking are quite high. Therefore, never leave your car at a place without learning whether it is allowed to park a car at this place or not. Moreover, it is simple to find a parking lot.

  • White zone

You can park a car in this zone for as much time as you need without any limitations.

  • Blue and yellow zones

In order to park a car in these zones, the drivers should purchase special parking disks. This variant is the most inconvenient for those who drive rented cars in Geneva. It is better to use paid car parks.

  • Red zone

Red zones are exclusively earmarked for service cars. That is why it is strictly forbidden to leave your car here!

Allowed blood alcohol level in Geneva

The blood alcohol level in Geneva must not be more than 0.05 permille. In case your blood alcohol level is higher, you are considered to be in the state of alcohol intoxication. This unavoidably results in a large number of troubles.

    • In case your blood alcohol level is from 0.051 to 0.79 permille, you will get a fine equal to 700 Euro.
    • In case the level is more than 0.08 permille, the fine will be from 1000 Euro. Besides, you will be deprived of a driving license for up to 2 months.

A foreign driver will have much more problems than a local inhabitant. That is why you are not advised to push your luck.

Road traffic regulations in Geneva

The road traffic regulations in Geneva are not radically different from the general European ones. If you do not travel alone, take care of the safety of your passengers. Ignorance of safety measures causes most of the blames from the policemen.

  • Carriage of children

In case you are going to carry a child who is younger than 12 and lower than 150 cm, you are obliged to use a booster chair! At that this chair shall correspond to the European safety requirements. That is why if you have decided to book a car in Geneva and are planning to travel with children, definitely inform the operator about it, and you will be provided with a chair.

  • Safety belts

In Geneva, a driver does not have a right to take off until all car passengers fasten their safety belts. It does not mean whether the passengers sit on front or rear seats.

Cost of fuel in Geneva

The closer it is to the city center, the fewer fuel stations you can meet. Always remember this fact and follow the fuel level in the tank. You can find fuel 95 and fuel 98 at fuel stations. The quality of fuel is above all praise. The situation with gas stations is much worse. There are fewer than 10 stations in the whole city.

    • One liter of fuel 95 costs 1.44 Euro
    • The cost of one liter of fuel 98 is 1.48 Euro
    • The price for one liter of diesel fuel is 1.53 Euro.

You are allowed to carry up to 20 liters of fuel in cans.

Estimated cost of car hire in Geneva

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