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Economy car rental in Cascais

Car hire in Cascais

A few kilometers from Lisbon, Estoril and Cascais is the city, which is considered one of the tourist centers of Portugal. Once a fishing village has today become a busy port, with many hotels, clubs and various places of entertainment. Old Town quarter abound with monuments, exhibits, such as the Maritime Museum, the palace Palacio de Conde de Castro Guimarres, the ancient castle of St. George. Cascais Coast is dotted with beaches, here are located hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and bars.

The city and its coast, attracts lovers of kite surfing, windsurfing and other marine activities. Near Cascais many unique places of wild nature, where you can enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the natural grottoes created by the wind, waves. Travel around the city on foot, by taxi, public transport. One of the options – travel by car, which can be rented directly in the center of Cascais. It will be safer if before going to order a car online Online you can book any car, then – quietly go on vacation, a trip to outlandish places of Portugal.

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Traffic rules for drivers to rent a car in Cascais

  • When traveling by Portugal, the driver can use the existing right to drive, the only caveat - the document should be fully translated into English. If you decide to stay in the country for 3 months. and more is to get license in the local sample.
  • During the trip, worth knowing that the roads of Portugal paid. A trip can be credit card, cash, you can also make the sum over the machine.
  • When on the road visibility is limited, the owner of the car must include daytime running lights. When the fog on the road, use the fog lights, the foul punishable by a fine of 30-150 €.
  • The driver, whose driving experience - at least 12 months., Is the speed limit to 90 km / h even on highways.
  • When the car moves on the road, traveling all participants must wear seat belts. Children under 12 years must be in the back seat of the car, their seat is equipped with a special device to fix the body. Violation of the rules will end a fine, the amount of which varies from 120 € to 600 €.

Fines for traffic violations in Cascais

Penalties for violation of the road, you can pay the traffic control post. Usually in the car of the police have a portable device that serves plastic cards of the bank. Motorists after making sums handed out a check, which is the official confirmation of the canceled debt. The size of the penalty depends on the type of violation, some of them can be seen in the following table:

Type of violation

The fine, €

Burst onto the pavement, roadside garbage


Overtaking is forbidden to maneuver on the part of the road


Turning back the speed when driving on the motorway


Disobedience to signal "stop" regulator


Overtaking other cars on the right


Slow down on the highway and 50 km / h


Moving in the opposite direction in the one-way traffic


The movement of cars at a red light


Stopping in the midst of the highway


Parking rental car in Cascais

Park the car in Portugal can be in places where no special signs, and on the sidewalk, with no markings yellow or red. If you break the rules, it threatens the driver a fine of 30 € to 150 €, often - evacuation vehicle shtrafploschadku. To park your car, there are specially designated for that zone.

You can pay for the parking service workers, buy ticket at the newsstand, make a payment through the parking machine. The average price of 1 hour. parking is virtually the same across the country, is about 0,8-1 €. Depending on day of week, time of day, the parking fee can vary. The difference in the rates also depends on the city where the driver wants to park the car.

The cost of fuel

Petrol stations sell diesel fuel Portugal, gasoline 95, 98. Also, the country is scattered set of points where the car can be charged with gas. The cost of fuel is almost the same everywhere:

  • Gasoline A-98 is 1 703 € / liter.
  • Gasoline A-95 - 1,575 € / liter.
  • GPL - 0,654 € / liter.
  • Liter Gasoleo is worth 1,277 € / liter.

If desired, the driver can pour oil into the canister, providing the car with fuel at a time.

Approximate prices for rental cars in Cascais

Estimated cost car rental in other cities

Albufeira from 10 euros per night
Lisbon from 25 euros per night
Funchal from 15 euros per night

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