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Car Rental in Funchal

In the southern part of the island of Madeira, located in the Bay of Funchal, which borders the Atlantic Ocean. This world-famous tourist center of Portugal, beckoning travelers a warm climate, an abundance of flora and fauna, which has been preserved here in its original form. Exotic streets of the port city – a colorful mix of history and modernity. There are many historical monuments: castles, cathedrals, palaces that are worth seeing. On the slopes grow famous vineyards whose fruit is used to make first-class vintage wines.

Funchal Bay – a pier for cruise ships and international ships, yachts. Explore the surroundings you can harbor due to the funicular cable car, which, rising to the highest point, allows us to see the beauty of the city, the suburbs aerial view. To move through the streets of the resort town is most convenient by car. You can rent a car in the center of Funchal, Madeira International Airport, directly on arrival. The best option – to reserve a car online The application is done in advance, online, from home.

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Rules of the road for cars rented in the territory of Funchal

  • When driving a car on the road with seat belts should be fastened by the driver, all the passengers. For children up to 12 years to be a special restraint system, which is equipped with rear seat. The penalty for breaking the rules is 120-600 €.
  • Driving a car and talking by mobile phone at the same time are not allowed. It is permitted only when the means of communication has a special headset. The penalty for a serious violation of its amount ranges from 120 € to 600 €. In addition, the motorist may be debarred for a period of 1 month. up to 12 months.
  • Fog lights cars are used only during fog. The rest of the time include passing light if visibility is limited, ahead of - the dark tunnel. If any of the driver of a car will be fined from 30 € to 150 €.

Allowable alcohol

Permitted alcohol concentration for drivers of cars in Portugal amounts to 0,49 ‰. Violations have consequences that such amounts are expressed:

The concentration of alcohol in ‰

The fine, €

Forfeiture of driving a period of months.






2 to 24

Greater than 1.2

Imprisonment of up to 12 months.


Speed ​​Limits

On the territory of Funchal there are speed limits similar to those that exist in other cities of Portugal. On city streets is allowed to move at a speed of 50 km / h, for the national highways, the figure is 100 km / h. On motorways you can ride, acceleration to 120 km / h on all other areas - 90 km / h. Pavement on the territory of Funchal is good, but better quality considered high-speed highways. Speeding fraught fine, the amount of which can be seen in the following table:

Indicator overspeed km / h

The size of the fine in a populated area, €

The fine for highways, highway, €




From 21 to 60



From 41 to 80



Over 60-80



The cost of fuel for cars rented in Funchal

Fill the car in Portugal can be diesel fuel, unleaded gasoline. Also, there are special stations that sell gas to fuel cars. Prices for all of the country is almost the same, while the law is authorized to carry gasoline in cans. The cost of fuel on the territory of Funchal as follows:

Type of fuel

The cost of 1 liter, €





Petrol 98


Petrol 95


Parking rental car in Funchal

On the territory of Funchal, a lot of paid parking stations, the cost of services for the use of which varies from 0,8 € to 1 € per hour. The daily parking cost driver in 8-10 €, and in the city there are parking along the streets, but to find space there is almost impossible. When visiting the sights, you can leave the car on the free parking, the same kind of services typically provide a variety of hotels, tourist areas of the city. Terms parking on the territory of Portugal are different, prices vary based on the city, may depend on the time of day, day of the week, even a month. The main provisions of the parking lot following:

  • Leave the car can not be there where you installed prohibitory sign.
  • If the street with one-way traffic, leave the machine is parallel to the direction of movement of the car.
  • Parking is prohibited on the site for up to 25 m and 5 m after the bus stop. You also can not leave the car near the intersection, keeping its distance not less than 5 m.
  • If you need to leave your car in a residential area, this will require the resolution of residents living nearby.

Parking violations punishable by a fine, the amount of which is 30-150 €.

Prices for car hire in Funchal on the next date

Estimated cost car rental in other cities

Albufeira from 10 euros per night
Cascais from 10 euros per night
Lisbon from 25 euros per night

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