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Car hire in Portugal

Car rental in Portugal

Portugal is the second country in the list of touristic “Mecca” of Europe after Spain. The climate here is so relaxing that you can visit this beautiful country at any time of the year. Besides, you are of course welcome to travel along its roads to make for yourself the most complete picture of Portugal.

There is a large number of attractions in the capital of the country, Lisbon. However, the ancient town of Porto, from which name comes the word “Portugal”, is also worth visiting. Upon your arrival to Lisbon you can easily hire a car right in the airport of Portugal, in order not to be constrained by any timeframes. Afterwards — bon voyage! While we will tell you how to avoid possible troubles on the country roads.

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As a rule, the police cars are equipped with portable cash dispensers. So, you can always pay off your penalty sum right in the place. Herewith, you should definitely be given a receipt. If you still stubbornly refuse from payment for the violation, there will be proposed one more way out, which is to make a deposit in size of the maximum amount payable for your violation. Well, if for some reason you refuse from doing even so, then (be careful!) a police officer has the right to withdraw your driver’s license and possible even seize the rental car, taken in Portugal. While the penalty sums are provided as the following:

  • Along the motorways you should move at a speed rate starting from 50 km/h, otherwise you will need to pay from €60 to €300;
  • Driving «against the red traffic light» will deprive driver of €120 to €600;
  • While on the road you should keep the distance between card, because the penalty will be from €60 to €300;
  • Moving along the contraflow lane in a street with the single traffic direction will cost you € 250-1250.

Speed limits provided for the booked cars in Portugal

Penalties for the speed limit exceeding are inflicted in this country depending on how much you have exceeded the speed limit. Besides, the penalties for speed exceeding performed inside a built-up area differ essentially from those performed outside of it.

Speed exceeding Inside a built-up area Outside a built-up area
20 km/h €60 €30
21-30 km/h €120-600 €60-300
31-40 km/h €120 €600
41-50 km/h €300-1500 €120-600
51-60 km/h €300-1500 €120-600

Parking rules for the leased cars in Portugal

In general, your search for the available free car parking spaces in Portugal may become stalled, especially it concerns Lisbon. The streets in the city are narrow, that is why it will be a bit complicated to «stick» your car on free bases. In this case it is better to use a fee-paid parking zone equipped with self-serving, automated devices, while the penalty for a wrongly parked car is pretty high from €30 to €150. At the same time, an hour of safe parking will cost you €1,2. More than that, the parking rules in Portugal are diverse and can be changed depending on several factors. So, it is recommended to be very careful!

Admissible blood alcohol content level

The Portuguese police is quite loyal to the drivers having drunk some alcohol, so you can easily afford one or two glasses of local wine. However, all exceeding this limit will be severely punished:

  • From 0,5‰ to 0,79‰ — the penalty is €250 to €1250 and a driver’s license deprivation for the time period from one month to one year;
  • From 0,80‰ to 1,19‰ — is punished by a €500 to €2500 fine and can result in a driver’s license deprivation for the time period starting from 2 months and durable up to 2 years;
  • In case the blood alcohol level reaches 1,2‰, your driver’s license will be deprived for 3 years and you may even appear in prison.

Traffic regulations

The Portuguese traffic rules are quite standard for the Europe. The main issues are the following:

  • The dimmed headlights should be turned on only in cases of restricted visibility or passing through a tunnel. Fog lights should be used only under the condition of thick fogginess;
  • The children should be transported in special restraints if they are under the age of 12 years and under the height of 150 cm;
  • The safety belts are a must for the passengers occupying the front and the back car seats;
  • The phone talks should be performed only by means of wireless communication devices.

Fuel cost

Besides the permit to transport fuel in canisters, there is a possibility to purchase the lead-free petrol of the 95 and 98 standards in Portugal. More than that, if your leased car requires diesel fuel, it is also available at each fuel filling station. The same also concerns gas fuel. The prices are approximately the following:

  • The 95 standard petrol — €1,57;
  • The 98 standard petrol — €1,69;
  • The diesel fuel — €1,40.

Toll roads

The Portuguese roads and some bridges are fee-based constructions. Herewith the toll payment procedure is quite convenient. It can be performed either by electronic funds transfers or by cash. The express roads are divided into lanes. Some of them are intended only for the municipal transport running. Besides, all the lanes are marked with special signs, which graphically demonstrate the right method of toll payment assigned for each concrete lane.

Estimated cost of car rental in Portugal

  • Ford Ka

    Country: Portugal


    from 10€ a day

  • Ford Fiesta

    Country: Portugal


    from 11€ a day

  • Renault Megane

    Country: Portugal


    from 18€ a day

  • BMW 1

    Country: Portugal


    from 36€ a day

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