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Car hire in Berlin

Car rental in Berlin — Become a guide for yourself!

As we know, Berlin is the capital of Germany. This information could hardly be considered as an unexpected one. Still, we would like to bring in some gay colors by adding several details concerning a matter of car leasing in Berlin. However, we’ll tell more on that later and further. While now let us «have a run» across the main attractions of this city. Using a booked car will surely make the process of sightseeing extremely convenient.

Of course, this is the Reichstag Building, and remnants of the memorable Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Cathedral. Besides the canonical beauty, there are various museums with none of the «classical» orientation in Berlin — for example, Madame Tussaud’s Exhibition, where the wax figures are displayed, and even the Beate Uhse Erotic Museum. All these will be interesting to see personally, without being distracted by unnecessary details. That is why, there is a possibility to hire a car right in the Berlin airport, upon your arrival to Germany.

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Penalties for traffic rules violations while driving hired cars in Berlin

If you have violated any traffic regulation in Berlin, please mind that your refusal to pay the penalty in place can lead to more deplorable consequences — after the police applies to the court, you will be charged dramatically higher sum than it has been stated initially. S0, it is recommended to keep all the traffic rules. Here is the list of penalty figures intended for payment in case of traffic violation:

  • Parking in the pedestrian area — € 15;
  • Infraction of the distance limit between the two cars, depending on the driving speed, may cost you from € 25 to € 400;
  • For the wrongly performed overtaking you will pay € 70;
  • Having driven through a red traffic light you will be obliged to pay a penalty depending on the red light flashing duration. Less than 1 second — € 90, more than 1 second — € 200;
  • The overtaking performed in the forbidden place, i.e. in the places marked with the «overtaking prohibited» sign, will ease your wallet for € 150.

In short, if you are going to rent a car in Berlin, you would better to keep the local traffic regulations. This will allow you not to spoil the vacation impressions.


If you have decided to park your car in the place unappropriated for this, you are most likely to receive a penalty for such violation. For example, by an «unappropriated place» could be called a parking against the traffic direction, or a parking zone intended for local residents. Still, the law-abiding Berliners will be rather displeased if you exceed the prepaid parking timescales. In order to control such «rebels» there are used special automated control devices, which record the parking zone entrance and exit areas. Here are the fine amounts necessary for payment in case of an untimely parking lot leaving:

  • Under 30 minutes — € 10;
  • One hour — € 15;
  • Two hours — € 20;
  • Three hours — € 25;
  • More than three hours — € 30.

At some fuel filling stations it is proposed to purchase a parking disc, which enables to leave your car at the parking zones no equipped with the automated control systems. Such disc should be fixed and visible behind the car windscreen, while it has an indication of the parking start time.

Admissible blood alcohol level for a motorist driving a rented car in Berlin

Of course, it is hoped that when a car is rented, and especially in such a law-abiding city as Berlin is, no one will take alcohol while being at the wheel. Still, being after all seduced by the famous German beer, you are to remember that the blood alcohol level should not exceed 0,3‰. At the same time, if you have not committed any infringement and the alcohol tester shows 0,5‰, but not higher, you are most likely to get away with this, even if you are not a local resident, but just a client of a car rental service in Berlin.

Alcohol level exceeding:

  • Higher than 0,5‰, but lower than 1,1‰ is punished by a fine of € 500. But this is just for a start;
  • The second violation leads to the € 1000 penalty and driver’s license deprivation for the time period of 3 months;
  • The third alcohol limit violation costs € 1500 as well as driver’s license deprivation for the time period of 3 months;
  • Alcohol level higher than 1,1‰ will surely result in half a year jail term and driver’s license deprivation for the time period of 5 years;
  • If your driving experience is less than 2 years, or you are under the age of 21, taking alcohol while driving is forbidden. Completely forbidden. That means the blood alcohol content level should equal 0‰.

Toll roads

There are no toll roads in Berlin and its neighborhood. The only thing to remember is that when driving into the center of the city, it is required to purchase a sticker, indicating an acceptable expulsion concentration of your car. This is due to the fact that Berlin is included into one of the environmentally friendly areas, while passing along the roads themselves is fully free of charge. However, the sticker is a must, though not that expensive – from € 5 up to € 15. In any case, the travel will bring you an unforgettable pleasure.

Estimated cost of car rental in Berlin

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