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Car hire in France

Car rental in France

France is the eternal dream, while our vision of this country has been formed by the Dumas books, Catherine Deneuve movies, and Charles Aznavour songs, where everything is represented in pastel colors, the men are exclusively noble, and the women are charming and mysterious. In fact, the French people are pragmatic enough, as any people of our time. While this helps rather than prevents them from preserving the cultural heritage of their motherland in its almost original form.

France is a pretty large country, which is diverse even from the weather point of view due to its simultaneous location in the four climatic zones. That is why, it is worth hiring a car in a French airport right upon your arrival, and try to have a drive if not particularly along the whole territory of the country, then at least to visit a part of it. While some dreams should come true, even though from time to time. And so that no misunderstandings could interfere with the fulfillment of such dreams, which can easily happen during your trip in a booked car along this foreign country, we have prepared for you the most useful information about the special aspects of the roads in France.

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The penalties also provided for the cars leased in France

The penalty payment system, in some certain select cases, is of pretty interesting nature. Thus, for example, there are several distinct types of violations, which penalty sum comprises only €45 if to be paid off during the first 15 days, and if the payment due time exceeds 45 days, you will be obliged to pay €180. As a rule, such «bonuses» are offered for the minor violations of the speed mode. While in the whole, the penalties in France are quite serious.

Violation Penalty sum
The wrongly performed overtaking €135
Crossing of the «solid white line» €135
Moving with broken headlights €68
Driving along the contraflow lane €135
Absence of the vehicle registration number or its severe contamination €135

Speed limits applied to the hired cars in France

You should attentively look at the traffic signs while the speed limits throughout the whole country are similar, except certain select cases, which are exactly specified on these signs. So, the following restrictions are in force all over France:

  • In a built-up area you should drive with a speed rate limit up to 50km/h;
  • After leaving a built-up area it is possible to take run up to 90 km/h;
  • For the motorways there is foreseen the speed limit of 110 km/h;
  • The speed limit for the trunk highways is 130 km/h.

Moreover, these restrictions are also applied to the wet weather. If it is raining, you should low down the speed to 100 km/h while driving along a motorway, and draw up to 110 km/h at the trunk highways. While the bottom level of speed rate you can apply is 80 km/h.
Also, under the conditions of reduced visibility it is allowed to make speed of 50 km/h, at any road section.


According to the French laws it is forbidden to leave your car at one and the same place for more than 24 hours. You would better use the service of a parking automated meter, which number is sufficiently large all over the country. And a credit card used for a parking fee payment through such meter could be purchased in tobacco shops with red sign plates. If there are no restrictions indicated, you can use a free of charge parking lot for the time period from 7:00 PM to 9:00 AM, both on week-ends and holidays. Besides, the parking zones are totally free of charge during the whole August.

Admissible blood alcohol content level

Of course, it is undesirable to drink alcohol while driving a booked car in France, however, if you cannot be immune to the famous French wine, then one or two glasses will never cause any serious troubles. In this country it is allowed to drive along the roads having a blood alcohol content level not exceeding 0,5‰.

  • If the level is higher than 0,5‰, but lower than 0,8‰ there will be imposed a penalty of €135;
  • The alcohol level higher than 0,8‰ will lead to the penalty of €4500 and driver’s license deprivation for the time period of 3 years. In case of driver’s refusal from examination, the penalty will remain the same;
  • Besides, the scooters and passenger cars’ drivers should obligatory have a disposable breathalyzer in their motor vehicle. This rule is in force since July 01, 2012.

Traffic reulations

French traffic regulations are common for the whole Europe. However, there are several special issues concerning the children’s transportation:

  • The dimmed headlights of the passenger cars should be turned on under the conditions of poor visibility or while passing through a tunnel;
  • The children under the age of 10 years should be transported in a special retaining device. When a child reaches the height suitable for safety belts usage (135-150 cm), it becomes possible not to apply boosters. One more matter, all the children under the age of 13 kg should seat with their back facing the traffic current direction. Also, if a child is transported on the front seat, the airbags should be disabled;
  • Telephone talks performed without a wireless communication device are forbidden;
  • The safety belts should be fastened for the driver and passengers sitting both at the front and back car seats.

Fuel cost

You will not find the leaded petrol in any French fuel filling station. While the lead-free petrol is sold of the 95 and 98 standards. You also can use diesel fuel. It is allowed to transport fuel in canisters. Besides, there are also gas filling stations. The large shopping malls offer lower fuel prices than the roadside stations.

  • The 95 standard petrol — €1,48;
  • The 98 standard petrol — €1,53;
  • The diesel fuel — €1,33;

Toll roads

The toll value assigned for the roads passing in France directly depends on the motor vehicle type, category and the passed distance. Besides, there are several fee-based bridges and tunnels. The payment system is very convenient. It works not only for credit cards and cash payments, but also for the remote payment systems. Of course, there are some nuances. For example, there are different toll amounts for passing through the Mont Blanc tunnel, which connects France and Italy. It depends on the country from which you are driving.

Indicative rates for car rental in France

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