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Car rental in Nicosia

Rent a car in Nicosia from 10 € per day

In the fertile lowlands of the Mesaoria, and a height of about 155 meters above sea level, is spread over the state capital of Cyprus – Nicosia. This city is the only one on the island nation, where there is no direct access to the coast of the Sea, which does not prevent him from being one of the major cultural, administrative and shopping centers. Nicosia is the presidential palace, parliament, ministries. Here are concentrated the offices of large corporations, international centers, the world's leading financial institutions. Nicosia – is both contradictory and harmonious body, which is connected with the monumental ancient cultures rebellious modernity.

The capital of Cyprus is inhabited by about 200 thousand. Man, geographically it is divided line which from north patrolled by Turkish soldiers, from the south – the Greek Cypriots. Nicosia is visited annually by thousands of tourists, which entails a rich history of the region, a lot of architectural monuments, famous throughout the world. To journey through the capital of Cyprus as comfortable as possible, it is worth the trip to visit the site, rent a car in the center of Nicosia. Where this form of transport popular city infrastructure allows free movement, parking, refueling any machine regardless of make, model year.

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Parking leased cars in Nicosia

In Nicosia, a lot of parking lots, municipal and private, both within the city and beyond. However, so many cars that parking space is sorely lacking. Recently, for the purpose of steel to convert site underground shops, gymnasiums, warehouses. The deficit of parking spaces forces drivers to leave the car, anywhere. This situation leads to chaos, so to improperly parked cars there is a penalty. Stopping vehicle to park, only the direction of travel. For non-compliance of the order will have to pay a fine 80-85 €.

If there are markings on the pavement, a double yellow line, to mean stop in this place, the more it is forbidden to leave the car. If a single marking, it means that there is permitted loading / unloading of passengers, but parking is prohibited. It is best to leave the car, paid parking, with specially equipped parking provided free service for disabled people. Those motorists who have no health problems, it is proposed to pay for parking at the rate of 0,4-0,6 € / hour. Billing is virtually the same for all areas of the city, in the relevant week, holidays.

Allowable alcohol

According to Cyprus legislation the maximum allowable concentration of alcohol in the driver's blood - 0,5 ‰. If you violate the amount of the fine depends on the degree of intoxication.

The level of alcohol, ‰

What will happen to the driver

The fine, €

0.45 - 0.49



0.5 - 0.79

Detention officers traffic control


0.8 - 1.25

Detention, fine


1.26 - 1.6



Over 1.6

Payment of the fine by the driver through the courts

The speed limit for the hire car in Nicosia

On the figure the speed limit signs on the driver know which road Nicosia, with the city very much. If the parameters are not specified, are guided by the following criteria:

Permitted movement speed cars

In the city, km / h

In the suburbs, km / h

On the slopes, km / h





Car trailer




Min speed on the highway


The cost of fuel

Filling stations in Nicosia lot, and everywhere the cost of gasoline, diesel, other fuels are practically identical. To fill a full tank preferably immediately as the transportation of gasoline canisters any capacity on the territory of Cyprus is strictly prohibited. Road transport can be charged diesel, gasoline brands A-95, A-98, LPG, gas refills available. The cost of fuel in Nicosia is:

Diesel, €


Gasoline A-95, €


Super Gasoline A-98, €


Traffic Laws

According to the rules of the road that adopted by the legislative bodies of Cyprus in each rented or own car in Nicosia should be 2 stop sign in the accident. If winter comes, mountain roads are allowed to be equipped with wheels snow chains, use studded tires. Practice the use of radar detectors, navigation equipment on the local machine is strictly prohibited. The desire to eat, drink anything while driving is punishable by a fine of 85 €. Dipped headlights on cars must be switched off for 30 minutes. before sunrise, switched on - after 30 minutes. after the sun had set.

85 € will have to pay the driver, if he was careless use of mobile phones while driving the car. Permission is granted to use a mobile phone if it is equipped with the corresponding headset. A fine of € 85 facing the driver, if the inspector noticed inside cars people not wearing seat belts. Laws of Cyprus is allowed to transport children in the car. Children up to 5 years should sit in the rear seat. Children 5-10 years old travel accompanied by an adult, for the seat shall be equipped with a restraint system, the appropriate body weight.

Approximate prices for rental cars in Nicosia

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