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Economical Car Rental in Pattaya

Car hire in Pattaya

Pattaya – one of the best resort towns in Thailand. They come here for a first-class leisure and entertainment. The beaches are beautiful, the sand is clean, but the water near the shore is always muddy. However, this does not interfere with the active forms of recreation that flourish here – surfing, paradayving, scuba diving and much more.

It is in Pattaya, you can look at the best in the world of orchids, of which there are a park. Botanical Garden Madame Nong Nooch, a dolphinarium, an open zoo and oyster, crocodile, tiger and elephant farm – this is an incomplete list of what you can see here. Architectural monuments as such here, but the natural gifts of generous and pleasing to the eye and the soul of its magnificence.

U-Tapao International Airport is 40 km from the city center. If you're used to the freedom of movement, you can simply rent a car at the airport in Pattaya. Make the choice to book a car at a good price to help site

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Rules of the road, which should take into account when renting a car in Pattaya

While in Thailand the right to receive 18 years in rental company may have their claims about the age and experience of the driver. You also need to have an international driving license. While Thailand and signed the Geneva Convention on the rights of national practice is indispensable.

The movement of the left hand side, so drive carefully. You can adapt easier if you mark something wheel on the left (eg, red ribbon) and follow the edge of the pavement, which should also be on the left.

More nuances, which is worth knowing:

  • on the road a lot of open manholes, and at best, their "tag" branch or bus;
  • the flashing lights mean "give way";
  • do not be guided by the flashing turn signals machine that in front of you - drivers often forget them off;
  • Overtaking is permitted only on the right, but this rule is constantly violated;
  • go shirtless smoking, riding in the car is equal to the output in a public place;
  • always have to be in possession of the vehicle registration document;
  • on the road a lot of motorcyclists, so you need to keep track of them in the first place.


Here the road is not so strictly controlled, both in Bangkok and other major cities on the mainland, but still the police works well. Foreigners in the first place penalty for driving in the wrong lane and speeding.

The fines are as follows:

  • nepristёgnuty belt, talking on the phone without a headset, parking in the wrong place - for 400 baht;
  • Riding without a license (this includes the case if you do not international law, but there are national) - 1000 baht;
  • lack of insurance or registration certificate - 600 baht;
  • Riding against traffic - 400-600 baht;
  • driving in the adult form - 500 baht.

Allowable alcohol

The maximum amount of alcohol in the driver's blood - 0.5 ppm. If you stop intoxicated, in the best case you get off with a fine of 20 000 baht, and two days in prison while waiting for the ship's meeting. If as a result of driving while intoxicated driver was the cause of injury or death of a person, the penalty is increased - up to life imprisonment.

Parking for cars, rent in Pattaya

In Pattaya Car parking is no problem, the space is always somewhere there exists. Guarded parking is free at the hotel and restaurants. Without protection you can park your "iron horse" wherever there is no prohibiting sign, or red and white markings.

You can also use the underground parking. They paid an average of $ 1-2 per hour parking. You need to pay on departure on the counter.


Refills themselves a bit, and they all (almost) are on South Street, or the intersection of South and Sukhumvit. Service workers filling machine, you can pay the cashier in cash, credit cards or fuel (issued on the spot and saves).

The gas at the pump is rare. Basically, at each filling station there diesel, regular gasoline 92 and 95, as well as gasohol - a mixture of gasoline and alcohol, which is derived from palm oil. E10 The index means that the composition 10 to 90 percent alcohol and 92% gasoline (green label) or 95 (labeled orange). Indices E20 and E85 show the presence of 20% ethanol and 85% respectively.

How to fill your car with fuel, prompt at the rental desk when they draw up the lease. On average, a liter of gasoline costs 35-50 baht. Incidentally, in Pattaya the cheapest fuel around Thailand.

Indicative rates for rental cars in Pattaya

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