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Economical car rental on the island. Phuket

Car hire on the island. Phuket

Phuket loved by tourists. People come here as a bachelor in search of pleasure and family – rest on the sea and gain new experiences. Small but very multifaceted, Phuket find the key to the heart of every traveler. Patong is famous for e very nice beach, but the ideal playboy, revelers and fans of nightlife. For those who love not only good for a walk at night, but also an active rest – for example, riding a surf – suitable vacation in Karon Beach. If you are tired of the madding crowd, even if you want to change the sound of silence nightlife – you can get to the Kamala beach. Here everyone can find peace and privacy.

Talk about Phuket can be long, but it is worth to compare everything and feel the skin. The best way to move have their "four-wheel drive." The Phuket International Airport rent a car. Or agree in advance – and then selected cars will be waiting for you upon arrival, where necessary. Although car rental is expensive pleasure, but it can significantly reduce costs by booking a car in advance. This service will help every traveler

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Features of the road on Phuket, which is worth knowing if you take a car

Drive the car in Thailand 18 years old, but foreigners may be brought against other requirements, which should know, negotiating a lease car. Although the country has signed the Geneva Convention, it is required to have a driver's license of international standard.

Traffic on the island of Phuket the left. A lot of motorcyclists and scooter drivers - even more than on the mainland. Movement relaxed and chaotic. More expensive service is not as strict as in the capital or other large cities, as fines lower, so the drivers are much more likely to break the rules.

Note the main features of the motion to Phuket:

  • Here is the rule "a hindrance to the left";
  • Overtaking is permitted only to the right;
  • Pedestrians cross the road often begin spontaneously or wrong, so be oriented more on the environment than the rule;
  • Riding behind the wheel with undisguised torso is an offense;
  • at the roundabout advantage of those machines that are on the ring;
  • include lights in the rain necessary;
  • often no signs on the road, be guided by the situation;
  • Be careful, as the driver in case of failure can not put special characters, and manage a branch or a stone;
  • the same applies to the open manhole, which also mark the branches or tires;

Speed ​​Limits

If you are not quite comfortable with left-hand traffic and the characteristics of local roads, it is not recommended to travel more than 40 km / h. Generally constraints are as follows:

  • in the village - 50 km / h;
  • outside the settlements - 90-100 km / h;
  • motorways - 120 km / h.


The average fine in Phuket - 500 baht (about $ 15). Of the fine for speeding, driving in adult form, nepristёgnutye belts and talking on the phone. In the latter two cases, you can usually negotiate a 200-300 baht fine on the spot. In other cases, the driver issuing of receipts to be paid in the nearest police station. After paying the fine, the traffic service, which imposed the fine, return the driver to the right. Unusually severe belong to drunk driving - you could end up not only a fine but a prison for life.

The cost of fuel

Many gas stations, you can usually pay in cash or by credit card. A liter of fuel costs about 1.3 dollars. Local fuel - gasohol - is somewhere in the third cheaper, about a dollar per liter. Gasohol - a mixture of gasoline and ethanol, which is derived from palm oil. Sometimes it is two kinds: 91 (green) and 95 (orange). To fill the car with green gasohol is not recommended.


With parking is usually no problem: all the hotels, shopping malls, clubs and restaurants have their own parking spaces for customers. Paid parking (open and closed) are an average of 1-2 dollars per hour of parking. Leave the car rented in principle possible wherever there is a white and red stripes or prohibiting signs. The main indicator - the presence of motorbikes. If they are left somewhere, it means exactly is allowed to park here.

The estimated cost of the rental car on the island. Phuket

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