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Economical car hire in Barcelona

Car rental in Barcelona

Barcelona is the tourist heart of Spain. This old city amazes guests with the beauty of its narrow streets, the majesty of monumental sculptures, the originality and elegance of its architecture that has survived since the days of the Roman Empire. The original, unique and daring capital of Catalonia has always attracted people with a keen sense of beauty and infinite creativity. Barcelona is a city of writers, architects, artists, conquerors and traders. Barcelona inspired Picasso and Dali, and captivated the ingenious creations of the great Antoni Gaudí. This famous tourist hub offers a mysterious and fascinating atmosphere of the majestic Gothic and a defiant Art Nouveau style.

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Penalties for traffic offences in Barcelona

Foreign nationals renting a car in Barcelona and violating traffic rules are required to pay on-the-spot fine, otherwise the vehicle will be confiscated until the fine has been paid.

Traffic offences and penalties

Parking in the wrong place €100
Parking in areas reserved for the disabled €200
Drunk driving €500
Refusal to take a blood or breath test for alcohol or drugs €500
Failure to fasten seatbelt (passenger or driver seat belt) €200
Transporting a child of up to 3 years old without a restraining device €200
Transporting a child under 12 years old in the front seat €100
Using a mobile phone without a headset while driving €200
Speeding €100 to €500
Violation of traffic rules (overtaking, changing direction, etc.) €200

Speed limits

There is a speed limit of 50 km/h for all motor vehicles moving within the city. On country main roads and motorways, the maximum speed limit is 120 km/h; on highways 100 km/h; on autonomous highways 90 km/h. The minimum speed on expressways is 60 km/h. In suburban highways to the south, the speed limit is established depending on the current traffic situation. Drivers are notified through special electronic boards.


Parking rules in Spain vary depending on the day of the week, time of day, type of vehicle, and other factors. When renting a car in Barcelona, please note that it is prohibited to leave your car in some parking lots during working hours. To park in a blue zone (for tourists), you will need to buy the appropriate coupon from a vending machine.

Parking spaces are rare in Barcelona. If you cannot find a parking place, you can make use of underground parking. At the entrance to an underground parking territory, there are boards indicating whether there are available parking spaces (Libre) or not (Completo). You pay for parking when leaving the car park.

Some areas are equipped with signs featuring a tow truck. It means that any vehicle illegally left at the parking lot will be towed to a car pound. At the site where the car was parked, there will be sticker with information and contact details about where your car has been taken to.

Permissible blood alcohol levels

The maximum permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5 ‰ for drivers with more than 2 years of driving experience and 0.3 ‰ for drivers with less than 2 years of driving experience. Exceeding these levels incurs severe penalties.

Fuel cost

When renting a car in Barcelona, you can carry no more than 10 liters of fuel in cans. There are several filling stations in the city selling unleaded gasoline 95 and 98. Leaded fuel is not sold. There are also several gas stations (LPG) called Autogas. Most stations work round the clock automatically without any personnel. You can pay for fuel by credit card.

Average fuel cost in Barcelona:

Gasoline 95 € 1.48
Gasoline 98 € 1.59
Diesel fuel € 1.40

Toll roads

There are several tool roads in Barcelona. Some parts of city tunnels are also chargeable. The fare differs and depends on the following criteria:

  • vehicle category;
  • time of year;
  • time of day;
  • distance the car will travel;

Depending on these conditions, the fare may vary from 3 to 35 euros.

Country roads leading from Barcelona are also chargeable:

  • A-7, connecting the Mediterranean Route to France and providing access to the tourist centers of Costa Brava and other regions in Giron.
  • A-2, connecting Zaragoza (Aragon) to Bilbao and Madrid (Basque Country).

Estimated cost car rental in Barcelona

  • Ford-Ka

    Sity: Barcelona


    from 5€ a day

  • Volkswagen-Polo

    Sity: Barcelona


    from 20€ a day

  • Puegout-308

    Sity: Barcelona


    from US 21€ a day

  • Audi-A4

    Sity: Barcelona


    from 59€ a day

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