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Car rental in Ibiza

Car leasing in Ibiza: the main recommendations

The most popular resort in Spain is rightfully considered to be the island of Ibiza. This is the true archipelago of club music. The young people from all over the world come here for love of nightlife and good rest. The trendiest world DJs will never make you bored here. Each summer the whole island resembles a club arena filled with active vacationers. The beach line is the main and the most favourite place for all tourists in Ibiza. Here there are lots of possibilities for getting engaged into water kinds of sport or simply to have a walk along the coast line admiring the pine forest. Cyclists can safely move to the preserved zones of the island. Especially for the extreme people there exist boats and even parachutes rental zones.

It is always possible to get away from the «wakeful» Ibiza, having a car drive deep inside the island. Those places are sure to meet its visitors with pure nature beauty, picturesque places and real relaxation areas. You can get there only by a car rented in Ibiza. The booking procedure should be accomplished beforehand. While during the height of the season it will be almost impossible to find a free car. All the motor vehicles will be hopelessly occupied by snappy tourists. It will take you only several minutes to visit the web-site and hire a car in the airport of Ibiza.

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Penalties for the traffic regulation violations while driving a car leased in Ibiza

Despite the fact that the attitude to the island tourists is rather loyal, the penalties for the violation of traffic regulations by foreigners driving a car rented in Ibiza are quite high. The peace on the roads is strictly protected by the local police, and cameras are installed almost at any sector of the Ibiza roads. So, you will hardly manage to escape unnoticed.

  • Speed exceeding – from 100 Euro
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol – 500 Euro
  • Illegal parking – from 100 Euro
  • Disuse of a safety belt – 200 Euro
  • Cell phone usage while driving – 200 Euro
  • Absence of a special chair for children transportation – 200 Euro
  • Violation of traffic regulations while driving – 200 Euro.

All the penalties are to be paid by cash right in the place where the road police officer has stopped your car stated the fact of violation. Otherwise, the car will be seized. It will be returned to its owner only after the full penalty sum is paid off.

Speed limits

In most of the cases all the prevailing traffic regulations in Ibiza are similar to the Russian traffic rules. That is why, the speed limits also exist here. If the driving is performed along the motorway, the speed limit should be kept within the frame of 120 km/h. Besides, it is important not to make the speed level lower than 90 km/h. Cities and other built-up areas have the speed limit of 60 km/h, and sometimes even lower than that. The thing is that the pedestrians in Ibiza do not consider it necessary to look at the road while crossing it. So, in order to avoid an accident, it is better to perform a slow driving.

Car rental in Ibiza: parking rules

In summer it may become rather difficult to find a vacant parking slot. First of all, there are not so many parking zones here. That is why, while putting your booking order for a car in Ibiza, it is better to give preference for the petite cars.

There are specially marked fee-based parking zones in the island. The blue marking usually indicates such places. After leaving your cat at such parking lot, it is obligatory to find a parking meter device, which will give you a parking coupon. The coupon should be placed then at the most visible place of your car windscreen. The fee-based parking lot is available for exactly the same time period, you have paid for at a parking meter. This matter is always controlled by patrol officers.

At weekends the fee-based parking zones become free of charge. Besides, every day after 10:00 PM, drivers can park their hired cars on free of charge bases.

Parking in Ibiza is forbidden in the following cases:

  1. There is an inscription «VADO» in front of the parking place;
  2. There is the «No Parking» sign;
  3. There is the yellow marking (1 or 2 stripes) on the road.

The car can be stopped at any place only for several seconds. Just do not forget to turn on the warning lights.

Admissible alcohol limit

It is strictly forbidden to drive a car in Ibiza while under the influence of the alcohol, even in spite of the fact that this place is a resort of fun and unique alcoholic drinks that are simply flowing like water here. There are no derogations here for foreigners, using a car booked in Ibiza.

The top limit comprises 0,8 per mille of alcohol. It equals to 500 ml of beer or a glass of tasty Spanish wine (about 250 ml).

Traffic regulations

The traffic in Ibiza is rather calm. The main advantage is that the traffic here is quite common, that is right sided. All the roads have special marking and necessary road signs. You should necessarily abide by all the rules while driving; otherwise, a penalty will be imposed.

All children under the age of 14 should be transported only at the back seat of a car. All the passengers as well as the driver himself are obliged to use the safety belts.

In case of a road accident, you should call a police station. In order to avoid any misunderstanding please ask for an interpreter.

Fuel cost

If you use a car leased in Ibiza, you should purchase a road map by all means. Most of them even show the places with fuel filling stations. Such stations are opened from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Sunday is a day off, as well as the fiesta time. So, it is recommended to have a small reserve of fuel in the car.

  • 1 liter of diesel fuel costs 0, 98 Euro.
  • 1 liter of petrol costs 1,4 to 1,6 Euro.

Most of the fuel filling stations work on self-service conditions. At first you fill the car and only then pay for the fuel. The fuel names at all fuel filling stations are written in Spanish. If it is difficult for you to understand, which type of fuel you should take, it is better to ask the station’s operation personnel for help.

Indicative rates for car hire in Ibiza

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