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Car hire in Girona

Car rent in Girona: the luxury of Spain

Luxurious Girona is one of the most ancient cities in Spain. The local quarters preserve the memory of all medieval events that once took place here. Many travelers come to Girona in order to visit the famous artist Salvador Dali museum. Here you can wander around the historic center, admire the ancient buildings and constructions, taste national dishes in elegant and cozy restaurants, and see firsthand the city wall, once erected in this very place far back in the 9th century.

You can start your trip around the city by car. All you need is just to use the service of car renting in the airport of Girona, and make it the starting point for your travel. Especially since the airport is located only in 12 km distance from the ancient city. You can place your order right now directly on our web-site. Here you can not only select the suitable dates for your staying in Girona, but also significantly spare your funds, while this web-site is free from extra charges.

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Speed limits

Motorways leading to the city have fixed speed limit of 120 km/h. If to move along the expressway by a car hired in Girona, it is required to keep speed within the frame of 90-100 km/h. While a top speed limit for in-city driving cannot exceed 50 km/h.

Violation of either from these regulations will cause a penalty. Such penalty is obligatory to be paid in place, while this is the only way to escape your car seizing. Even if there is a lack of cash in the pocket, the police officer is ready to escort the offender to the nearest cash dispenser. After the penalty is paid off, the state office provides you with an officially issued document.

If a foreigner at the wheel of a car booked in Girona does not have a possibility to pay out the penalty for a speed mode violation, the motor vehicle will be sent to the penalty parking. As a result, both traffic penalty and parking fee should be paid.

Parking rules necessary to know while hiring a car

Depending on the day of week and the time of day, parking in Girona works in this or that mode. So, from Monday through Friday it works from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM and from 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM costing about 1,5 Euro per 1 hour. The time period from 2:00 PM to 16:30 PM is totally free of charge. On Saturdays you will have to pay for parking during the time period from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. While on Sundays and public holidays all fee-based parking zones are working on free of charge basis.

It is almost impossible to find a vacant parking zone for a car rented in Girona. They are occupied almost all of the time. Meanwhile, it is important to remember that parking should be accomplished exactly in those places, which are initially for this permitted. All such places are marked with a white square sign showing the «Р» letter on it. A similar sign, but with a struck out letter, indicates that this place is forbidden for parking.

A parking coupon is available for purchasing at any news stall or in a special device located in the vicinity of the parking zone. Parking should be paid beforehand and a coupon is to be placed on a windscreen from inside of the car, so that a police officer could easily see it.

Yellow marking on the city roads is a real guide for all people using a car leasing in Girona, indicating places prohibited for parking. Violation of this rule is a straight way for staying without a car, as it will be evacuated right to the penalty parking zone.

Admissible blood alcohol limit

The uniform standard for admissible blood alcohol limit while driving has been adopted in the whole Europe (and Girona city is not an exception). This limit equals to 0,5‰. This requirement regards all drivers with a car driving experience starting from 2 years.

If the driver’s license was issued less than 2 years ago, it causes the implementation of more stringent rules. The blood alcohol content limit for such drivers should not exceed 0,3‰ during the driving process.

For violation of these rules, after their examination, the police officer has the right to demand from the offender the execution of penalty payment in the amount of 500 Euro. The same penalty is foreseen for the case of refusal of consent to pass a blood alcohol content test.

Fuel cost: to keep in mind for those who have decided to rent a car in Girona

There is a sufficient amount of fuel filling stations in Girona. Nevertheless, every driver, hiring a car in Girona, is recommended to have a small petrol canister in the car. The permissible volume limit of such canister is 10 liters.

Today the fuel price in Girona differs from 1,3 to 1,509 Euro per 1 liter. Diesel fuel is also available in the fuel filling stations. It is sold at the cost of 1,4 – 1,414 Euro per liter. In case of a gas filling necessity, there is a number of gas filling stations in the city, but not that big.

Toll roads

There are not so many toll automobile roads in Girona:

  • Е-15/АР-7, stretching to the southern part of Spain.
  • С-25, connecting Girona city with the airport.

Still, you can avoid toll payment, having chosen the N-II road. While the toll roads are more likely to provide drivers with the fastest way to the destination place. The toll amount differs from 6 to 40 Euro. All depends on the distance covered and the time of day.

As soon as a driver gets to the toll road sector, he should take a ticket, and when leaving such sector, this ticket should be inserted into a special device. The payment is accepted either by cash or by a bank


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