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Economical car hire in Germany

Traveling in a rented car through Germany - Only the best impressions

Germany – this country impresses travelers by its beauty. Rigorous and majestic architecture of the ancient buildings competes in its beauty with the contemporary skyscrapers. Hills and lakes, forest paths and country roads, inviting for a drive – all these will be available if to rent a car right upon the arrival to the airport of any German city. It is also possible to study the rental rates, select and book a car beforehand at the web-site.

You are welcome to hire a car, while the best and the most amazing journey out of all imaginable awaits for you here. Germany will present you its beauties, open the doors of the best restaurants serving the famous beer brands, please you with its carnivals, solemn processions, and reveal its cozy countryside, full of original charm.

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Penalties necessary to be aware of while using the services of car rental in Germany

  • aViolation of traffic regulations during the transportation of one child – 40 Euro, more than one child – 50 Euro;
  • Disuse of safety belts – 30 Euro;
  • Illegal parking – from 15 to 40 Euro;
  • Distance neglecting – from 25 to 400 Euro;
  • Wrong overtaking – from 70 to 150 Euro;
  • Drive against the red traffic light – 200 Euro;
  • Racing along the public roads – 400 Euro.

It is important to know that when using a hired car in Germany, you can refuse from penalty payment. At the same time, if the case will be forwarded to the court, the penalty sum will be significantly increased.

Speed limits

Passenger cars (without trailer):

  • Within the built-up area – 50 km/h;
  • Outside the city (or any other built-up area) – 100 km/h;
  • Motorway – 130 km/h (recommended).

Cars with trailers:

  • Within the city boards (any built-up area) – 50 km/h;
  • Outside any built-up area – 80km/h;
  • Autobahn – 80 km/h.

The lowest speed allowed for the motorways is 60 km/h, but for those cars equipped with snow chains the speed limit is decreased up to 50 km/h.

Leased cars parking and not only

Most of the German cities have «prohibited areas» for parking. It is strictly forbidden to park your car at such places. Besides, it is restricted to park your car against the traffic direction. The signs “Anwohnerparken” and “Anliegerfrei” indicate that parking here is allowed only people who live in this street.

Some parking zones require a special «parking disc». It is available at any fuel filling station and should be fixed at the inner side of the windscreen, showing the exact time of car stopping (upon the arrival to a parking zone).

Parking areas, marked with a “Parkschein” sign, require tickets or plastic coins, which are available in the entering zone. These coins are used in order to pay for the entire parking time before leaving the parking station. A nearby standing automated device will help you to accomplish this task

  • Up to 30 minutes – 10 Euro;
  • Up to 60 minutes – 25 Euro;
  • Up to 120 minutes – 20 Euro;
  • Up to 180 minutes – 25 Euro;
  • Over 3 hours – 30 Euro.

If you need a longer parking time, please look for free of charge parking lots. They are marked with white stripes. It is allowed to park your car there up to 48 hours.

Admissible blood alcohol level

The maximum permissible dose is 0,3%.

If the blood alcohol level ranges from 0,3% to 0,5%, but the driver has not violated any other traffic rules, there will be no punishment. The level exceeding 0,5% provides for a 500 Euro penalty, the repeated violation results in a 100 Euro penalty and driver’s license deprivation for 90 days. The same amount of alcohol along with the third repeated violation means a 1500 Euro penalty, and driver’s license deprivation for 90 days.

Blood alcohol content level of 1,1% and higher: penalty, license deprivation up to 5 years and possible arrest.

For those drivers, whose driving experience is less than 24 months and age is under 21years, the level of blood alcohol content should not exceed 0,00%, otherwise, there will be implied a penalty of 250 Euro.

Traffic regulations

While choosing a car leasing office in Germany, please study the most important traffic rules, in order not to spoil your vacation.

  1. Dimmed headlights are recommended to be used all the time. They are obligatory under condition of precipitations and poor visibility. Driving only with sidelights is prohibited.
  2. Children under the age of 12 can travel by car only in special child restraint systems, selected strictly in accordance to their weight. If there are no safety belts in the car, it is inappropriate for transportation of children under the age of 3 years.
  3. Safety belts usage is obligatory for all passengers, no matter whether they occupy front or back seats.
  4. Using of a cell phone while driving is forbidden, unless it is equipped with a special hands-free system.

Fuel cost

Before hiring a car in Germany, make sure that it is suitable for the usage of Е10 petrol, which is widely popular in this country. Besides this type of fuel, the fuel filling stations sell petrol of the 95 and 98 standard, as well as diesel fuel. You will hardly be offered anything else. But you are allowed to have a reserve canister of petrol in your car.

Approximate prices:

  • The 95 petrol – 1, 51 Euro;
  • The 98 petrol – 1,58 Euro;
  • Diesel fuel – 1,38 Euro.

Toll roads

The country does not have toll motorways; the price is provided only at the entrance point to the center of several cities (marked by the «Umweltzone» sign) and also at the entrance to 2 tunnels. But there also exist so called «ecological zones». They are marked by relevant signs. Only the cars, fitted out with special stickers, are allowed to enter such zones. The sticker price differs from 5 to 15 Euro. It can be purchased in the technical inspection centers or in certified garages.

Sectors with special payment:

The Warnow tunnel – the access price is:

The axel height The number of axels Car type TAG SMART Winter period (01.11-30.04) Summer period (01.05 – 31.10)
Over 2,05 m 2 Passenger cars, motorcycles 2,36 Euro 2,90 Euro 3, 60 Euro
Over 2,05 m 2 Trailers, minibuses 2, 93 Euro 3, 40 Euro 4, 60 Euro

In case of an automated fee payment device absence, you can use only 2 or 3 lanes for driving.

The Herrentunnel tunnel – the access price is:

The axel height The number of axels Car type Quick-Box Travel Pass Cash
Over 1,3 m No limits Passenger cars, with trailers, motorcycles 1.20 Euro 1, 40 Euro 1, 50 Euro
Over 1,3 m 2 Trucks, buses, vans 2,30 Euro - 2, 70 Euro

In order to pay for the pass, please use the two right side lanes, the next to them two lanes are intended for payment by coins in an automated device. The last lane is for the usage of automated fee payment devices.

The Rossfeldpanoramastrasse panoramic road is opened all year round. The entrance cost is the following:

  • a family ticket by a passenger car – 7 Euro;
  • one driver – 5 Euro;
  • one adult passenger – 2 Euro;
  • children from 4 to 12 years old – 1,30 Euro;
  • a motorcycle (with a driver and a passenger) – 4 Euro.

Approximate prices for car rental in Germany

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