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Car rental in Palermo

Car rental in Palermo

A traveler, who for at least once in his life has been to Palermo, will dream of returning here again and again. The especially strong impressions are typical for those tourists, who have rented a car in Palermo on the web-site.

Visiting the capital of the Sicily Island – Palermo is an amazing opportunity to admire not only the splendor of the natural heritage, but also to plunge into in the cultural life of Italy. The events related to the theatre goings should be obligatory included into the touristic road maps.

Car renting in Palermo will not only allow you to comfortably perform excursion tours through the city, but also to obtain a possibility of travelling to other cities of Italy. Having booked online a car in the airport of Palermo, you can easily get to Ragusa, Milazzo, Messina, Venice, Catania, Naples, Trapani, Agrigento, Reggio Calabria, Trieste, Rome, and Turin.

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Penalties for the traffic rules violation in Palermo

Standard speed limits on the motorways of Italy do not allow fans of fast driving to take run with impunity. Speed limit exceeding is one of the most common types of penalty in Palermo.

You should also pay high attention to the mode of parking zones operation. Violation of the parking zone work schedule leads to the severe penalties.

The fines are assigned in cases of standard violations, such as: exceeding of the blood alcohol content level, talks on a cell phone while driving, violations while children’s transportation, as well as the disuse of a safety belt.

The penalty will increase threefold for the more serious violation performed during the night time (the time period from 10.00 PM to 07.00 AM).

The Italian legislation provides for the possibility of penalty payment to the police officers directly in place of traffic violations. If the offender does not agree with the police decision, the case may be revised within the frame of the judicial proceedings. However, if the violation is adjudicated, there will be adjudged the maximally admissible amount of penalty, usually it is four times higher than the initial possible sum.

Car hiring in Palermo – speed limits

Speed limitation is a separate article of the traffic regulations, which supposes a strict compliance with the speed moving norms, including those performed under the especially complicated conditions.

So, while driving along the motorways under the standard conditions, the speed limit will equal to 130 km/h. At the same time, in case of wet weather it is allowed to make speed of 110 km/h. During the winter time, the permissible speed limit for driving along the motorways comprises less than 50 km/h.


Parking zones in Italy have special working patterns. Before leaving your car hired in Palermo, you should thoroughly study the working pattern of the parking zone. Parking on different days of the week and time of the day works in a mode that differs from the standard schedule.

In order to protect yourself from unpleasant penalties, you should strictly follow the specified terms of the possible parking services usage, as well as calculate parking cost according to the colored boards indicators (white, yellow or blue).

In Palermo, as well as throughout Italy, there are used different types of payment, such as disks and automated parking meters.

Permissible blood alcohol content level

According to the Italian traffic regulations, the permissible blood alcohol level is minimal. If the driver is under the age of 21, such level is 0,00%. If the driving experience is longer than 3 years and the driver is older than 21, then the level should correspond to the 0.5% mark on the breathalyzer.

The exceeding of the blood alcohol level is legally prosecuted and punished by penalties and up to the imprisonment for severe violations committed while being under the influence of alcohol.
You should also remember that your refusal from the examination is also considered as a traffic violation and is punished by a large penalty.

Traffic regulations

Traffic rules in Palermo severely restrict the actions that may affect the safety on the road while driving. Such actions are prohibited.

For example, the strict conditions for the transportation of children are foreseen in the traffic regulations. So, while travelling on a leased car in Palermo, children under the age of 3 years should be transported only in special boosters, equipped with the restraint systems. Such boosters should correspond to the child’s weight and height.

Besides, while driving it is forbidden to use the means of telecommunication, which do not provide the hands-free option (for example, a cell phone).

The traffic rules strictly regulate the conditions of a safety belt and dimmed headlights usage.

Indicative rates for car hire in Palermo

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