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Car hire in Pisa

Car rental in Pisa

While starting our travel to Italy, most of us plan to visit the heart of the cultural heritage of the State, which is the town of Pisa. It is not for nothing that this city occupies one of the leading places in the formation of the world history and culture.

The outstanding museum town deserves the attention of tourists from all over the world, because the story of the legendary Italian Republic foundation originates to the Middle Ages.

The worldwide fame has been brought to the town by its attractions, which are a source of proud carefully preserved by the locals. The architectural structures, as well as the world-famous works of art are located on the main square of the town, “Field of Dreams”.

The convenient location pf Pisa allows you to reach its neighboring Italian cities and refine your understanding of the historical heritage and cultural life of this country.

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Penalties for the traffic rules violations in Pisa

The penalties in Pisa, assigned for the traffic rules violations, are imposed in the same unappealable way, as in the rest of Italy.

It should be remembered that the serious crimes on the road, such as driving under the red traffic light, speed limit exceeding, and a high blood alcohol content level, committed during the night time (from 10:00 PM to 07:00 AM), increase the penalty amount threefold.

If you have parked the car leased in Pisa with the violation of rules, the police have the right to seize this motor vehicle, and moreover, at the expense of the driver.

Penalties for the violation of traffic regulations in Pisa

Type of violation Penalty amount
Speed exceeding:

No more than 10 km/h;

from 10 km/h to 40 km/h;

for more than 60 km/h.

€ from 41 to 168

€ from168 to 674

€ from 527 to 2,108

Ignoring the requirements of the road marking or prohibiting signs € from 41 to 168
Maintaining insufficient distance € from 41 to 168
Overtaking performed in a place prohibited by the signs or road marking € from 162 to 646
Railroad crossing € from 84 to 335
Crossing under the red traffic light € from162 to 646
Any right-side overtaking € from 80 to 308


Car parking rules are distinguished not only by the working sequence, but also by the indication of a parking zone.

In order to find out immediately whether you will be allowed parking in this zone or not, you should pay attention to the colored restraints:

  • The blue colored parking zone determines the fee-based mode. The blue parking line is a signal for drivers, indicating that the payment is required to be performed by means of a parking disc or through an automated parking meter;
  • The white line provides for a free of charge parking;
  • The yellow line warns of the special purpose for this parking zone.

Traffic regulations

In Pisa, as in any other Italian city, there is a rule of strict compliance with the traffic regulations. Besides the well-known standards, your attention could be deserved by the rule of entering a zone of limited traffic for motor vehicles (zona traffico limitato). Such zone is located in the historical center of Pisa, and passing to this territory without a special permit is prohibited.

The entrance to such zone is always limited by the appropriate sign. The sign indicates the action limited by time and considering day of the week. Disregard for the requirements of the sign is automatically fixed by the surveillance system and subject to a penalty. This especially concerns the cars leased in Pisa.

Toll roads

Departing from Pisa to the neighboring towns of Italy, you should be aware that the roads usage must be paid. The traffic toll assigned for the trunk highways and motorways is determined by several factors, such as:

  • Traffic fees for various parts of the trunk highways;
  • Class of the hired car in Pisa;
  • Type of the road section (plain or mountain).

Toll roads and car leasing in Pisa – payment system

While using an autobahn, there are prescribed the following rules for the payment systems:

When entering the road, but not driving to the yellow warning line TELEPASS, it is required to take an entry ticket in any point of sales;

When leaving the road, it is required to return the ticket and perform the payment by one of the selected methods (blue, yellow, white, and white with a lane operator).

Indicative rates for car rental in Pisa

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