Car rental in Naples
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Car hire in Naples

Car rental in Naples

Naples is the third largest city in Italy, quite densely populated and yielding in size only to Rome and Milan. And the famous Neapolitan songs, distinguished by their unique melody, once conquered the whole world. Also, in the vicinity of Naples, there are located the remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum, which were the ancient victims of the Vesuvius eruption. There you can go to look at the ruins that have survived until today exactly as they were during the time when they were covered by the volcano ash.

Naples is also famous for its underground. In the year of 2005, there was completed its artistic decoration, and since then, the subway stations of Naples have become an exhibition of the contemporary art, which can be viewed by every interested person, just going down under the ground, that is such a quite to itself “underground”. Upon your arrival to this city, you should most probably hire a car right in the airport of Naples, in order to be in time for visiting all the attractions of this part of Italy.

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The Italians are characterized by a temper, therefore, in order to restrain it, here it is implemented quite a severe system of penalties for the traffic violations. However, we Russians do not yield to the locals in emotionality that is why, while travelling by a leased car in Naples, try to follow the local regulations!

Violation type Penalty amount
Speed limit exceeding for no more than 10 km/h €41-168
Speed limit exceeding from 10 km/h to 40 km/h €168-674
Speed limit exceeding for more than 60 km/h €821-3287
Driving under the red traffic light €162-646
Overtaking performed in the prohibited place €162-646

Besides, the temper is a characteristic feature not only of the violators, but also of the police officers. Probably this may be the reason for a 5% margin of error existence in the detection system of speed limit exceeding. Such margin of error is almost always interpreted in a favor of the driver.

You should also be attentive regarding the signs, prohibiting the entrance to some of the city streets. Mostly it concerns the historical areas. In the vicinity of such signs, there are installed security cameras, which, as you may understand, are impossible to be moved to pity.

Parking of a car hired in Naples

You should follow the marking color of that place, where you would like to park your car. If a zone suitable for parking is marked with white lines, then this parking will be free of charge. But for such cases it is obligatory to purchase parking discs. You should set there the time of your leaving and the supposed time of your returning back to take the car. Sometimes it may happen that the parking zone will be free of charge only for the local residents of the nearby located houses. However, such practice is not common for Italy.

Still, when the lines are blue, it means that somewhere here there is located a parking meter, where you should pay for the parking time. There are also underground parking zones in the center of Naples. The entrance to such zones should be paid either near the toll entrance gate or at the operator’s room.

Traffic regulations

The following speed limits are implemented in Naples:

  • Inside a built-up area — 50 km/h;
  • Outside a built-up area — 90 km/h;
  • A motorway — 110 km/h;
  • A trunk highway — 130 km/h.

There are also general regulations biding for all people:

  • The dimmed headlights should be turned on outside of the built-up areas, as well as under the conditions of bad visibility. Also its turning on is a must while passing through the tunnels;
  • Children under the age of 3 years should be transported only in special restrain devices. Children over this age and with the height of 150 cm should be transported in boosters;
  • The safety belts should be fastened for the passengers occupying both the front and back seats;
  • The cell phone talks are allowed only under the condition of wireless communication device usage.

Fuel cost for filling a hired car in Naples

The fuel filling stations of Naples, which are located along the major heavy highways, are opened for 24 hours per day. However, the fuel filling stations located in the outskirts of a major city cab be closed in the middle of the day for the «lunch break». In Naples you can service your car with the 95 and 98 standard lead-free petrol and diesel fuel. Gas is also available. While the leaded petrol, is not sold at all.

  • 95 — €1,75
  • 98 — €1,88
  • Diesel fuel — €1,64.

Toll roads

Calculation of the travel cost along the toll roads of Naples is a quite fascinating occupation. While one and the same road can be managed by several different companies, the rates for such sections are totally different. So, So, when you need to calculate how much it will cost you to drive through this road, you'll need to apply your smart thinking and wit:

  • Decide upon the rate unit, which depends on the car class, road section (whether it is a plain or a mountain area), and also the managing company;
  • Multiply the accepted rate unit by the supposed quantity of kilometers;
  • Add the VAT value of 20% to the obtained sum, and round the received value up to €0,10.

When entering an autobahn, you receive an entrance ticket. You should never choose the yellow line for travelling. When leaving the autobahn, please use only the lines of white and blue colors. Then you may return your ticket and pay for the driving by one of the following methods:

  • If you have selected the white line, it provides for self-service via credit cards, cash, as well as special Viacard;
  • If you have selected the blue line, please mind that the payment can be performed only via credit cards and special Viacard;

There are also white lines, which are served by an operator, who accepts payments by cash, as well as credit cards and even your Viacard.

Estimated cost of car rental in Naples

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