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Economical car rentel in Sardinia

Car rental in Sardinia

If you are a beach holiday fan, then you are welcome to Sardinia. This is an Italian island, which is famous for its beaches, long and tranquil, washed by the Mediterranean Sea. The French territory is within a stone throw from here — nearby there is located the island of Corsica, which is famous for its prisoner of the past — Napoleon Bonaparte. And Sardinia is only 200 km of this infamous place.

The Sardinian island is also popular because of its exceptionally comfortable hotels, which are subdivided into 5 stars and 4 stars, and also into the hotels, directed exclusively to the family holiday organization. You probably will be asked to rent a yacht for boat trips performing, but it is quite possible to explore the island from within, not from the water side. For this, upon your arrival to the place of destination, you should rent a car in the airport of Sardinia.

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Penalties provided for violations of traffic regulations do not differ from the general Italian tariffs. So, after hiring a car in Sardinia, please mind the following figures:

A committed violation Penalty value
Overtaking in the forbidden place €162-646
Overtaking performed from the right side, if it is not allowed by the law €80-308
Insufficient distance kept from the vehicle ahead €41-168
Regulations violated under the condition of restrictive signs and road marking €41-168
Driving under the red traffic light €162-646
Speed limit exceeding for 60 km/h €821-3287
Speed limit exceeding from 40 km/h to 60 km/h €527-2108

Speed limits

The speed limit is standard for the whole of Italy, and Sardinia is of no exception. Permissible speed limits, depending on where you are driving, will be as follows:

  • Inside a built-up area — 50 km/h;
  • Outside of a city or settlement -90 km/h;
  • On a motorway -110 km/h;
  • On a trunk highway -130 km/h.

In some cases, the driver, who has exceeded the speed limit, can be saved from an imminent penalty by the existing 5% margin of error, usually working in favor of the driver. However, you should better not allow yourself to «scorch»!

Parking a booked car in Sardinia

In some places of Sardinia there are installed restrictive signs, under which it is forbidden to drive. In order to protect these rules from violation, the signs are fitted out with cameras. If a violation is recorded, the police should notify the offender during the time period of 360 days about the sum of the imposed penalty.

Besides, in Sardinia, as in the rest of Italy, it is possible to find free of charge parking zones. They are distinguished with white marking and suppose an availability of the parking disk, which should be stuck on the inner side of a windscreen. Such disks could be purchased at any tobacco shops of the country.

The blue marking is used at the parking zones equipped with the automated parking meters.

You can also leave your car in the underground stations equipped with the lifting gate.

Permissible blood alcohol content level

While being at the wheel in Sardinia, it is allowed to drink a bit alcohol. However, you should remember that the blood alcohol content level should not exceed 0,5‰. Because after exceeding this level there may follow fairly severe measures — this may be a penalty for a pretty large amount. And if you have «coped with the barrier» of 0,8‰, then in some cases there is also foreseen an imprisonment. Some, especially unpleasant variants, may combine all three punishments, such as penalty, driver’s license deprivation, and imprisonment.

Traffic regulations for the cars leased in Sardinia

The main traffic regulations in Sardinia are the following:

  • Talks on cell phone are conducted only through the hands-free device;
  • The children are transported only in special boosters if their height is lower than150 cm;
  • The dimmed headlights are to be turned on while raining or snowing during any time of the day;
  • The safety belts should be fastened for all car passengers without any exceptions.

Fuel cost

In order not to get to the «quiet hours» at some fuel filling stations, you should remember that in some small towns they are closed for a lunch break during the day. The prices for the lead-free petrol are the following:

  • 95 — €1,75;
  • 98 — €1,88;
  • Diesel fuel — €1,64

You can also fill your car with gas, while you will never find the leaded petrol. The fuel filling stations located near the major highways work 24 hours per day.

Toll roads

Good news - all the roads in Sardinia are free of charge. In general, the condition of road surface is not bad; however, some motorways run across the fairly tortuous terrain. So, there is required high attention and compliance with the speed mode. Different sides of the island are connected by the five major highways, although one of them has been closed for repairs. In Sardinia there is also used a railway transportation, but it is believed that the railroads themselves are somewhat outdated. Therefore, as there are no financial barriers you can get into the car and take a trip to Sardinia!

Approximate prices for car hire in Sardinia

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