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Economical car rentel in Rome

Car rental in Rome

The touristic travel to Rome is an adventure connected with the penetration into the ancient history of the European civilization. The capital of Italy is an amazing European city, which has every reason to become the most favorite holiday destination.

The splendor of peach and almond trees, local shopping peculiarities during the time of bargains galore and huge discounts cannot leave indifferent any travelling soul. Of course, this list cannot be complete without visiting the sites, monuments and sincere admiring architectural masterpieces of the city. The bustling life of the Italian capital cannot leave indifferent the fans of festivals and various entertainments.

Having hired a car right in the airport of Rome, it is possible to start your acquaintance with the city under the comfortable conditions of driving a motor vehicle. The Capitol, the Forum, the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, the St. Peter’s Square, the Sistine Chapel are the historically significant places of the world culture that are worth visiting.

After booking a car at the web-site, you can expand the area of acquaintance with the country and take a drive on a leased car in Italy to Pisa, Venice, Palermo, Naples, Verona or any city according to your choice.

Travelling along the Italian roads is quite comfortable, while all the trunk highways have the hard-surface pavement. The total length of the trunk highways amounts to 6700 km, the net of motorways is about 815254 km.

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Penalties for the traffic rules violations in Rome

In Rome, there is a practice of penalty payment acceptation by the police officers right in place. In case of such payment method the penalty sum will be minimal, which is the one forth part of the maximum. The obligatory condition of cooperation with the police is a receipt issuing during the payment performance.

Serious traffic rules violations committed during the night time increase the penalty sum threefold.

Speed limits

The Rome traffic regulations provide for the driving with the speed of 130 km/h. However, when determining the speed rate in favor of the offender, there is applicable a 5% margin of error.

Taking into account the 5% margin of error, the speed limit exceeding up to 10 km/h, equals from 137 km/h to 147 km/h.

The remaining ranges are easy to be calculated according to the same principle

from 10 km/h to 40 km/h: :from 148 km/h to 178 km/h

from 40 km/h to 60 km/h: from 179 km/h to 199 km/h

over 60 km/h: to 200 km/h


Parking (Parcheggio) in Rome does not differ too much from other parking zones in Italy. If leaving your car in the center of the city, you should clearly define the limits, which are currently in effect in the parking zone. Such limits depend on time of the day, day of the week, and the day evenness. Even an unintentional breach is included into the system of penalties imposing.

When parking your car, it is required to pay attention to the color of the parking zone line. At the moment, the following system of the lines’ color distinguishing is implemented for the parking zones:

  • The blue line defines the mode «pay and fix», which supposes the payment in the automated parking meter and placing the receipt at the inner side of the windscreen or time fixing at a parking disc;
  • The white line defines a free of charge parking zone;
  • The yellow line defines a special parking zone for people with physical disabilities and drivers of the delivering cars.

Admissible blood alcohol level

According to the traffic regulations, an insignificant blood alcohol content level is permissible. It equals to 0,5% for the drivers over the age of 21 and with the driving experience for more than 3 years.

The next ranges of the blood alcohol content comprise:

  • from 0.5 % to 0,8%;
  • from 0.8% to 1.5%;
  • over 1.5 %

The penalty sum, driver’s license deprivation term or imprisonment term depend on these limits.

Traffic regulations

The traffic rules in Rome regulate the interrelations between all traffic participants on different sections of the road.

If you have booked a car in Rome, you should become aware of the major regulations, such as:

  • Standard speed limits;
  • Blood alcohol content levels;
  • Possibilities for dimmed headlights usage;
  • Children’s transportation;
  • Safety belts usage;
  • Restrictions for the cell phone talks while driving.

Fuel cost

A wide net of the fuel filling stations has been implemented for the convenience of car driving along the trunk highways of Italy. While starting the journey, you should remember that the fuel filling stations are closed for several hours during the day in the small Italian towns. The current type of working mode is displayed on the board Aperto (opened) or Chiuso (closed). The fuel filling stations located along the trunk highways work 24 hours per day.

Fuel prices at such filling stations are 10-20 eurocents higher than at the fuel filling stations located near the trading centers.

Toll roads

The motorways net in Italy is fee-based. If you are going to start your trip on a car hired in Rome, you should remember about the timely toll payments assigned for passing through the motorways, as well as the traffic costs for passing through some tunnels.

The toll rates for the motorways are fixed. The difference in cost ranges from 2 EUR (Naples – Salerno) to 52.20 (Milan – Naples).

In order to calculate the payment cost of driving through a motorway on a rented car in Rome, you should take the toll unit and multiply it by the individually covered distance in kilometers. It is also important to add 20% of VAT to the calculated sum. When performing the payment by a selected method, the amount should be rounded to the nearest tenth (0.10 Euros).

However, these are not all the factors that determine the final traffic cost. While driving along the Italian trunk highways and motorways, it should be considered the following:

  • A class of a booked car in Rome — the motor vehicle class is determined by the height of the front axle of the car, as well as the number of axes;
  • Rates of the managing company – all the trunk highway sections are divided between themselves by different companies, which separately determine the cost of «their own» section of the road;
  • Type of the motorways net section – mountain or plain.

Sample prices for car hire in Rome

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