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Car rental in Verona

Car rental in Verona

Verona… Well, who has not yet heard about this city? Of course, as there was born and died so tragically the most famous loving couple in the world – Romeo and Juliet. And though these characters were all merely a figment of imagination of the great Shakespeare, their history forever turned Verona into one of the most romantic cities. In order to see all the attractions of the city, you should better rent a car right in the airport of Verona, which is quite easy to fulfil through the web-site.

The airport is located just 12 kilometers from the city. From there you can go to the center, Piazza Bra, Arena and to those places that are associated with Shakespeare’s romantic history. This is the Juliet’s patio, and the home of an Italian family, which is considered to be the prototype of the Capulets, and the bronze statue of the heroine, etc.

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Penalty system in Italy

For traffic violations you will have to pay, no matter whether you are a local resident or a tourist who has hired a car in Verona. The police have every right to penalize you right in place. By the way, this variant will be more profitable for you, as you will be imposed only the fourth part of the maximally possible penalty sum. If you have violated some of the regulations during the night time, the penalty sum will appear to be three times higher than during the day. Such regulations include driving under the influence of alcohol, moving through the red traffic light, speed limit exceeding, etc. Below is shown the list of the most common violations in Verona:

Violations Penalty sum, €
Driving under the red traffic light 162-646
Distance infraction 41-168
Overtaking performed in the forbidden places 162-646
Wrongly performed railway crossing 84-335
Exceeding of speed limits (depending on its degree) 41-3 287

Speed limits

This section is also worth studying for those, who are planning to lease a car in Verona. In Italy there are used the standard restriction rules. Besides, on some sections of the road the speed is regulated by the signs. The following regulations are applied to the cars without trailers:

Inside the built-up areas 50 km/h
Outside the built-up areas 90 km/h
Motorways 110 km/h
Trunk highways 130 km/h

Under the condition of bad weather these rules become more severe. The speed limit even for the trunk highways should not exceed the 110km/h value.

Parking: the closer, the more expensive

Having booked a car in Verona, it is required to find a suitable place for parking. There are not so many places for car parking in the center of this city. Such parking zones are fee-based and cost 1-2 Euro per hour. There are also free of charge parking lots, but they are located further away from the center. The color of road marking will indicate whether this parking is free of charge or fee-based. The payment for the parking is performed by special cards, which can be purchased in the bars or stalls or through the automated devices.

Permissible blood alcohol content level: you have rented a car in Verona – then refuse from alcohol!

Upon your arrival to Italy you would certainly wish to taste the local wine. But you have to be careful with this, if you are travelling by car. The permissible blood alcohol content level depends on the driver’s age and experience:

    • The general permissible level – 0,5‰.
    • The level permissible for the drivers under the age of 21 years, – 0,0‰.
    • The level permissible for those who drive no longer than 3 years – 0,0‰.

The penalty depends on the degree of limit exceeding. You may pay a penalty of 527 to 6000 Euro. Besides, a driver can be deprived of his license, car, and even freedom for some decent period of time.

Traffic regulations in Verona: the most important facts necessary to know while car booking

Intending to travel through the foreign country by a car hired in Verona, you should first get acquainted with the traffic regulations, which may differ from those you have already got used to. Although, not so different the regulations are, as the sanctions for their violation and the behavior of the authorities.

So, for example, it is strongly forbidden to talk by cell phone without hands-free device while driving. The safety belts should be fastened not only for the driver and the passenger on a front seat, but also for the passengers occupying the back seats. Children transportation should be also treated with high responsibility. Here are applicable the following regulations:

  • Children under the age of 3 years should only seat in special restrain systems, corresponding to the child’s weight.
  • Children over the age of 3 years and with the height of 150 cm can seat in boosters, which also have to correspond to the child’s weight.
  • Grown up children should be fastened by the safety belts.

Fuel prices

There is an out beyond number of fuel filling stations in Italy, so that there will hardly arise a problem of car servicing. But some of these stations are closed during the day, which is indicated on a specially displayed board. Nevertheless, the trunk highway fuel filling stations work 24 hours per day. The fuel cost in Italy can be a bit higher than in other European countries. In average, the 95 standard petrol costs 1,72 Euro, the 98 standard petrol costs 1,88 Euro, and diesel fuel costs 1, 64 Euro.

Toll roads in Verona: the way it works

While in the city itself, you of course will not need to pay for the roads. But if you decide to leave the city, then you will be obliged to pay a certain amount of money. The trunk highways and tunnels are fee-based in Italy. The cost differs depending on the car class (it is determined according to the height and quantity of axels), road section (mountain or plain). There is also included the payment to the managing companies that divide the road sections between themselves, and the VAT value.

Estimated cost of car hire in Verona

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