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Economy car rental in Bern

Car Rental in Bern

The capital of Switzerland is Bern – diplomatic, business and cultural center, which boasts a centuries-old history, considered the pearl of world culture. The city is home to about 300 000 inhabitants, at the same time it is a modern metropolis and a kind of open-air museum. The capital has a favorable geographical location, which enabled it to become economically developed European identity.

Bern is famous monuments of past centuries, an abundance of museums, exhibitions in the open. Its unique nature, picturesque landscapes attract thousands of tourists from around the world. One of the best ways to move around the capital is considered to rent a car. You can rent a car at the airport in New Bern city center on the street. Laupen, Wankdorffeld street, in the center of cities like Burnaby, Bernburg. The best option – to book a car in advance online

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  • Traffic LawsInformation about traffic rules
  • Allowable alcoholStandards of maximum permissible level of alcohol in the blood
  • ParkingTerms and parking costs
  • FinesInformation about penalties, how to avoid them

Rules of the road for cars rented in Bern

  • Moving along the routes of Switzerland, using equipment such as the radar detector is strictly prohibited. It can not even be transported in the cabin, the trunk, or at detection in the car traffic police employees will have to pay a fine of 660 CHF. The device is thus withdrawn. After that completely destroyed.
  • Use spike wheels when driving on country roads is strictly prohibited. Exception Regarding trails marked A13, A2.
  • Winter tires here - is not a prerequisite, but the cars that are not equipped with winter tires, which is why there is a traffic jam on the road, the owners can be fined.
  • Day outside the cities motorist is obliged to submit the notification sound with a sharp turn, the increasing complexity of reduced visibility. After the sun went down the same signal can be fed, blinking lights machine.
  • In the process of moving along the routes of Switzerland it is forbidden to talk to the driver by means of cellular communication, which is not equipped with a special headset.

Allowable alcohol

Get behind the wheel to drive on Swiss roads is only in the event that the level of alcohol in the blood is 0,5 ‰. When the degree of intoxication comes to 0, 79 ‰, that at a meeting with the traffic control motorist will have to pay a fine of 500 CHF.

If the alcohol concentration shows 0, 8 ‰ vehicle owner will have to pay the traffic control in 1000 CHF. In addition, the police deprives the driver to drive the vehicle for 3 months. If the driving experience less than a year, the allowable concentration of alcohol is considered to be in the range 0, 1 ‰.

Parking the car, rented in Bern

For parking fees, issuing checks for payment on the streets of Switzerland almost everywhere meet the parking machines. They are installed on most streets of major cities, small towns, how to use them, it is clear for everyone. On the outskirts of the city there are special parking near public transportation. However, choosing a place for parking, pay attention to the color zones:

  • In the area marked in yellow, parking is prohibited.
  • The parking area is blue - for owners of cars that have a blue disk, giving the right to a free parking lot for 1.5 hours.
  • The red zone is for parking cars, the drivers of which are in stock red parking disc. It allows free parking for 15 hours.
  • Parking designated white entitles parked, unlimited in time, while the parking is not to be equipped with a parking machine.

Fines for traffic violations Bern

Speeding on Swiss roads severely punished. This results in hard penalties amount which depends on the degree of impairment.

How many exceeded the speed limit, km / h

The amount of the fine outside the city, CHF

The amount of the fine in violation of the city streets, CHF

The fine while moving on the highway, CHF











520-10 daily z / offender



370-460, daily 10-15 z / offender

Daily 10 s / n infringer



Daily 15 s / n infringer

Daily 20 s / n infringer

Daily 10 s / n infringer

More than 40



The penalty, awarded by the court

The estimated cost of the rental car in Bern

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