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Saving Rent a Car in Thailand

Car Rental in Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is reputed "Land of Smiles". Indeed, it is impossible to stay in a bad mood even during the downpours. Beautiful exotic landscapes, friendly people, clean beaches covered with fine white sand, ancient temples and unique culture – that is worth to go to Thailand. Among other things, the prices here are also low. Among the eastern areas of this option is perhaps the most budget.

Is not it strange that Thailand was chosen for himself travelers from around the world, and some even come here to spend the winter, working remotely or to develop start-ups. International Airports of Thailand hospitable to newcomers, does not stop the flow of tourists for almost a year. For how long and where exactly you would not come, you will need your own transportation.

Rent a car in Thailand is not a problem: Hire a great variety. You can rent a car, even at the airport on arrival. But, since a large influx of tourists, the car class you want may not be available. It is best to book a car in advance, the more it saves a tangible part of the money. Select a car and negotiate all conditions help site

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Rules of the road, that you should know before renting a car in Thailand

In Thailand a special and very relaxed atmosphere. Even the obligatory British lead is in violation of the rules. It features a lot of movement and should be explored before you sit behind the wheel of a car.

By the way, you can rent a car with the presence of national rights, as the country has signed the Geneva Convention. But in fact, traffic police can ask the right international sample and fined for their absence.

In addition the main rules (seat belt fastened, on the phone behind the wheel can not talk), to remember those:

  • left-hand traffic;
  • Overtaking is prohibited on the left, but this rule is violated very often;
  • if you do not interfere with other road users, at the crossroads can turn left, driving through a red light;
  • At the roundabout has the advantage of a machine that is in it;
  • if you blink the headlights, it is not a sign that you have passed, and asked to give way;
  • usually "right of interference" is transformed into "a hindrance to the left", so be careful;
  • lights during rain should be included;
  • signs "main road" is almost nowhere to be found, so you need to focus on the situation. If before the intersection there is a white band - it's a sign that you need to pass cars, because you are on a secondary road;
  • keep sufficient distance, as there are different precedents with the surrounding transport;
  • driving a car is equivalent to the output in a public place, so go shirtless smoking - for this is also fine.


Thailand considered the "third world country", and for good reason: corruption is thriving. The traffic police is working properly, stopping rarely, but if you stop - hardly do without penalty. If you are not able to agree on a "paying off" by cash (usually 200-300 baht), the right to remain in road service employee until such time as you do not pay the bill. This can be done in the nearest police station. Then you need to go back and pick up their rights.

Major penalties are as follows:

  • Movement in the opposite lane - 400 baht;
  • lack of insurance on the car - 600 baht;
  • U-turn in the wrong place - 200-400 baht;
  • parking in the wrong place - 400 baht;
  • no driving license - 1000 baht;
  • Riding in the adult form (shirtless) - 500 baht.

Speed ​​Limit

If you rented a car, remember the speed limit for cars in Thailand:

  • in the city - 50 km / h;
  • on other roads - 90-100 km / h;
  • motorway - 120 km / h.

Look carefully for the signs and the surrounding transport as the local law does not apply to drivers.

Allowable alcohol if you are driving a car, rent in Thailand

Allowable blood alcohol is the same as in Europe - 0.5 ppm. If you sat behind the wheel, exceeding this figure, the risk to get to big trouble: the penalty will not do here.

Thai law for driving under the influence has established such a punishment:

- For drunk driving - Check the driver at the police station, prison two days before the hearing. The court may award a fine of 5 000 to 20 000 THB and deny rights to six months, or be sentenced to imprisonment for 1 year.

- If the driver caused the injury or death of a human being in a drunken state, the court may be sentenced to imprisonment for a term up to 10 years to recover fine of 200,000 baht and to deprive the rights of life.

In any case, foreign drivers after paying a fine or a sentence in prison deported. Therefore it is better not to sit behind the wheel when you are a little touched with alcohol. Moreover, the driving characteristics are such that the habit you can get into an accident.


Parking - a headache for those who rent a car. In Thailand, the parking problems may occur in Bangkok and Pattaya, as a large stream of cars and places at all lacking.

There are both indoor and outdoor parking. Free, you can leave your car in the parking lot of the hotel or shopping center. Paid parking will cost 20-50 baht per hour.

Park in the city, you can almost everywhere, except for bridges and intersections. Prohibited areas are marked with red and white markings and / or special characters. Also it is necessary to be careful, because some of the parking area can be closed by a pair or unpaired numbers. Then the driver, who yesterday left the car in the same place, at risk found on windshield penalty ticket for parking in the wrong place.

The cost of fuel

In Thailand at the pump can be found not only unleaded gasoline A-92 and A-95 (these two types are usually signed by Gasoline), but also gasohol (91 green and 95 orange) - a mix of pure gasoline and bio-ethanol, which is derived from palm oil. Prices in different regions may be quite different.

Widespread sale of gasoline in bottles, but there is no guarantee that you will sell high-quality fuel. Moreover, since gasoline is obtained in 1.5-2 times more expensive than a gas station.

The average cost of a liter of fuel is as follows: regular gasoline - 45-60 baht, gasohol 30-45 baht, depending on the terrain.

Toll roads

In Thailand, a lot of toll roads, particularly at the entrance to Bangkok. Fare - 2-5 dollar. Usually near the toll road there are also free, so that the driver always has a choice. But free road is usually significantly worse, so you should consider that it is better to save money - money or nerves. Again, some of the road near Bangkok counterparts do not have, and the toll highway in this case - the only option.

Approximate prices for rental cars in Thailand

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