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Economy car rental in Rimini

Car hire in Rimini

One of the most popular resorts is located in Rimini, Italy. The city is considered a local tourist destination thanks to the numerous shops and boutiques, hotels, beaches 15 km, excellent kitchen and other advantages. Fans of shopping will especially enjoy Remini and its largest shopping center – Le Befane. In addition, there are many interesting attractions, such as Piazza Cavour, library Gambalunga, triumphal arch of Augustus and others.

Featured around the city can use the services of renting a car at the airport of Rimini. To do this, visit the site and reserve vehicle. Upon arrival to the city you will be able to pick up the car at the airport or other point of hire, located in the central part of the town.

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Penalties for violation of traffic rules

Police are allowed to charge a fee on the spot traffic violations. If the driver is ready to immediately pay it a penalty payment is ¼ of the maximum possible amount. The intruder gets on the hands a receipt.


Fine (in Euros)

Exceeding the maximum speed (depending on the degree of - 10 to 60 km / h or more)

Minimum - 41, maximum - 3287

Running a red light


Exceeding the permissible distance between vehicles


Overtaking is not appropriate SDA


Ignoring road signs, markings


Wrong crossing the railway


Overtaking on the right


Using a mobile device while driving


Improper transport of children


The absence of wearing seat belts


Speed ​​Limit

Take a rental car in Rimini? Do not forget to observe the speed limits in force in the city and around the state. SDA established standard limits, depending on the location of the vehicle:

  1. Human Settlements can move at a maximum speed of 50 km / h;
  2. Leaving behind the border of the village are allowed to increase the speed to 90 km / h;
  3. The most rapid movement allowed on roads and highways - 110 km / h and 130 km / h respectively.

If a particular section of the road there is another restriction - follow it. Otherwise, stick to the standard rules.

Parking: where you can leave the rented car in Rimini?

Rimini - definitely a tourist town, and this means that there is a sufficient number of free parking spaces are located within walking distance from the historic center. To determine the type of the parking lot, look at the color pointers:

  • Blue - charge;
  • White - free;
  • Yellow - a place for people with disabilities.

Pay parking in several ways: by buying a parking ticket in a special machine or at a kiosk. Voucher must be placed on the windshield, it indicates the time to which the machine can stand in the parking lot. It is worth noting that the same parking lot can be paid only on a specific day or hour - the rest leave the car on it can be free.

The average cost of a parking space - 0.60 euro / hour, 60 minutes - the minimum period for which payment is made. The machine only accepts coins - you bring the required number of coins and get a ticket, which also left the inside of the windshield.

Free parking can also be present time constraints. The driver must get a special parking disc, is shown arrival time and leave behind the windshield.

Allowable alcohol

Rimini legislation allowed to drive the vehicle if the amount of alcohol in the body does not exceed 0.5 ppm. It should be noted that this is an average, which adheres to most of the modern states, although in many countries (including Russia) is strictly forbidden to drive even at 0.1 ppm. Rimini The police has the right to fine the offender, to confiscate the driver's license for a specified period and to deprive him of his liberty. The amount of the fine is determined by the degree of violation.

Traffic Laws

Vehicles moving on the right side. Enable beam necessarily in poor visibility conditions, outside the settlements and in the tunnels. In addition to the driver required to wear seat belts all the passengers cars. If a mobile device is equipped with a special headset that does not require the participation of the hands is allowed to use it while driving. Not allowed tinted windshield and front side windows.

The cost of fuel

Rimini vehicles are fueled by different fuels: several brands of gasoline, gas and diesel. Fuel cost is average:

  • 95th gasoline - 1,721 euros;
  • 98th gasoline - 1,789 euros;
  • LPG (gas) - 0.583 euros;
  • Diesel - 1,579 euros.

Most of the gas stations is not staffed, and with day intervals. Also common are considered to be a self-fueling, which are lower prices.

Toll roads

Toll roads and tunnels in Rimini with a high quality of pavement and other benefits - is enough. The fixed payment is not provided - its size is determined by the type of vehicle, distance and site-specific characteristics of the road (be responsible for different parts of one and the same line can be different companies that set their own price)

Least of all have to pay for drivers of cars and motorcycles. To make a payment designed the whole system:

  • At the entrance to the paid portion of the driver receives a ticket;
  • Away from the land should be returned to pay the ticket, make a payment with one of several methods.

It is possible to move through the bands of white or blue - they determine the type of payment. Yellow lane is reserved for clients of TELEPASS (monthly debited from your bank account a sum of money for the use of toll roads, suitable only for permanent residents of Italy).

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