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Economical car rental in Stuttgart

Rent a car in Stuttgart from 24 € per day

The capital of the world tourism is considered the largest city in Germany, Stuttgart has a population numbering 590 000 people. Life here is like a boiling cauldron of passions, changing images, a constant forward movement in various directions. The city is well-developed industry, there are a number of industrial enterprises of the state and global scale. Every year millions of tourists visit Stuttgart from all over the world. Everyone can find something to your liking.

City may surprise museums, historical sites, architectural monuments. Stuttgart attracts excellent cuisine, beer, confectionary flavors of excellent quality. You can move around the city on foot, by public transport. Best option for the traveler – rent a car in Stuttgart. The most convenient way is to take a car in Stuttgart, referring to the company website And you can pick up the car at will – in the city center, in the territory of the Central w / station, airport.

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Fuel costs for rental cars in Stuttgart

Gas stations in Stuttgart enough, they own a car can fill the car with unleaded gasoline, E10 gasoline with low ethanol content. Depending on the type of engine can take advantage of services - refuel LPG, diesel.

The cost of a liter of fuel is practically the same at all gas stations, calculated in euros:


Diesel fuel


Gasoline A95

Gasoline A98






Speed ​​Limits

In Stuttgart the laws of movement of cars in the city, suburbs, operating throughout Germany.

  • Motorcycles, cars weighing up to 3.5 tonnes can move around the city at a speed of 50 km / h; outside the city - 100 km / h. When moving on the highway are allowed to reach the performance of 130 km / h.
  • If the car is equipped with a trailer in the city it can be moved at a speed of 50 km / h, outside of the village - 80 km / h. On the autobahn the maximum permissible travel speed is 80 km / h.
  • When the machines are equipped with wheels skid chains, travel speed must not exceed 50 km / h. By the way high-speed travel at speeds below 60 km / h is strictly prohibited.

Parking the car, rented in Stuttgart

Park the machine on 10 min., And for a long time in Stuttgart only in designated areas. Some parking is sufficient to pay the required amount of machine to leave the car for 30 minutes. or more. In other cases, you will need a parking disk with designated arrival time. It is placed behind the wheel so that it was visible behind the windshield. For violation of parking regulations provided the following penalties:

  • Simple from 1 to 30 minutes. - 10 euros.
  • Simple to 60 minutes. - 15 euros.
  • Simple 60 min. up to 2 hours. - 20 euros.
  • Parking at an undisclosed location until 3 hr. Inclusive - 25 euros.

If the car is in an undisclosed location for more than 3 hours. The motorist will have to pay a fine of 30 euros.

Traffic Laws

If the driver of the vehicle has to spend a lot of time talking on the phone, is to buy a special headset. When it does not, the traffic service can legally fine motorists who talk behind the wheel for 40 euros. In less than 10 euros will have to pay for not wearing seat belts at the driver and passengers.

In addition to the documents, the driver must be in possession of a first aid kit, a vest with reflective elements, warning triangle, spare bulbs for headlights. Stuttgart is prohibited to move a car with studded tires. Also, you can not drive with summer tires in the cold winter. If a motorist wants to visit the mountains in the winter, he will have to equip the wheels of car chains, non-slip. This prevents the appropriate sign on the road.

Fines for traffic violations in Stuttgart

Fines for speeding in Stuttgart - a common occurrence. If the driver is allowed myself to exceed the speed 11-20 km / h, will have to pay 20 euros to 30 euros. As if there were speeding in the range 30-70 km / h, motorists will have to fork out for a fine of 120 euros to 600 euros.

The cost of other disorders are presented in the table below:




Violation of the distance to other cars

From 25 euros to 400 euros

The size of the penalty depends on the speed of movement

Parking at an undisclosed location

From 20 euros to 60 euros

The penalty for violation of the rules on overtaking

From 70 euros to 150 euros

It depends on where the offense occurred in the city or outside it

How to get to the red light traffic light

200 euros

Racing on public roads

400 euros

Traffic in the tunnel with the headlights switched off beam

60 euros

Use fog lights instead of headlights with dipped beam


Charged in the event that the headlights are on, and no fog

The estimated cost of the rental car in Stuttgart

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